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Which period panty is best?

For decades, leading menstrual product brands have worked to make pads and tampons thinner, less noticeable and more absorbent. While these advancements are exciting, a new product is completely shaking up the industry: period panties. By wearing these panties, menstruating individuals eliminate the need to use period products. All fluid is absorbed into the lining of the panty, leaving a dry feeling.

After considering various styles, the top period panty is the Bambody Absorbent Period Panty. This eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons is leak-proof, feels like standard underwear and produces no panty lines.

What to know before you buy a period panty

Flow type

Every individual’s menstrual flow is unique. Some experience consistently heavy days, while others have a light to moderate flow at all times. Whatever your individual situation may be, it is essential to select menstrual underwear based on your flow type.

Unsure what category your flow falls into? The vast majority of period panties measure flow by the amount of tampons each pair equates to. For example, some pairs can hold the equivalent of up to two or three tampons worth of fluid. While there are varying sizes of tampons, these descriptions are often referring to regular size. Knowing this piece of information is key for preventing leaks and knowing when to change each pair of period panties.


Makers of period panties know that individuals want to wear their preferred style of underwear, even while menstruating. Rather than offering one style only, period panties are now available as briefs, boy shorts and thongs.

When deciding which styles to purchase, keep in mind that smaller designs hold less fluid. This is why it is advisable to have a mix of options for varying flows.

Extra protection or period product replacement

Depending on your needs and preferences, the way you choose to use period panties can vary. Some individuals prefer using this kind of underwear as the primary method of period protection. This means that they do not use a tampon, pad or cup in addition to wearing the period panty. 

Others, however, choose to use period panties as an effective backup to traditional menstrual products. Those who are prone to leaks due to a heavy flow usually opt for this method of use.

What to look for in a quality period panty


Quality period panties have built-in technology that absorbs as much fluid as the style of underwear will allow. Quick and proper absorption helps maintain a clean and dry feeling, which is an absolute must.

Odor blocking

Another key feature is odor blocking. Just as with menstrual pads, having odor blocking built into each pair of period panties is necessary for a positive experience. When period panties are not made with special layers, odors can become noticeable within an hour or two. 


Above and beyond any feature, leak-proofing is easily the most critical. Quality panties are designed to allow flexible movement without the risk of leakage. Exceptional pairs are designed to move with the body during sports and other activities.


As with any pair of underwear, period panties are intended to be comfortable. They should feel as close to normal panties as possible. Many of today’s styles are designed so well that it is next to impossible to feel the difference between standard and period panties.

How much you can expect to spend on a period panty

Period panties cost $8-$40 per pair.

Period panty FAQ

Do you have to use a pad, cup or tampon while wearing period panties?

A. When worn properly, no. In fact, wearing a pad defeats the purpose of period panties completely. If backup period protection is desired, it should be either a cup or tampon. However, if you’ve selected a design that holds the right amount of fluid, no additional period protection is required. 

Can you wash period panties like normal panties?

A. Yes. Most have simple washing instructions. After each wash and dry cycle, the panties are sanitary to wear again.

What’s the best period panty to buy?

Top period panty

Bambody Absorbent Period Panty

Bambody Absorbent Period Panty

What you need to know: Delivering maximum protection, these period panties are designed to prevent leaks, fit exactly like normal underwear and provide exceptional comfort.

What you’ll love: Holding up to two regular tampons worth of fluid, the Bambody Absorbent Period Panty is excellent for all flow types. They can completely eliminate the need to use cups, pads and tampons, which makes this design extra eco-friendly. This style is designed to move with the body and has leak-proofing from the front to the back.

What you should consider: The cost of this period panty is higher than most other styles.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top period panty for the money

INNERSY Women's Hipster Period Underwear

INNERSY Women’s Hipster Period Underwear

What you need to know: Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, the INNERSY Women’s Hipster Period Underwear delivers outstanding coverage and protection.

What you’ll love: Individuals can choose three packs in a variety of fun and neutral colors. Sizes range from extra small to 3X-large. The leak-proof layer extends high up the front and back, providing fantastic coverage.

What you should consider: Designed only for use as a backup to conventional period products or for light days.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Neione Period Panties

Neione Period Panties

What you need to know: Those in search of quality period panties with a stylish design should consider the Neione period panties.

What you’ll love: Three packs of these panties are available in varying colors and sizes. Each design has black lace down both sides. They hold up to two regular tampons worth of fluid, and have extra frontal and back protection.

What you should consider: Select individuals say that there is a plastic-like feel and sound when wearing these panties.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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