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Which natural wedding makeup is best?

There are few makeup applications more important than the one on your wedding day. You’ll be photographed more than any other day of your life, and the length of the event means you’ll need makeup that lasts and looks great in any lighting. If you’re looking for a stunning yet natural wedding makeup look, MAC Art Library Palette: Nude Model is your best bet.

What to know before you buy natural wedding makeup

Day vs. evening wedding

Lean toward softer colors for a daytime, outdoor wedding, and add a bit of dimension for an evening event. Buy a palette with a good range of options in nude and neutral colors if you’ll have to accommodate a transition in lighting, like for an outdoor ceremony and an indoor, evening reception, and freshen up between the two.


If there’s ever a day to pick colors flattering to your skin tone, it’s on your wedding day. While it’s always a good idea to pick not just on skin color but also skin tone, on a day when all eyes are on you, this is particularly crucial. Determine whether your skin has cooler or warmer tones, and seek out a palette with good options for you. For a quick check, look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they’re on the bluer side, opt for cool tones. If they look more green, go with warmer tones.

Sparkle vs. matte

Your wedding is your day to shine, so if you like natural wedding makeup with a bit of shimmer, go for it. However, if you want a really subtle look, go with matte. A good rule of thumb is to add shimmer for the evening and go with matte for the day.

What to look for in a quality natural wedding makeup

Three basics

To create eye makeup with dimension and depth, you need a base color, a crease color and a highlight color. Most palettes offer some combination in these ranges, but you should evaluate each color in the palette carefully. Are there enough cool or warm options you love? Are there matte and shimmery brow bone accent colors? Give yourself options to allow for a mood change on the day of the event, but make sure you’ve got the basics covered.

Sheer vs. color saturated options

For a true natural look, seek out sheer colors you can layer on for depth. For an evening event, more deeply pigmented colors will make your makeup flawless.

Wedding attendant dresses and accent colors

Does your wedding have a color theme? If it fits with a natural palette, you may want to pull it into your makeup look. This can be subtle: mauve base color on your eyeshadow if your bridesmaids’ dresses are mauve, for example. It can give your look cohesiveness without being overbearing.

How much you can expect to spend on natural wedding makeup

An all-purpose natural wedding makeup palette from the drugstore will cost about $15. If you opt for a department store brand, expect to pay between $50-$80. 

Natural wedding makeup FAQ

Is a dewy look appropriate for natural wedding makeup?

A. Absolutely. A soft glow photographs beautifully and looks great with a wedding dress. The one thing to take into consideration is what the weather will be like on the day of the event, particularly if any part of it is going to occur outdoors, including formal photographs. Dewy makeup may devolve into shiny or greasy-looking. If you’re going to go dewy, make sure to carry a good mattifying setting spray that you can reapply as needed.

What are some tips for doing your own makeup on your wedding day?

A. Although some brides get a professional makeup artist to do their look for the big day, there’s no reason you can’t do your own makeup. The key to a great look on your wedding day is practice. Try your natural wedding makeup on, preferably more than once, taking note of what works and what doesn’t. You can make it fun by bringing your wedding party and family into it. And don’t forget to photograph the look. Sometimes makeup looks different in photos; for no surprises on your wedding day, get your look down beforehand.

What’s the best natural wedding makeup to buy?

Top natural wedding makeup

MAC Art Library Palette: Nude Model

MAC Art Library Palette: Nude Model

What you need to know: Developed by M·A·C Pro Artists, this dermatologically-tested nude eye palette offers a great range of colors with its 12 neutral shades.

What you’ll love: These long-lasting eyeshadows apply evenly and are easy to blend. The palette contains a variety of textures and finishes that can be used either dry or wet.

What you should consider: If you’re looking for shimmering highlights, you may struggle with the limited number of shimmering shades.

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty  

Top natural wedding makeup for the money

ColourPop Nude Mood Eyeshadow Palette

ColourPop Nude Mood Eyeshadow Palette

What you need to know: This is a great all-purpose palette full of natural colors which doesn’t skimp on quality.

What you’ll love: If you’re hoping to lean into the shimmery side of the natural color scheme, this is a great choice.

What you should consider: Many of the colors in this palette are on the warmer side, so if your undertones are cool, you may struggle with finding enough shades for a full makeup application.

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty and Amazon

Worth checking out

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Makeup Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Makeup Palette

What you need to know: If there’s one day to splurge, it’s on your wedding day. This beautiful set of natural colors gives you the full range of options, from a sheer, ethereal look to a more earthy vibe.

What you’ll love: Fourteen shades give you all the tools you need to mix and match for a unique, tailored look. This palette has a great selection of both cool and warm tones.

What you should consider: Some users report fallout, so be sure to protect your dress or anything valuable as you apply it!

Where to buy: Sold by Sephora


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