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Before you finalize your purchase of a Graco jogging stroller, make sure its folded dimensions fit in your vehicle, especially if trunk or backseat space is limited.

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Which Graco jogging stroller is best?

If you’re an active parent who enjoys running, you’re probably looking for a rugged, durable stroller that can hold up well to active use. Graco jogging strollers are designed for just that, and they’re jam-packed with running-friendly features. They’re also known for being comfortable and accommodating for your child.

Graco jogging strollers are built to last and designed to deliver a smooth ride, with deep-tread tires for all-terrain use. Graco jogging strollers also feature adjustable reclining positions and canopies or one-handed folding mechanisms.

To learn more about Graco jogging strollers, read our buying guide. We introduce you to popular features, and we’re sharing a few of our recommendations at the end. Our favorite stroller, the Graco Jogging Stroller, remains a parent favorite for its all-terrain design.

What to know before you buy a Graco jogging stroller

Air-filled tires

Rather than solid rubber tires found on most standard strollers, Graco jogging strollers use air-filled tires, providing a smoother ride for parents and kids. While they can puncture or require filling like other tires, many parents agree these are small trade-offs considering the ride quality they deliver.

Swivel front wheel

Graco jogger strollers have swivel front wheels that can be locked (as it’s recommended for safety reasons), before you begin running. This prevents parents from losing control of the stroller, especially downhill or across challenging terrain. Some models have fixed wheels, though they’re fairly hard to maneuver when you’re not running.


Many Graco jogging strollers have foot brakes, though certain models have handlebar brakes. Parents unsure of which brake system is more conducive to their running should consider the area where they intend to run. Handlebar brakes are recommended for hilly areas, where foot brakes handle flat terrain best.

What to look for in a quality Graco jogging stroller

Travel system

Some Graco jogger systems are sold as travel systems that come with both a stroller and an infant car seat. Travel systems are an excellent choice for infants, and they emerge as a cost-effective option for a two-in-one product that can “grow” with babies.


It can be challenging to remove a baby from a stroller, place them in a car seat, and get everything packed in your vehicle. Certain Graco strollers aim to streamline the process with quick-fold or single-hand folding designs. They’re particularly convenient when parents are holding the baby in one arm and trying to fold the stroller with the other.


Graco jogging strollers are equipped with UV-protective canopies, some of which have peekaboo windows to offer parents a glimpse while they’re running. There are also canopies with mesh panels to allow ample airflow. Many canopies are also adjustable to account for growing passengers.

How much you can expect to spend on Graco jogging strollers

Entry-level Graco jogging strollers cost $140-$200, though they’re fairly limited in terms of features. Mid-range strollers that accommodate babies in more than one position and some travel systems cost $200-$300. The most expensive Graco jogging strollers cost closer to $450 and include the brand’s best features and technology.

Graco jogging stroller FAQ

Q. What type of storage do Graco jogging strollers offer?

A. In addition to standard under-seat storage, Graco jogging strollers may have cup holders, phone pouches, or trays. If you need additional storage space, you can buy attachable storage accessories such as handlebar organizers.

Q. What is the weight capacity of Graco jogging strollers?

A. Each model is different, and it’s usually explicitly detailed in the product information. Single-seat strollers peak at 75 pounds, while double strollers almost always support around 100 pounds.

What are the best Graco jogging strollers to buy?

Top Graco jogging stroller

Graco Jogging Stroller

Graco Jogging Stroller

What you should know: A great option for a growing family who need all the bells and whistles in a reliable jogging stroller.

What you’ll love: Bigger space for your toddler to sit and stroll around with different bench placement options.

What you should consider: Not as compact as expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Graco jogging stroller for the money

Best Graco jogging strollers

Graco Rowan FitFold Jogging Stroller

What you should know: Affordable option that folds up to one-third of its size, making it a favorite among parents with smaller vehicles.

What you’ll love: Air-filled tires offer a smooth ride on various ground types. Offers two reclining positions.

What you should consider: Still somewhat heavy; not best for travel or hauling up a flight of stairs.

Where to buy: Sold  by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Graco jogging strollers

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel System

What you should know: Full-fledged system with a base, stroller and car seat that first-time parents love.

What you’ll love: Supports kids up to 50 pounds and offers multiple reclining positions. Has a one-second, one-hand folding mechanism.

What you should consider: Fairly large footprint, and some parts of the stroller can develop squeaks.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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