What are the best eyebrow dyes?

Eyebrows frame the face and accentuate eyes, which is why many individuals invest time, effort and money into shaping and filling brows. It can be a lot of work.  Eyebrow dye is considered an affordable, low-maintenance alternative.

Eyebrow dye enhances natural brow color, matches a new hair color or covers grays. To learn more about eyebrow dye, we invite you to read this buying guide. We’re sharing a few recommendations at the end. Our favorite eyebrow dye, Wunder2 Wonderbrow, has a waterproof and smudge-proof formula.

What to know before you buy eyebrow dye

Benefits of eyebrow dye

Eyebrow dye does more than enhance or change your brow color. It actually deposits pigment to give brows a thicker, fuller appearance. For some people, it adds enough fullness to forgo filling in and coloring brows daily. 

Unlike other brow products, like pomade or powder, eyebrow dye offers longer-lasting results up to six weeks. Many eyebrow dyes are waterproof or smudge-proof. This means they will stay put in humid environments or if you immerse yourself in water. 

One way to make new hair color more natural is to use an eyebrow dye that compliments it. This is especially important if you’ve made a dramatic change, such as going from blonde to brunette.

Using eyebrow dye on lashes

Only some eyebrow dyes are for use on eyelashes. It’s essential to read the product and ingredient information to get a definitive answer before using the dye on lashes. Otherwise, it may cause a severe reaction in the eyes if it’s not a lash-safe formula. 

Some manufacturers have separate lash formulas in the same color variety as their brow formulas as well. 


Depending on the formula, eyebrow dye takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes to set. 

With some eyebrow dyes, you’ll need to spend additional time on preparation. Some of these may require an application of a primer or color activator before the dye. Fortunately, they only take 3-10 minutes to set, so it doesn’t add too much time to the total application time. 

What to look for in a quality eyebrow dye

Shade variety

Some manufacturers of eyeshadow dye only release two or three shades of brown, which may be somewhat limiting for certain people. Others offer as many as a dozen shades, including a variety of cooler and warmer-toned shades.


Most eyebrow dye kits come with essential application tools. These typically include a brush, spool and mixing container. While most consumers stick to the included tools, some upgrade to better brushes for precision application. A few eyebrow dye kits also come with color remover wipes.


It’s common for eyebrow dyes to use vegetable dyes formulated to be eye area-safe. The dyes are semi-permanent because they gradually fade.

Some eyebrow dyes contain conditioning or softening ingredients, like aloe vera or jojoba oil. Others contain synthetic ingredients, like silicones and sulfates. If you’re partial to a formula with naturally derived ingredients, several eyebrow dyes are vegan or cruelty-free.

How much you can expect to spend on eyebrow dye

Basic eyebrow dye kits with 10 or fewer applications cost $7-$15. Kits that offer 20 or more applications typically run $18-$28. 

Eyebrow dye FAQ

What do I do if my eyebrow dye shade is discontinued?

A. Reach out to the manufacturer to determine whether it’s genuinely discontinued or if it’s repackaged with a new name. However, if the manufacturer no longer makes it, consider finding a similar shade in another brand. Ideally, opt for a dye whose formula and application are also similar, so you’re working with somewhat familiar products. 

Will using eyebrow dye interfere with waxing or threading?

A. It shouldn’t, mainly because these procedures involve removing or trimming eyebrow hairs. However, if you’ve dyed your brows recently, you may wish to let your skin calm down from the dye before proceeding with waxing or dying to avoid irritation.

Can I use regular hair dye on my eyebrows?

A. No. For one, regular hair dye is much too harsh for the skin on your face, not to mention it’s not safe to use that close to your eyes. Eyebrow hair is different from the hair on your head, and regular hair dye often contains ingredients that may damage or weaken brow hairs. 

What’s the best eyebrow dye to buy?

Top eyebrow dye

Wunder2 Wonderbrow

Wunder2 Wonderbrow

What you need to know: Not only is this a long-lasting formula, it defines, fills and thickens browns with natural-looking pigment.

What you’ll love: It’s waterproof and smudge-proof, even in humid conditions, and lasts up to three days. Application is easy with brush and spoolie tools. It’s vegan, cruelty-free and made in the USA.

What you should consider: Some consumers felt the pigment wasn’t as high as expected.

Where to buy: Amazon

Top eyebrow dye for the money

MINA ibrow Henna for Spot Coloring

MINA ibrow Henna for Spot Coloring

What you need to know: This convenient kit has enough product to last through 25-30 applications. 

What you’ll love: Color only takes 20 minutes to set and lasts for around six weeks. It’s effective at covering grays, and the formula is free of heavy metals and ammonia. It also works well on sensitive skin. 

What you should consider: A few people felt that color was a bit darker than expected. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye

RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye

What you need to know: Appreciated for its natural pigmentation, this dye is compatible with all RefectoCil tints. 

What you’ll love: The color is deep and holds much longer than expected. It only takes five minutes to work, and it won’t irritate sensitive skin. It’s easy to clean tint from the skin around brows.

What you should consider: The developer is not included in this kit and needs to be purchased separately. 

Where to buy: Amazon


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