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To save money on battery-operated baby soothers, buy a set of rechargeable batteries. While they cost more upfront, they’ll save you a lot of money over the course of a few years.

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Lulling a baby to sleep isn’t a matter of making the room dark and quiet. Believe it or not, a moderate amount of familiar noise is more effective at carrying your baby into dreamland. For that reason, many parents use baby soothers, which are devices that feature these sounds.

Baby soothers have a variety of sounds, including lullabies and water or nature sounds. They’re repetitive and relaxing, which creates a soothing auditory environment for babies. Depending on their design, baby soothers are equipped with features to customize sound experience, such as timers or soft lighting.

To learn more about baby soothers, read our buying guide. Besides covering their basic features, we’re sharing a few recommendations. Our favorite baby soother, Cloud B’s Sleep Sheep On-the-Go Soother, can be enjoyed as both a sound machine and a much-loved plush buddy.


Stuffed animal

Stuffed animal baby soothers feature a plush creature with a hidden sound box only accessible to parents. When squeezed or manipulated, it produces sounds or music. These soothers become soiled easily, which is why it’s recommended to choose one with a removable shell for easy cleaning.

Stand-alone speaker

Stand-alone speakers offer the best sound quality among baby soothers. Some designs even have Bluetooth connectivity for added versatility. Because of their louder output, some parents feel these baby soothers can be too loud to soothe, even on their quietest settings.

Night light

Night light soothers are dual-purpose devices, in that they provide both ambient light and noise for a multisensory experience. More often than not, their light and sound functions are used separately. The only pitfall of these baby soothers is that they must be placed near an outlet because they’re rarely battery-operated.



Baby soothers have volume and timer controls to customize the sound experience. Quality soothers have a broad sound range to accommodate babies. Built-in timers shut off the device after a set period of time, which is usually in 15, 30, or 60 minutes. Some baby soothers have timers that progressively lower the volume.


Common sounds for baby soothers include white noise, nature and aquatic sounds, and lullaby songs. Sound quality is also important to consider with baby soothers. It should be clear and crisp to sound as natural and non-threatening as possible. Poorly designed baby soothers tend to have scratchy or static background noise that can disturb or frighten babies.

Power source

Baby soothers either plug in or are battery-powered. Plug-in soothers are reliable, but since they require access to an outlet, parents may be limited as to where the soother can be set up. Battery-powered baby soothers offer a great deal of portability, but there’s an ongoing cost for battery replacements.


Small, battery-operated baby soothers cost $20 and below, though their functions are fairly limited. Those with stand-alone speakers and a diverse assortment of sounds run closer to $30-$40. High-end baby soothers manufactured by leading baby brands with superior designs and better features cost as much as $50.


What is the best baby soother to use in the car or for travel?

A. There are convenient clip-on soothers that attach to straps, seats, or strollers, and they’re less likely to get lost or knocked over during use. Clip-on soothers tend to be smaller than most other soothers, even those with compact designs.

Do babies and toddlers outgrow baby soothers?

A. Yes and no. In the sense that kids eventually adapt to sleep better independently, yes. On the other hand, many kids continue to sleep with soothers for several years — and some adults even use similar devices.


Top baby soother

Cloud B’s Sleep Sheep On-the-Go Soother

Cloud B’s Sleep Sheep On-the-Go Soother

Our take: This cuddly device lulls babies to sleep and has plenty of programmable features parents love.

What we like: It automatically shuts off and can hang from stroller.

What you should consider: It uses double AA batteries. 

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Top baby soother for money 

Big Red Rooster’s Baby White Noise Sound Machine

Big Red Rooster’s Baby White Noise Sound Machine

Our take: Dynamic device that offers 6 unique sounds and is popular for home and travel use.

What we like: Capable of running all night long and has several timer options. Operation is extremely user-friendly.

What we dislike: Loud, clicky buttons can disturb or wake babies.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Worth checking out

HoMedics’ MyBaby SoundSpa White Noise Machine

HoMedics’ MyBaby SoundSpa White Noise Machine

Our take: This versatile low-profile soother can be powered with an AC adapter or with batteries.

What we like: A good choice if portability is important. Well-made and lasts through years of daily use.

What we dislike: Mixed feelings on volume settings; some feel it’s unusually loud, and others think it’s not loud enough.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

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