Which colored liquid eyeliners are best?

If you’ve ever seen a makeup artist with a bold, swooping, brightly colored cat eye, you may have had the urge to replicate the look for yourself. The holidays might be over, but you can still experiment with bright green liner or silver glittery liner. It may be time to ditch the classic black liner for a fun, attention-drawing twist.

If you’re looking for an easy to use, pigmented liner with a precise tip, then Revlon’s So Fierce! Chrome Ink Liquid Eyeliner is the top choice.    

What to know before you buy a colored liquid eyeliner?

Colored liquid liner is similar to classic black liquid eyeliner in many aspects, but there are a few things to consider before purchasing colored liquid eyeliner. 


Some liquid eyeliners come in small pots so the product is applied with small, thin makeup brushes, while others come in a pen package where the product can be uncapped and used in a similar fashion to a writing utensil. 

There are also dip-brush liquid eyeliners. These are similar to nail polish, where a thin brush is dipped into the liquid formula and then applied to the waterline of your eye. 


Liquid liners are sometimes waterproof and smudgeproof due to their wet, liquid formula. 


If a liner comes in pen packaging, the packaging dictates the grip of the eyeliner. Some liners may have grooves or extra padding to make gripping the liner easier or more stable when applying.  

What to look for in a quality colored liquid eyeliner? 


A quality liquid eyeliner tip dictates how precise the liner will be applied. Many liquid eyeliner comes with precision felt tips to make the liquid formula easier to control when applying. 


What makes liquid liners different from pencil liners, besides having different formulas, is liquid liners tend to be highly pigmented. A quality colored liquid eyeliner should have intense, bold pigmentation. 


Some eyeliners’ formulas are transfer-resistant, waterproof or long-lasting. A quality liner will most likely have one, if not most or all, of these formulas.

How to apply color liquid eyeliner 

There are several ways to apply liquid eyeliner, and this is just one suggested ways to do so. Applying liquid eyeliner can take some trial and error before you discover the easiest technique for you. 

  • First, choose your desired liquid eyeliner. 
  • Next, prepare your eyelids. If you’re doing a complete eye makeup look, your lids should be primed and the eyeshadow should be applied prior to applying eyeliner. 
  • Before applying, tip your head back and look down into a mirror. Your elbow should be on a secure surface like a table or a vanity. You may need to use your other hand to gently pull your eyelid taut. 
  • To apply, start your line with wherever you feel most comfortable. Popular choices include the midpoint and inner corner of the eye. Try to get your line as close to your lash line as possible. 
  • Gently make small strokes along your lash line. Note that the more pressure you add when applying, the thicker your line will be. 
  • If you are creating a winged or cat-eye look, swoop the liner outward toward your temples. The liner should be thinner near the corner and gradually get thicker as you move to the outer corner of your eye 
  • Assess your application and dab the liner to fill in gaps. 
  • If necessary, use a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover to clean up and smudges or small mistakes. 
  • Optional: Close your eyes and mist makeup setting spray over your completed look. Spray from five to eight inches away. 

Voila! Enjoy your bold, colored liquid eyeliner look. 

How much can you expect to spend on colored liquid eyeliner? 

Quality, colored liquid eyeliner can cost anywhere between $8-$30. 

Colored liquid eyeliner FAQ

Do I have to shake my liquid eyeliner before use? 

A. Shaking an eyeliner helps to ensure maximum flow from the tube to the tip. 

How long does it take liquid eyeliner to dry? 

A. A quality liquid eyeliner shouldn’t take very long to dry. However, allow a few seconds with your eyes closed after application to ensure the product is dry and doesn’t transfer.

Is liquid eyeliner waterproof?  

A. Not all liquid eyeliner is waterproof. Check the product description to verify if a product is waterproof. 

Can I use liquid eyeliner with false eyelashes? 

A. Liquid eyeliner and false lashes pair well together to create a bold look. 

How long will my liquid eyeliner last after opening? 

A. Check the product’s packaging after opening suggestions to determine how long the product is safe to use. Generally, liquid eyeliners last three to six months after opening. 

What’s the best colored liquid eyeliner to buy?

Top choice 

Revlon So Fierce! Chrome Ink Liquid Eyeliner

Revlon So Fierce! Chrome Ink Liquid Eyeliner 

What you need to know: The uniquely designed dip-ink cap keeps the tip saturated in the product for an intense pigmented look. 

What you’ll love: Just one stroke of the smudge-proof liner reaps intense payoff, and it comes in gunmetal gray, bronze and violet.  

What you should consider: The applicator is a bit bulky, which makes for thicker strokes.  

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty and Amazon 

Top choice for the money 

ColourPop BFF Liquid Liner

ColourPop BFF Liquid Liner 

What you need to know: The liner has an ultra-fine tip that delivers precise, transfer resistant pigmentation in a single swipe.   

What you’ll love: You can choose from five bright colors – including blue, pink, emerald green and even white – as well as the neutrals black or brown. 

What you should consider: Some reviews mention that the liner runs if it becomes wet. 

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty

Worth checking out 

CoverGirl Get In Line Liquid Eyeliner

CoverGirl Get In Line Liquid Eyeliner 

What you need to know: The eyeliner features an easy grip handle and an ultra fine 0.1 millimeter tip for precise, easy application.  

What you’ll love: The product is cruelty-free, quick-drying and great for creating a winged-eyeliner look.  

What you should consider: The liner is only offered in the colors black and teal.  

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty and Amazon


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