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Which Clinique gift sets are best?

When it comes to buying presents for someone special, Clinique gift sets are often among the top choices. Whether you’re looking for a makeup, skincare or fragrance set, Clinique is sure to have something to delight any recipient. 

Besides having a reputation for sensitive-skin-friendly products, Clinique has a broad selection of other great items. Their gift sets come in attractive packaging that is gift-ready. If you’re looking for a deluxe skincare set in an easy-to-wrap box, Clinique Great Skin Everywhere Set for Drier Skin Types remains the top choice. 

What to know before you buy a Clinique gift set

Types of Clinique gift sets

Clinique offers makeup, skin care and fragrance gift sets. There are some deluxe sets available as well, which include a combination of these products. 

Clinique’s makeup gift sets include up to eight products that often include classic formulas, such as the High Impact Mascara or All About Shadow palettes. Certain sets showcase Clinique’s newest and most popular makeup products, including lipsticks and blushes from the Cheek Pop collection.

Most Clinique skin care gift sets are available in more than one variety to accommodate different skin types, particularly very dry, normal or oily. The gift sets include anywhere from two to eight products and typically feature Clinique’s best-selling products from the Acne Solutions, Take the Day Off or Moisture Surge collections. 

There are far fewer Clinique fragrance gift sets available, though many of them are genuine value buys with full-size perfumes or body sprays. Many of them, including several Clinique Happy gift sets, now come with travel-size varieties or matching hand creams or body lotions. 

Gift packaging design

Most Clinique gift sets are now packaged in simple cardboard boxes that are easy to wrap or place inside gift bags. They feature colorful designs, and some have holiday-exclusive prints. In the past, Clinique has also packaged limited-edition gift sets in collectible tins.

What to look for in a quality Clinique gift set

Product sizes

You’ll find a wide variety of product sizes in Clinique gift sets. Travel-size varieties, for instance, may include makeup minis as well as a few different sizes of skincare products. Full-size varieties of skincare and fragrance products come in a larger range of sizes, any of which may be present in Clinique gift sets. For example, sets that include Clinique Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator may come in 15, 30, 50, 75 or 125 mL size varieties. 

Universally flattering shades

Clinique makeup gift sets often include universally flattering shades that are suitable for most complexions or eye colors. They typically include pink and berry-toned blushes, lipsticks and lip liners, as well as eyeshadow palettes with a combination of nude and neutral shades. Eyeliners and mascaras in these gift sets mostly come in classic shades like black or brown.

Skin care formulas

Some Clinique skin care gift sets include products that are suitable for all skin types, such as the 7-Day Scrub Cream. Other gift sets, however, include products that are formulated for specific skin types. Depending on the products, they may be formulated for normal, combination, oily, dry or very dry skin. Regardless of formulation, however, almost all Clinique skin care products are sensitive skin-friendly.

How much you can expect to spend on Clinique gift set

Clinique’s most affordable gift sets start at $9.50 and include two or three travel-size products. Midrange gift sets, particularly those with a larger assortment of makeup or travel-size skin care or fragrance products, cost between $20-$50. Most Clinique gift sets with one or more full-size products cost $55 and above. 

Clinique gift set FAQ

Do Clinique gift sets come with free gifts?

A. Sometimes, Clinique gift sets over a certain price qualify for free gifts from retailers. It’s not just high-priced gift sets that qualify, either; some sets priced as low as $35 may be eligible for free gift or free product offers. Additionally, spending a specific amount on Clinique gift sets and products sometimes means you’re eligible to purchase limited-edition value sets.

Does Clinique have men’s gift sets?

A. Yes, Clinique occasionally offers men’s skin care and fragrance gift sets. There aren’t as many available as women’s sets. However, it’s common to see new Clinique men’s gift sets come out during major holiday shopping events like Father’s Day or Christmas. With that said, Clinique skin care sets are suitable for any gender’s skin type.

What’s the best Clinique gift set to buy?

Top Clinique gift set

Clinique Great Skin Everywhere Set for Drier Skin Types

Clinique Great Skin Everywhere Set for Drier Skin Types

What you need to know: A popular introductory skincare kit, this set lets you sample six of Clinique’s best-selling products. 

What you’ll love: The set includes tried-and-tested formulas that are specifically made for dry skin types. It includes three full-size products and three travel varieties. All products are sensitive-skin friendly because they’re free of common irritants like parabens and fragrances. 

What you should consider: The products are not formulated for normal or oily skin; however, there are appropriate products and sets available. 

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta, Sephora and Macy’s

Top Clinique gift set for the money

Clinique Sugarcoated Color Makeup Set

Clinique Sugarcoated Color Makeup Set

What you need to know: Not only does this five-piece makeup set come with universally-flattering shades — it also includes a couple newer products. 

What you’ll love: The Cheek Pop blush and lipstick add bright pops of color with highly-pigmented pink and raspberry shades. The shadow trio is ideal for creating natural-looking day-to-night looks. The set includes the well-received “mistake-proof” felt liner.

What you should consider: The lipstick is deep and bold, and some people would have preferred a slightly lighter or subdued shade. 

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta and Macy’s

Worth checking out

Clinique Wear It & Be Happy Fragrance Set

Clinique Wear It & Be Happy Fragrance Set

What you need to know: Happy remains a much-loved fragrance, and this popular three-piece gift set includes a matching travel Gelato Cream and spray

What you’ll love: The vibrant orange package makes the set presentation-worthy. Each Happy product features the signature sparkling scent profile with grapefruit and bergamot notes. The Gelato Cream is deeply hydrating and fits in handbags. The set is suitable for all ages.

What you should consider: Some people noticed a difference in the fragrance, noting the formula may have changed. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s


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