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Dry shampoo reduces your hair’s greasiness to keep your strands voluminous and fresh between washes.

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Which dry shampoos are best?

Do you love the blowout look but don’t have that much time to commit to styling your hair? Or perhaps you’re jumping on the wagon of not shampooing your hair more than once every few days to allow your hair’s natural texture and volume to shine through. Maybe you’re in the midst of finals week, buried in presentations, or otherwise pressed for time to get ready in the morning. Whatever your reason, dry shampoo will give you the clean, easy and gorgeous hair that you crave in about 30 seconds.

Because overwashing your hair tends to strip away much of its natural health, you’re making a smart decision by adding some no-wash days into your week and opting for a bit of dry shampoo instead. To soak up excess oil from your strands between washes and add texture and volume, try Redken Deep Clean Dry Shampoo, whose results are often described as simply miraculous by its users. 

What is dry shampoo? 

Dry shampoo is a hair product that reduces oil and gives your hair a freshly washed, voluminous look without requiring water. Dry shampoo also provides texture, and some formulas include added benefits like brassiness-reduction or root nourishment. 

Dry shampoo works by depositing starch, clay or other chemicals that soak up moisture to your hair. Apply it to the crown of your head at the roots of your hair and brush it through your strands. The right dry shampoo will give you a blow dried look in less than a minute. 

What to look for in a quality dry shampoo

What color is your hair?

Many dry shampoos have a white powder base that is deposited into hair. This can be especially troublesome if you have dark hair. 

While this color deposit can be avoided by shaking your dry shampoo, applying small amounts and then spreading it out with your fingers or a brush, you can also select a dry shampoo that comes in your hairs’ shade to ensure that any deposited powder blends nicely into your tint. Dry shampoo is available in dark shades and red shades to work for all hair colors. 

What ingredients are in dry shampoo?

Avoid dry shampoos full of sulfates and parabens. If you prefer natural products, look for dry shampoo formulated with chemical-free ingredients like rice powder and plant starch. 

What does dry shampoo smell like?

Dry shampoos tend to smell clean and floral. If you’re sensitive to fragrance, look for an unscented dry shampoo that will freshen your hair without depositing any odor. 

How much you can expect to spend on dry shampoo

Dry shampoo may come from a drugstore brand or a salon-quality brand, so its price ranges from $5-$10 on the low end to $15-$30 on the high end. 

Dry shampoo FAQ

How often can I use dry shampoo?

A. While some people use dry shampoo every day, it’s typically recommended that you take a break between uses to avoid drying out your hair. Try using it just a few times a week, or every other day. Otherwise, the buildup of the product could have the opposite effect of what you want. 

Can I use dry shampoo on dark hair? 

A. To avoid leaving behind visible white powder in dark hair, start with a tiny amount of dry shampoo. Shake the bottle before you start and hold it at least 10 inches from your roots. Thoroughly massage the dry shampoo into your strands and brush it through your hair. 

Dry shampoo tips

  • Hold your dry shampoo 10-12 inches from your scalp during application  to ensure no white powder residue is deposited into your roots. 
  • Brush dry shampoo through your hair with a bristle brush to work it evenly into your hair. 
  • Carry dry shampoo in your workout bag or purse to freshen up after a workout or before going out after work. 
  • Don’t use dry shampoo on hair extensions to avoid damaging them. 
  • Give fine or thin hair a boost with a powdery dry shampoo. 
  • Select a fragrance-free dry shampoo if you tend to be sensitive to smells 

What is the best dry shampoo to buy?

Top dry shampoo

Redken Deep Clean Dry Shampoo

Redken Deep Clean Dry Shampoo

What you need to know: This dry shampoo is recommended by experts for an oil-free, freshly washed and styled look. 

What you’ll love: Great for all types of hair and free of harsh chemicals like silicone and sulfates. Includes rice and tapioca starch based ingredients for a natural formula.

What you should consider: Not all users find the strong smell desirable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon or Ulta

Top dry shampoo for the money

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo

What you need to know: A classic dry shampoo formula from a beloved brand for clean and crisp hair. 

What you’ll love: This dry shampoo is easy to use and spread through your hair, with a timeless lavender and powder smell. It removes excess oil from hair and adds texture while creating a tousled, beachy look.   

What you should consider: If not properly shaken before use, it is known to leave behind white powder.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

What you need to know: This dry shampoo adds silky shine, volume, and lightens blond tones in hair for a salon-quality refresh between washes. 

What you’ll love: This trusted brand neutralizes brassiness and brings out blond tones in hair to add life to your balayage. It is lightweight and blends nicely into your hair. Many buyers use this product everyday and swear by it for its good results. 

What you should consider: Some find this dry shampoo’s fragrance too perfumy. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon or Sephora


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