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In addition to the embellishments found in your kit, there are tons of items around the house that you can use for nail art. You can use lace, feathers and even floss for dramatic effect.

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Which nail art kit is best?

If you want salon-quality nails without paying for an expensive manicure, then a nail art kit may be the product for you. These kits typically come with loads of decals, gems and application tools to make your nails look picture perfect. 

Depending on your skill level, there could be hundreds of nail art kits from which to choose. For a fun and easy beginner’s kit with over 60 pieces and a convenient storage container, check out the Aifaifa Nail Beauty Advisor DIY Nail Art Manicure Kit

What to know before you buy a nail art kit

What is nail art?

Nail art is a creative form of self-expression that consists of embellishing, decorating and enhancing the look of painted nails. Since the advent of social media, nail art has reached new heights of popularity, with users worldwide sharing images of their nails adorned with gemstones, beads and detailed stickers. A nail art kit typically comes with everything an artist needs to do their nail art at home. 

What to look for in a quality nail art kit

Types of embellishments

Nail art kits can come with a wide variety of different embellishments. Nail stickers, also known as nail wraps, are typically included and come in fun designs like polka dot, plaid and zebra stripes. Many kits come with gemstones that can be added to nails for a textured, three-dimensional effect, while others may include plastic beads. These small embellishments often need tweezers or a nail dotting tool for precise application. You may also include glitter or matte powder to give your nails an interesting texture. 

Application tools

The majority of embellishments are tiny and will be difficult to apply without essential application tools. Look for a nail art kit that comes with at least some of the following:

  • Tweezers: A simple pair of tweezers is a must for adding tiny embellishments like gemstones to your nails.
  • Nail tape: This thin tape is used to apply straight lines and geometric shapes to your nails. 
  • Nail brush: Look for a kit that includes a thin-tip brush. These small tools are particularly useful if you want to add intricate shapes or details to your nails. 
  • Nail-dotting tool: These simple tools are also used for fine details. For a DIY alternative, some nail artists use a bobby pin as a nail-dotting tool. 
  • Sponge: Small sponges can be used to add an interesting gradient effect to your nail design.
  • Instructions: Although it’s not technically a tool, look for a kit that includes a detailed booklet of instructions. That way, you’ll know how to properly use all of your application tools to create impressive nail art. 

Nail art tips

  • If you’ve just applied a fresh coat of nail polish, let your nails dry for at least an hour before adding any embellishments.
  • Nail art kits can come with hundreds of tiny pieces. Look for a kit that includes a carrying case with dividers to help you stay organized. 
  • Make sure all of your nails have a uniform shape before adding nail art for the best results. Consider investing in a manicure kit to maintain a perfect shape. 
  • You can place your fingertips in a bowl of ice water to speed up the nail polish drying process in a pinch. 
  • Keep your nail art brushes clean by washing them with nail polish remover after each use.

How much you can expect to spend on a nail art kit

While most nail art kits are relatively affordable, the price can vary depending on how many pieces are included. Most consumers can expect to pay around $10-$30 for a solid, versatile kit.

Nail art kit FAQ

How long will nail art embellishments last?

A. Depending on the quality of the nail art and your usual activity level, most nail art will last around two weeks. 

Should I use gel or acrylic?

A. While it’s mostly a matter of personal taste, gel nails typically have a more natural, glossy look, while acrylic nails are more durable. 

What’s the best nail art kit to buy?

Top nail art kit

Aifaifa Nail Beauty Advisor DIY Nail Art Manicure Kit

Aifaifa Nail Beauty Advisor DIY Nail Art Manicure Kit

What you need to know: This comprehensive and portable DIY kit includes everything you need to get started with nail art. 

What you’ll love: Perfect for nail art beginners, this versatile kit comes with 69 pieces, including fun embellishments like rhinestones and sequins. An essential application toolset and a transparent carrying case with dividers are also included. 

What you should consider: A few customers received a kit with missing pieces. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top nail art kit for the money

AddFavor DIY Glitter Nail Art Set

AddFavor DIY Glitter Nail Art Set

What you need to know: Perhaps better suited for young nail artists, this budget-friendly set features shaping tools and tons of stickers. 

What you’ll love: Fun and affordable, this nail art kit includes a wide selection of rhinestones in different shapes and colors like metal and pearl. The nail tape is perfect for geometric designs, and 50 sheets of stickers can last a long time. 

What you should consider: No instructions are included, and the lack of a carrying case can make organization difficult. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Nail art kit worth checking out

Bememo 2030 Pieces Nail Art 

Bememo 2,030 Pieces Nail Art 

What you need to know: A great supplemental kit for users who already own a basic kit, this set includes a vast selection of stylish gemstones. 

What you’ll love: This massive kit comes with over two thousand rhinestone pieces in six different sizes. The stones stick easily to both fake and natural nails, and many users note the high quality of the stones. 

What you should consider: This kit doesn’t have tools, stickers or any pieces other than rhinestones. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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