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The recommended amount of hair volumizing product listed on the package is based on medium-length hair. If your hair is longer, you might need to use more product to ensure full coverage.

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Which hair volumizing products are best?

Does your hair need a product pick-me-up? Hair volumizing products are made to add fullness and height to your mane, whether it’s fine or thick. In fact, because of its dramatic results, some beauty experts refer to the product as a hair makeover in a bottle.

Hair volumizing products add boost and va-va-voom to your coif, particularly at the root and base of your scalp. They also add thickness to the rest of the strands by coating them in a layer of nutrients and vitamins. Best of all, hair volumizing products work to hold your hairstyle all day, and only require minimal touch-ups, so you’ll enjoy a look that lasts well into the night. 

If you’re ready to make your hair larger than life, take a look at our buying guide. Our top pick is Maple Holistic Volumizing Biotin Shampoo, which dramatically increases volume after just a few washes.

What to know before you buy hair volumizing products

Popular types of hair volumizing products

  • Shampoos and conditioners. If you’d like to begin your volumizing in the shower, use specially formulated shampoos and conditioners. Consistent use, especially with products from the same line, has more dramatic and long-term effects. Prolonged use could dry out hair, however, so some people alternate them once or twice a week.
  • Cream-based. Creams and lotions are usually added to damp hair prior to blow-drying. Some do double duty and can be applied to dry hair to add volume, which also helps hold your hairstyle in place.
  • Sprays. Spray volumizers can be liquid or aerosol. Some are meant to be applied to wet hair and activated with heat, whereas others are sprayed on dry hair and styled with brushes. Sprays provide a lightweight lift, which is ideal if you only want a mild boost.
  • Serums. Serums are runny and oily and are typically used as leave-in treatments, as they take time to soak in and take effect. They’re not ideal for oily hair, and if you’re acne-prone, they could cause breakouts. 
  • Mousses. Known for their light and foamy consistency, mousses are applied to wet hair. They have a slight drying effect, but they tend to be very effective and help hold up hair with pumped-up volume. Mousses are especially popular for those with curly, wavy, or short hair.
  • Gels. Volumizing gels are used on dry hair, as they become somewhat ineffective when diluted with water on wet hair. They provide a bit of stiff volume, as the product is prone to clumping and drying in place. With that said, it’s well-liked by those with curly hair who want a defined, wet curl.

How the ingredients work

Hair volumizing products have special formulas with combinations of nutrients and vitamins that work together to add volume in different ways:

  • Hair thickening: Hair volumizing products often include vitamin B5 (panthenol), which increases the diameter of the strands. Caffeine is also a thickening ingredient, as it stimulates hair follicles and adds thickness to the scalp area.
  • Hair repair: Volumizers with biotin, also known as B7, coat strands damaged from UV exposure and over-styling. B7 also promotes hair growth, which helps add fullness to hair thinned from breakage.
  • Prevent breakage: Keratin considered a wonder protein in hair products, helps combat breakage by building upon naturally-growing proteins in your hair. It’s also known for adding shine and body.

How much you can expect to spend on hair volumizing products

Hair volumizing products will cost you between $7 to $40, and you’ll certainly get what you paid for. Inexpensive volumizers will cost $15 or less, though they’re less consistent and effective. Mid-range volumizers go up to $24 and have good reputations for being effective as well as holding the hairstyle. If you’re willing to spend $25 and up, you’ll enjoy salon-quality volumizers that work wonders.

Hair volumizing products FAQ

Should I use more than one volumizing product in my hair routine?

A. You could, and some volumizers of the same product line complement one another. If you use too much of your hair volumizing products, though, you could make your hair brittle and susceptible to breakage, as they have a drying effect.

Why does my hair volumizing product work differently when I travel abroad?

A. The change in humidity and water quality affect your hair overall, so it’s likely not your product becoming suddenly ineffective.

What are the best hair volumizing products to buy?

Top hair volumizing product

Maple Holistic Volumizing Biotin Shampoo

Maple Holistic Volumizing Biotin Shampoo

Our take: This formula has gone through rigorous testing and has studies and reviews to prove how effective it is at volumizing.

What we like: Unique formula of keratin, biotin, and other nutrients add significant volume to hair. Noticeable difference in texture and volume after only a few uses.

What we dislike: While it’s highly effective at volumizing, it won’t be effective at preventing hair loss.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top hair volumizing product

Tigi’s Bed Head Small Talk Three-in-One Thickifier

Tigi’s Bed Head Small Talk Three-in-One Thickifier

Our take: Pleasant-smelling formula that is universally effective on all hair thicknesses and textures.

What we like: A little goes a long way with this product, and it’s even helpful when it comes to detangling hair. Works without requiring heat activation or additional products and styling.

What we dislike: Formula could dry out finer hair pretty quickly, so it might not be a product for everyone.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Boldify’s Hair-Thickening Spray

Boldify’s Hair-Thickening Spray

Our take: Impressive and effective. People of all hair types rave about how full and voluminous it makes their hair.

What we like: In addition to providing big results, this spray is a master at holding its high-volume look all day. Works just as well on thin as it does on thick or heavy hair.

What we dislike: Touch-ups are required occasionally if you want to maintain your volume all day.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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