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To encourage a strong suck, stimulate a baby’s instinctual sucking reflex by gently tugging the pacifier away from the mouth.

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Which pacifier holders are best?

It is not always easy to find a pacifier holder that is functional, fashionable and fits a baby’s favorite pacifier. Still, a pacifier holder is an essential tool to have handy since it safely clips a child’s pacifier to various items for easy access. If you are looking for a pacifier holder that fits many pacifiers, the Dodo Babies Pacifier Clip is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy a pacifier holder 


Teething babies chew on everything, and a pacifier holder is no exception. Purchasing a pacifier holder constructed from non-toxic materials is vital for all children, especially those who are also teething. Silicone pacifier holders that are phthalate and bisphenol A-free are a popular non-toxic-material choice. However, pacifier holders with silicone beads may pose a choking hazard to teething infants if they become punctured, detached or chewed off the string. 

Clip material 

The best pacifier clips are those that are both easy to use and durable. Metal clips are more challenging to break than plastic clips but run the risk of rusting. Though plastic clips are thick and strong, there is the potential for breakage from chewing. To be safe, never leave a baby unsupervised with any pacifier holder regardless of clip material. 

Pacifier compatibility   

A pacifier holder is handy when babies have not yet mastered the motor skills necessary to pick up a pacifier independently. Though pacifier holders should be compatible with a variety of pacifier brands, there are some mismatches. BestReviews buying guide for the best pacifiers is a great place to start narrowing down the search for the right pacifier. Then, simply confirm the pacifier is compatible with a holder before purchase. 

Plush toy attachments

Some children enjoy pacifier holders that double as comfort objects. Some brands sell pacifiers with plush toy attachments. Sanitizing is easier when the toy detaches from the pacifier in brands such as Nookums. WubbaNub pacifiers are permanently attached to the plush toy making it impossible to use multiple brands of pacifiers. Other toy attachment options include blankets and rubber teething toys.  

What to look for in a quality pacifier holder 

Easy to clean  

The sanitation recommendations for a pacifier extend to the holder as babies mouth both products. Purchasing a pacifier holder that is either washing machine or dishwasher safe is a convenient option for frequent sanitation. Silicone pacifier holders that are not dishwasher safe will need washing with warm soapy water. Fabric or pacifier holders with plush toys will also need daily cleaning. 


A pacifier holder should never be large enough to wrap around a baby’s neck. The general safety rule regarding length is less than 7-8 inches long. Depending upon the material, a pacifier holder may also stretch, for instance, when the elastic wears out. Discard a pacifier holder immediately when it reaches a dangerous length. 

Quality materials 

Some pacifier holder materials last longer than others. For fabric pacifier holders, cotton often works best for thickness and strength. Antimicrobial silicone is better than latex or rubber holders. Wood covers for plastic or metal clips are another option that parents appreciate as an additional layer of protection and durability. 

Pacifier holder case

Many pacifier holders include a case with purchase. A case is essential as it keeps the pacifier and holder clean when placed in a purse or diaper bag. If a pacifier holder doesn’t include a case, a plastic or canvas bag will suffice. 

How much you can expect to spend on a pacifier holder 

Expect to spend $8-$16 on a pacifier holder sold individually or in multi-packs. 

Pacifier holder FAQ

How often should you replace a pacifier holder? 

A. Keep a close eye on the pacifier holder’s surface and discard it if there’s a rupture in the material. Most pacifier holder manufacturers recommend replacing their product every 4-6 weeks for hygiene and safety. 

How many pacifier holders are typically needed?

A. You will need one pacifier holder for the baby and a second to store in the diaper bag for travel. Having a couple of pacifier holders saved as backstock is convenient to switch out holders as they deteriorate due to normal use and wear and tear. 

What’s the best pacifier holder to buy?

Top pacifier holder

Dodo Babies Pacifier Clip

Dodo Babies Pacifier Clip

What you need to know: The universal loop fits most pacifiers and the metal clips are very strong and will not easily disconnect from fabric. 

What you’ll love: The fabric leashes are durable, machine washable and hold up well to frequent washing. 

What you should consider: The case may not be large enough to hold pacifiers, extra clips and leashes simultaneously. 

Where to buy: Amazon 

Top pacifier holder for the money

Babygoal Pacifier Clip

Babygoal Pacifier Clip 

What you need to know: The plastic clip is durable and will not rust and the elastic loops stretch to fit both pacifiers and teething toys.

What you’ll love: It is designed with solid classic colors rather than cheesy baby prints. 

What you should consider: The leash is longer than other brands and becomes even longer as the elastic loop stretches from use. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Nookums paci-plushies buddies

Nookums paci-plushies buddies 

What you need to know: It comes as a pair with a Nookums pacifier and plush toy but can be attached to various other pacifier brands. 

What you’ll love: The pacifier easily detaches from the plush toy, making for easy washing.

What you should consider: The rattle in some options can shake and wake a sleeping baby. 

Where to buy: Amazon and Macy’s 

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