Which zipper binder is best?

Zipper binders are great for keeping your office supplies and paper goods safe on the go. Still, different models offer several different configurations and features, so identifying what you need in a zipper binder can help you narrow down the options. The Case-it Universal Zipper Binder offers a sturdy design with up to 400 pages of binder paper storage, with added pockets and sleeves for other office supplies.

What to know before you buy a zipper binder


Figuring out how you plan to use your zipper binder and what features you need it to include will help you get the most out of whichever binder you choose. For example, if storing binder paper is the primary function of your zipper binder, then you can get a cheap, bare-bones model that does that. Others may prefer models with multiple types of storage, a laptop compartment or other popular features.

Zipper binder features

Along with the obvious goal of transporting binder paper safely, zipper binders usually include other features that can make them even more useful. These commonly include a laptop compartment, an expanding file for documents, internal mesh pocket storage for other items and a convenient carrying handle or strap.

D-Ring sizes

The D-Rings — or the three rings that hold your binder paper in place — in zipper binders can usually be found in multiple sizes. Zipper binder D-Rings will usually range from 1 1/2 inches to 3 inches. Smaller rings result in a thinner overall binder while binders with bigger rings do a little more to protect your paper. Either way, the D-Ring should have no problem fitting standard binder paper. The size of D-Rings only affects how large the inner circumference of the rings is rather than how far apart they are.

What to look for in a quality zipper binder

Protective enclosure

Perhaps the most significant feature of a zipper binder is its ability to use the zippered enclosure to protect the paper and goods inside. Some zipper binders offer more protection than others, so keep this in mind when deciding which one you want to buy.

Extra storage

Most zipper binders include added storage for other office supplies. These are usually in the form of internal mesh storage pockets or other external zippered pockets. Many zipper binders will also offer a compartment for holding a laptop or an accordion-style expanding file that makes it easy to store important documents separately from your binder paper.

High sheet capacity

If having a high volume of binder paper is important for your zipper binder, you might consider purchasing the model with the highest capacity for binder paper sheets. While zipper binders with less storage will usually hold at least 200 sheets of binder paper, other models may allow the user to store up to 800 sheets of paper. This often depends on the size of the model’s D-Ring and if there are additional paper storage compartments.

How much you can expect to spend on a zipper binder

In most cases, a basic, cheap zipper binder can cost as little as $8, while the average zipper binder model will range between $15-$35. Zipper binders that include more features and are made with a more durable construction can be more expensive than their simpler counterparts.

Zipper binder FAQ

What is a zipper binder?

A. Not unlike a regular three-ring binder, zipper binders are binders that can typically hold a stack of binder paper, with the added layer of protection of a zippable cover to keep things inside safe. They also typically offer more storage than a regular three-ring binder, often including internal and external pockets and foldout expanding tab file sections.

Do they make zipper binders with straps?

A. You can find many zipper binders with different straps, including those that effectively convert the binder into an easy-to-carry satchel. You can also find zipper binders that include a single handle for transporting them.

What are the best zipper binders to buy?

Top zipper binder

Case-it The Universal Two-Inch Three-Ring Zipper Binder

Case-it The Universal Two-Inch Three-Ring Zipper Binder

What you need to know: The Universal zipper binder model from Case-it offers a three-ring binder with 2-inch D-Rings. It can hold both a 13-inch laptop and 400 pages.

What you’ll love: This model features a convenient mesh storage pocket and a laptop compartment for 13-inch laptops on the inside. This zipper binder is also available in either single or six-packs in a variety of colors, including blue, black, magenta, red and purple.

What you should consider: This zipper binder is more expensive than some other models with fewer features.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top zipper binder for money

Case-it Z-Binder Two-in-One 1 1/2-Inch D-Ring Zipper Binder

Case-it Z-Binder Two-in-One 1 1/2-Inch D-Ring Zipper Binder

What you need to know: Coming at an almost unbelievably-low price, this zipper binder includes 1 1/2-inch three-ring binder rings and a tri-fold design that works great for most buyers.

What you’ll love: Alongside its super-low price, this zipper binder comes with several internal storage sleeves and one external storage sleeve, in addition to a convenient carrying handle. It can also be purchased in several colors and designs, including green, red, blue and black.

What you should consider: There is no laptop storage pocket for this zipper binder.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Five Star Six-Pocket Two-Inch Three-Ring Expanding File Zipper Binder

Five Star Six-Pocket Two-Inch Three-Ring Expanding File Zipper Binder

What you need to know: This is a great sleek option, featuring a five-tab expanding file that saves space and makes filing easy.

What you’ll love: This zipper binder includes 2-inch O-rings and has a paper capacity of 880 sheets of standard ply paper between the expanding file and internal rings. This simple zipper binder also comes in four different colors, including berry, black, blue and red.

What you should consider: Despite its thin and portable design, some found this zipper binder less durable than other models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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