Which false eyelashes are best?

It’s always the smallest details that help to sell a transformation and even something as minor as a false eyelash can make or break an entire look. There are a tremendous amount of false eyelashes to choose from, however, so knowing what to look for and what to exclude is important and admittedly difficult.

The best set of false eyelashes is the Ardell Fashion Lashes Pair – Black 113 (Pack of 4). These false eyelashes are made of 100% human hair and can be reused for nearly a month.

What to know before you buy false eyelashes

Types of false eyelash

There are four main types of false eyelashes: strip, demi, individual and lower.

  • Strip: The most common type of false eyelash, strip false eyelashes, are made to stretch across your entire eyelid. Many strip false eyelashes are made with extended lengths that are designed to be trimmed to exactly match the length of your eyelid.
  • Demi: Demi false eyelashes are essentially strips that are half the length. They don’t work as well with especially wide or narrow eyes and are designed to accentuate specific looks.
  • Individual: Individual false eyelashes are designed to be added to your natural eyelashes. They come in different lengths, so you can add as much or as little as you want.
  • Lower: As you might expect, lower false eyelashes are made for use on your lower eyelid. They are usually strips that are made to be trimmed into whatever you need them to be.

Your eye shape

It’s important to know what your eye shape is when buying false eyelashes as choosing the wrong eyelashes can lead to an … unfortunate look. There are as many eye shapes and variations as there are people on the planet, but some common shapes include wide or close-set, hooded, almond and round. Follow the above link for more information on eye shape and the matching shape of false eyelashes.

What to look for in quality false eyelashes


False eyelashes can be made from real hair or with synthetic materials.

  • Real: Real false eyelashes are usually made of human hair or mink fur. Human hair false eyelashes are expensive, but one of the most comfortable and natural looks. Mink fur is a polarizing material as many find wearing animal fur to be unethical. Mink false eyelashes are also the most expensive and most luxurious. Silk is another option; it’s ethical, comfortable and reasonably priced in addition to looking great.
  • Synthetic: Most synthetic false eyelashes are made from acrylic. They can be uncomfortable and cause irritation for those with sensitive skin, but they’re also the cheapest and most durable.

How much you can expect to spend on false eyelashes

The cost of a set of false eyelashes is typically dependant on the material used, with cheap materials costing less than $10 and the very best materials costing as much as $40. Most false eyelashes cost between $10-$20.

False eyelashes FAQ

Is there a type or material of false eyelashes I should use if my eyes are sensitive?

A. Absolutely, there are options in both false eyelashes and eyelash glue that are perfect for those with sensitive eyes. For the eyelashes, you’ll want to select a pair that uses real hair over synthetics, paying close attention to the softness of the strip. You should also use non-latex glue, as latex can be a significant irritant for many people.

How many times can a reusable pair of false eyelashes be reused?

A. That depends on the quality of the eyelash and how well you take care of them. Most average reusable eyelashes can be used anywhere between five and 20 times. You can help your eyelashes out by gently removing them from your eyelid and removing any adhesive from them before placing them back in the box they came in. Avoid washing your false eyelashes as well.

What are the best false eyelashes to buy?

Top false eyelashes 

Ardell Fashion Lashes Pair - Black 113 (Pack of 4)

Ardell Fashion Lashes Pair – Black 113 (Pack of 4)

What you need to know: This four-pack of false eyelashes are comfortable and stylish for any occasion.

What you’ll love: These false eyelashes are made of 100% human hair and can be reused for nearly a month. They hold with adhesive well enough not to worry about them falling off, but they’re easy enough to remove without being painful.

What you should consider: You’ll need to buy your own eyelash adhesive, as these false eyelashes don’t include any. Some consumers found these false eyelashes to be too long.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top false eyelashes for the money

KISS True Volume Multi-layered False Eyelashes - 1 Pair

KISS True Volume Multi-layered False Eyelashes – 1 Pair

What you need to know: These low-cost false eyelashes are a great choice for those who don’t regularly wear them.

What you’ll love: These false eyelashes are lightweight and soft for a comfortable fit. They add a splash of understated beauty that doesn’t overpower a look. It’s easy to blend these false eyelashes into your natural ones and even easier to blend makeup into them.

What you should consider: This is another set of false eyelashes that don’t include the adhesive you need and the source of the hair isn’t specified.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Eylure Reusable Faux Mink Eyelashes - 1 Pair

Eylure Reusable Faux Mink Eyelashes – 1 Pair

What you need to know: These ultra-elegant false eyelashes are the perfect addition to any special occasion-type look.

What you’ll love: Eyelash adhesive is included in the package and does an excellent job of keeping them in place and maintaining your comfort. These false eyelashes are also safe to use with contact lenses. These false eyelashes can be reused multiple times if cared for properly.

What you should consider: The extra elegance of these false eyelashes makes them a difficult option to use in everyday-type looks, plus some consumers reported difficulty in applying them.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Ulta Beauty


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