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If you want to decrease the intensity of your cologne, avoid applying it to creases and pulse areas, where body heat can intensify the scent. Consider spraying it on your shoulders, waist or even torso.

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Which Burberry cologne is best?

Burberry cologne follows in the brand’s tradition of putting a modern twist on classic British culture. Evocative of the untamed English garden, the dewey aroma of Hyde Park after a morning drizzle or the warmth of a countryside hearth, Burberry fragrances are sophisticated, subtle and distinctly British. 

Whether you’re in the market for something to spritz on a special occasion or a cologne you can rely on to make a good impression day in and day out, Burberry has a cologne for you. Our top pick is Burberry Touch because its complex scent profile can be worn year-round. 

What to know before you buy a Burberry cologne


Burberry, unlike many of its Italian and French competitors, looks beyond the aromas of seduction, mystery and intrigue. While these are excellent scents for certain occasions, Burberry has a refreshing lineup of floral, vibrant and airy scents that evoke feelings of happiness and relaxation. If you plan to use your Burberry cologne for a sleek night on the town, you may want an eau de parfum for increased intensity. 

Existing routine

It’s likely you already have a number of scented products in your daily lineup as it is, from your deodorant to your shampoo and more. To maximize the strength of your overall aroma, opt for a cologne that’s cohesive with your existing routine. 

Food preferences 

A good way to help narrow down your scent profile is to consider the food you like. If you often find yourself chowing down on something hot, opt for a cologne that includes spicy ingredients such as pink peppercorn, coriander and cayenne pepper. On the other hand, if you’re a fruit fanatic, look for a cologne with notes of mandarin, coconut or pineapple.

What to look for in a quality Burberry cologne 

Bottle design

Although the bottle design certainly shouldn’t be a deal breaker, it’s not unreasonable to expect a thoughtfully put together bottle from a brand like Burberry. Iconic scents such as Mr. Burberry, which comes with a signature ribbon, are instantly recognizable on even the most crowded shelves. 

British ingredients  

Burberry’s best colognes will present scent profiles that are distinctly British. Burberry draws inspiration from the wild aroma of a British garden, so be on the lookout for notes of wild rose, dewey moss, rhubarb and smokier scents such as amber and timber. 

How much you can expect to spend on Burberry cologne

Expect to spend as little as $45 for small bottles and as much as $150 for larger sizes. 

Burberry cologne FAQ

Why are some colognes offered in light, regular and intense versions? 

A. Brands like Burberry will often release the same scent in different intensities to satisfy a wider audience. In the case of Burberry, its colognes are usually eau de toilette, which lasts between four and six hours. If you want your fragrance to last longer and you want to keep the same scent profile, you should consider the eau de parfum, or “intense” version of any given Burberry cologne. 

What does it mean when a scent is described as “layerable”?

A. Burberry and retailers such as Sephora market their scents as layerable. This means that the fragrance can be used in conjunction with other scents that provide a complementary contrast or more deeply develop a similar profile. However, a layerable scent can be worn on its own as well. 

What’s the best Burberry cologne to buy?

Top Burberry cologne

Burberry Touch

Burberry Touch

What you need to know: Burberry Touch is a classic year-round eau de toilette that presents refreshing floral notes as well as mysterious layers of musk and tonka beans. 

What you’ll love: Burberry Touch is a fan favorite because of its tastefully eclectic mix of floral, citrus, musk and spice notes. It’s a complex scent profile that lasts throughout the day. Burberry Touch is as at home out in the garden as it is at a fine dining establishment. Plus, this cologne comes with an ode to the past in the form of a small atomizer that allows you to spray a precise amount. 

What you should consider: The spicy heart and base notes may be too strong. 

Where to buy: Sold by Sephora, Amazon and Macy’s

Top Burberry cologne for the money

Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette

Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette

What you need to know: This scent is meant to encapsulate the contrasts of the modern Londoner, and its scent profile is a refreshingly modern take on classic British ingredients. 

What you’ll love: Mr. Burberry is a meticulous blend of zesty grapefruit, vetiver and smoldering guaiac wood. While this places it firmly as earthy and woody, Mr. Burberry is surprisingly lightweight. Thanks to its unique scent profile, Mr. Burberry is one of the most versatile scents in Burberry’s collection. Plus, if you want something even more intense, you can get the same profile in eau de parfum.  

What you should consider: Some users report that the scent will stay on clothes after washing. 

Where to buy: Sold by Sephora and Amazon

Worth checking out

Burberry Brit

Burberry Brit 

What you need to know: Prized for its subtle yet enduring scent, Burberry Brit is an excellent choice for anyone interested in a refined scent for all occasions. 

What you’ll love: Burberry Brit presents strong notes of fresh ginger, spicy nutmeg and wild rose while undertones of bergamot, tonka beans, green mandarin and cardamom create a scent mosaic in the background. While the scent itself is complex and varied, the bottle was designed by renowned French artist Fabien Baron and strikes a more minimalist tone. This scent possesses all of the characteristics it’s supposed to evoke when smelled — sophistication, confidence and vibrancy. 

What you should consider: Although it’s long-lasting, some users wish it was stronger. 

Where to buy: Sold by Sephora, Amazon and Macy’s


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