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If you’re traveling for a winter getaway, pack kids’ earmuffs in carry-on luggage. In the event your checked baggage is lost or arrives late, kids can still enjoy playing outside in the meantime.

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Which kids’ earmuffs are best?

Whether it’s snow days, plunging temperatures, or a winter getaway, your kids need earmuffs to stay warm outdoors.

Earmuffs are uniquely designed to keep tiny ears toasty warm. That means no more stinging red earlobes when your kids are busy sledding or building snowmen. In fact, you won’t need to beg kids to wear their earmuffs anymore since they’re available in fun colors and designs that suit your kids’ personal styles.

Not sure where to begin? Keep reading our buying guide on kids’ earmuffs. At the end, it includes a review of our favorite pair, Simplicity Kids’ Soft Plush Foldable Rabbit Earmuffs. Its charming bunny design is as warm as it is cute.

What to know before you buy kids’ earmuffs


Kids’ earmuffs are noticeably smaller than adult styles to make sure they’re secure and cover ears fully. Some earmuffs are marked with recommended ages, though if they’re adjustable, the size range is generally larger.

Temperatures and climate

If your kids spend time outdoors in plunging temperatures, it’s best to choose a style with warm materials, like wool or dense plush. Many earmuffs have insulation for added warmth, which is especially important when it’s both windy and chilly.

Another feature to consider is whether kids are exposed to snow or rain. Certain earmuffs are designed with weatherproof materials, like nylon, to prevent them from soaking through in wet conditions.


Kids’ earmuffs typically feature adjustable headbands for a customized fit. Traditional styles feature a plastic track which snaps or clicks into place. Earmuffs without rigid headbands have elastic detail to provide a snug fit.

Designs and colors

Kids’ earmuffs can be every bit as stylish as those for adults. Popular designs include traditional knitted Nordic patterns, fluffy pom-pom styles, and animal-inspired shapes. For kids with understated tastes, there are plenty of solid colors to blend in with the rest of winter wear.


  • Over the head: Over-the-head earmuffs boast a traditional design and remain the most popular by far. They’re good for younger kids as they stay in place much better than other styles. Kids who wear glasses or certain hairstyles, however, might feel earmuffs get in the way or cramp their style.
  • Behind the head: Behind-the-head styles are sporty and sleek, so it’s no surprise they’re preferred by older kids who are active outdoors. They’re usually more compact, which means they’re much easier to pack as well.
  • Bandless: Bandless earmuffs, also called ear mitts, are as minimalist as the name implies. They stay on ears by clicking into place or by an elastic band. These are a bit of an acquired taste, even for adults, but they’re an attractive option for older kids who are all about keeping their hairstyle in place.

How much you can expect to spend on kids’ earmuffs

Lightweight earmuffs offering minimal warmth cost $12 or less. For warmer styles featuring better construction and materials, expect to spend closer to $25. High-end earmuffs, namely those from leading outdoor fashion brands, can run up to $50.

Kids’ earmuffs FAQ

Q. Can my kid fit his headphones under his earmuffs?

A. Only with select earmuffs and headphones, as size and fit varies for both of them. Earbuds usually fit beneath regular earmuffs, even with their cord, without much obstruction. AirPods or other specialty headphones likely affect the fit of the earmuffs.

Q. When can my kids upgrade to adult earmuff styles?

A. By the time middle school hits, many kids transition to adult styles for a better fit, but they might be in between youth and adult sizes. In this case, your best bet is to invest in an adjustable style that can grow along with your kid.

What’re the best kids’ earmuffs to buy?

Top kids’ earmuffs

Simplicity Kids’ Soft Plush Foldable Rabbit Earmuffs

Simplicity Kids’ Soft Plush Foldable Rabbit Earmuffs

Our take: Cozy oversized bunny earmuffs. Adorable and warm.

What we like: Plush and wool with a covered headband for maximum comfort. Available in more than 20 colors. 

What we dislike: Bigger than expected for kids’ earmuffs. Kids might outgrow the bunny phase.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top kids’ earmuffs for the money

N’Ice Caps’ Girls’ Faux-Fur Plush Padded Adjustable Winter Earmuff

N’Ice Caps’ Girls’ Faux-Fur Plush Padded Adjustable Winter Earmuff

Our take: Classic design with a girly pattern. For ages 3 to 18.

What we like: Adjustable headband and fuzzy faux fur or Nordic pattern muffs. Lightweight and warm for kids who play outdoors.

What we dislike: Interior tag can be bothersome, removal is recommended.]

Where to buy: Sold Amazon

Worth checking out

Degrees by 180’s’ Youth Discovery Ear Warmers

Degrees by 180’s’ Youth Discovery Ear Warmers

Our take: Sleek wrap-around design that won’t flatten hairstyles. Great for active kids.

What we like: Thermolite insulation for windy, chilly weather. Several color choices. Compact and travel-ready.

What we dislike: While adjustable, doesn’t cover a broad range of sizes.

Where to buy: Sold Amazon


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