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Leave a spare burp cloth in rooms where you spend the most time with your baby, such as the living room or kitchen.

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Which baby burp cloths are best?

After a successful feeding, it’s time to burp your baby. As you help your little one release gas — from one end or another — a burp cloth helps catch spit-up so it doesn’t make a mess on your shoulder.

Burp cloths are an essential post-feeding baby accessory that can save your clothes. These barriers typically consist of multiple layers, some of which are even waterproof or stain-resistant. Their construction also makes them easy to clean, as most styles are machine washable. Best of all, you can buy burp cloths in sets, so you always have a fresh one ready to sling over your shoulder.

Before you go shopping for a set of burp cloths, give our buying guide a read. We’ve included a few reviews of our favorites at the end. Our top pick is Burt’s Bees’ Baby Burp Cloths, which are extra thick for more absorbency.



Cotton is the most popular baby burp cloth material, followed by bamboo. Both cotton and bamboo are hypoallergenic and soft on babies’ skin, thus reducing the likelihood of rashes and reactions.


Baby burp cloths vary in terms of absorbency. All-cotton cloths are the most absorbent, though sometimes that means liquid messes can saturate the cloth and transfer to clothing.

To better protect your wardrobe, many burp cloths consist of between two and five layers of material. Layers could be all cotton or bamboo, however, many models also have one or more waterproof layers to ensure the mess won’t penetrate the entire cloth.


While there’s no standard size for burp cloths, the average seems to be around 12” x 18”. Generally speaking, though, you’ll find the majority of burp cloths are rectangular.

Burp cloths on the smaller side are ideal if you want a compact option that fits most bags, but they could be too short or narrow to fully contain spit up and spills. Larger burp cloths can double as changing pads, though they take up more space and can be bulky on your shoulder.

Ease of care

For convenience purposes, most baby burp cloths are machine washable. It’s recommended to wash burp cloths with your baby’s garments, especially since you’re probably using gentle detergent for them. You should line dry your burp cloths to prevent shrinking.



Baby burp cloths come in solids or simple prints. Some even have have bold designs that coordinate with the brand’s other baby products. Many burp cloths feature gender-neutral designs as well.

Premium material features

Premium baby burp cloths are made with premium materials with unique attributes. Many burp cloths are organic or are made without dyes, fragrances, or pesticides. There are also burp cloths that are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and/or BPA-free. 

Package types

More often than not, there are between two to six burp cloths in a set. Some baby burp cloths are packaged with other accessories in deluxe bundles, usually onesies, socks, towels, or anti-scratch mittens.


Baby burp cloths in packages of three or fewer cost $10 or less. Sets of burp cloths made from premium materials typically run closer to $15. If you’re looking for a specific style or premium organic cloths, you could spend as much as $25 for a pack of two to six.


Q. Are baby burp cloths a good gift for expectant parents?

A. Some parents forget to add burp cloths to their registries and will be relieved to receive them — especially after their first few feedings. While they may not be a glamorous gift, they’re incredibly practical and will be used and appreciated daily.

Q. How long do baby burp cloths last?

A. Quality styles last through your baby’s infancy. With that said, they’re typically washed at least weekly, sometimes more. They can thin out over time, making some baby burp cloths less effective at absorbing spills.


Top baby burp cloths

Burt's Bees Baby - Burp Cloths

Burt’s Bees’ Baby Burp Cloths

Our take: Pack of five top-quality cotton cloths from a leading name in natural products.

What we like: They measure 16” x 11.8”. Machine washable and made from certified organic cotton.

What we dislike: Somewhat limited style and color options.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Top baby burp cloths for the money

Spasilk’s Baby Newborn Burp Cloths

Spasilk’s Baby Newborn Burp Cloths

Our take: Affordable pack of three burp cloths available in cute prints.

What we like: These measure 12” x 17”. Two-ply construction for added absorbency. Lightweight and packable.

What we dislike: Can shrink after a couple washings.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Worth checking out

KeaBabies Organic Burp Cloths

KeaBabies Organic Burp Cloths

Our take: The lovely designs and shape of these cloths make them a choice worth considering.

What we like: Super soft and thicker than the average cloth therefore more absorbent.

What we dislike: The outer layer might shrink in the wash rendering the shape uneven.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon


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