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The first brand to create a liquid lipstick was Maurice Levy in 1915.

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Which liquid lipstick is the best?

From a bold red lip to a subtle pink, lipstick can enhance any look and moisturize the lips, depending on the brand. Liquid lipstick comes in various shades and formulas. Those looking for a liquid lipstick can purchase a glossy or matte formula. In pursuit of the best liquid lipstick, consider the ingredients, formula and the shade that best matches your skin tone.

If you are looking for a quality hydrating liquid lipstick with a wide shade range, Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick is the top choice.

How to apply a liquid lipstick 

When applying a liquid lipstick, start with your lower lip and fill it in from the corner. Begin with a small amount of product and build as needed. After lipstick is applied to the bottom lip, starting with the corners, gently rub your top and bottom lips together to get some color on the top lip, then fill it from there. If you like more color, do this process a second time, but avoid putting on too much product or your makeup will look cakey.

What to know before you buy a liquid lipstick


Most liquid lipsticks are made of wax, oil and a wide array of pigments. The wax is the base for the oil and pigment. The most popular oils in liquid lipsticks are jojoba, cocoa butter, castor, mineral oil and petrolatum. The pigment is the color added to differentiate the products. If an item is very pigmented, it will be brighter and last longer. If the liquid lipstick lacks pigment, it will be dull and wear off quickly.


Liquid lipsticks may contain similar base ingredients across the spectrum but can differ in formula. Liquid lipsticks that look glossy contain more oil and appear shinier than those designed to lack luster. The formula for some matte lipsticks can make the lips feel dry. If the formula does not contain a moisturizing agent, chances are it will fade quickly and leave your lips feeling crusty and dry within a few hours of wear. Some brands have released formulas that resemble more of a stain and remain on the lips for a longer period of time.

Skin tone

Before purchasing a liquid lipstick, consider the shade that will look best with your skin tone. As a general rule, those with cool undertones and dark skin look best in warm color shades like a rich red, while those with warm undertone skin look best in peach or orange-tinted liquid lipstick. Following these guidelines is not necessary, but will ensure the shade of lipstick you order looks best with your skin tone.

What to look for in a quality liquid lipstick

Shade range

A quality liquid lipstick has an extensive shade range. A shade range is the variation of colors that a brand creates for all undertones and skin colors. Depending on your skin type and undertone, you may switch shades throughout the year depending on how much time you spend in and away from the sun.


When purchasing a good liquid lipstick, make sure the brand does not test their products on animals. Brands that feature a cruelty-free symbol have taken a pledge to end animal testing and test their products on human staff. To check if a product is cruelty-free, look for a PETA-approved leaping bunny symbol on the packaging. This certifies the item was not tested on animals before it hit the shelf at your local beauty store. A lot of makeup brands have gone cruelty-free within the last couple of years. For example, Covergirl Cosmetics stopped testing all of its products on animals in 2018 and now uses more natural ingredients.

How much you can expect to spend on a liquid lipstick

A liquid lipstick costs anywhere from $5 to $40 depending on the brand and the ingredients in the product. A liquid lipstick that contains fewer moisturizing ingredients and lacks pigment and wear costs $5-$15 while a high-end liquid lipstick with moisturizing benefits that comes from a popular brand is priced around $20-$40.

Liquid Lipstick FAQ

What is matte lipstick?

A. Matte liquid lipstick is a lightweight long-lasting formula used to eliminate the shine within the formula of the lipstick. Instead of glossy, your lips will have a velvety look. Some prefer this to a high-gloss finish, but matte lipstick comes with its negatives. The formula of most matte lipsticks lacks moisturizer and can make the lips more dry than a normal liquid lipstick.

Does it matter what season you wear a specific shade of liquid lipstick? 

A. Liquid lipstick colors tend to be darker in the winter and lighter in the summer. For example, popular colors of lipstick worn in the winter time include red and burgundy while a popular color for the summer is a blush or light-pink variation.

What’s the best liquid lipstick to buy?

Top liquid lipstick

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

What you need to know: This lipstick is a full-pigment matte formula that dries to a weightless powder for smudge-proof wearability.

What you’ll love: This product provides an ultra-saturated look made possible with a rounded applicator that can be used to line the lips. It contains no parabens or sulfates.

What you should consider: The lips can look dry after wearing the product for multiple hours.

Where to buy: Sold by Sephora, Ulta and Amazon

Top liquid lipstick for the money

NYX Butter Gloss

NYX Butter Gloss

What you need to know: This liquid lipstick comes in the form of a butter gloss and has an extensive shade range. It provides sheer to medium coverage and glides on smoothly.

What you’ll love: The ingredients and formula work together to condition lips while giving a hit of color and glossy sheen. The brand doesn’t test on animals and uses all-natural ingredients.

What you should consider: This product requires frequent application and does not retain color for multiple hours.

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta and Amazon

Worth checking out

KVD Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lip

KVD Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

What you need to know: This liquid lipstick is vegan and cruelty-free and provides a longwear highly pigmented look. It is a lightweight matte formula.

What you’ll love: The formula of this liquid lipstick is creamy and goes on smoothly. Although it is a matte formula, it contains various moisturizers that work to keep the lips from looking and feeling dry.

What you should consider: The color is streaky and is less vibrant in person than it looks online.

Where to buy: Sold by Sephora, Amazon and Ulta


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