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People have been making fashion statements with bangs for thousands of years.

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Which way to style curtain bags is best?

Bangs have been around for thousands of years and they continue to make quite the fashion statement. They come in a range of lengths and styles and suit different types of faces. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that bangs can take a little more maintenance than other hairstyles.

Curtain bangs are a great option as they’re slightly more versatile than traditional straight bangs. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t require regular styling.

What are curtain bangs?

Bangs also are known as a fringe. The terminology depends on where you are in the world. For example, in France, your bangs would be known as your fringe whereas in the U.S. or Canada, the fringe is known as bangs. For centuries, men and women have rocked bangs. We know this by the stylish, chic and quite frankly stunning hairstyles sported by Roman statues from thousands of years ago.

Bangs have come in and out of fashion depending on how much forehead the wearer wanted you to see at various times in history. While some bangs are sharp, straight and designed to sit directly over the brows, curtain bangs are a little different. Curtain bangs are longer, shaggier bangs that part in the middle and frame your forehead, usually down to eye level or below.

How to style your curtain bangs correctly

Bangs can change your style in a few simple steps. They can help either to enhance or de-emphasize features on your face. This means that if your face is long, wide, narrow or short, you can leverage curtain bangs to create the illusion of a shorter or narrower forehead. However, even relatively low maintenance bangs like curtain bangs need everyday work.

Use a ceramic round brush

The ceramic round brush is the perfect tool to blow out bangs. The brush acts like a curling iron, allowing you to get plenty of volume for that sweeping motion at the end of your curtain bangs. 

You’re also going to need a blow-dryer. Before you start the process, make sure your hair is wet. If your hair is curly or super frizzy, you’re going to need to blow-dry your hair from really wet to dry. If you don’t have curly hair, blow-dry your hair until it’s slightly damp or let it air-dry first. If you need more information on the best hair dryer to buy, check out the full guide from Best Reviews.

Blow out your curtain bangs

Separate the bangs from the rest of your hair. Put or tie back the rest of your hair behind the ears so it doesn’t get in your way as you style your bangs.

Turn the blow-dryer to the second setting to make sure it’s not too hot and not too cold. This allows you to style the hair before it dries too quickly. Place all the hair in your bangs over the round brush so you can start to blow-dry. Spin the brush and follow with the blow-dryer from the roots to the ends. Roll the brush down as you go.

If you want serious volume in your bangs, direct the air from the blow-dryer up as you curl the brush. More often than not, however, blowing the hair down while twisting should be enough to get the perfect amount of volume and texture in your bangs. Repeat this process until the hair is dry and volumized.

Use a straightener to part your bangs

Once the hair is dry, let the rest of your hair down. Part the hair of your bangs in the middle so it flows off to the sides of the face. Using a hair straightener, drag the hair down to the sides so the hair is not in your face for the rest of the day.

If you want more volume or an under curl at this stage use curling tongs to re-curl the ends of your bangs until they are completely dry. You also can grab some hairspray and apply it while re-curling the ends of the bags with the ceramic round brush.

Use a blow-dryer for the final touches

Once you’re done, it’s time to take care of any flyaway hairs that may have spiked when you released the hair. For this step, take the ceramic round brush and use it to hold your hair down. Blow-dry gently in the direction each side of your curtain bangs are lying along the sides of your face until the flyaways go flat.

Add some product

If you have light, thin hair, you’re going to want to add some product to keep your curtain bangs looking perfect all day. Add some volumizing powder to the roots of your bangs and a touch of hairspray to keep flyaways from cropping up.

What you need for styling curtain bangs

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