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Which furniture straps are best?

A bookcase or cabinet can tip over if it is top-heavy. A dresser might fall forward if the uppermost drawer is full and you pull it out. Even a flatscreen TV can come crashing down if you’re not careful. You should anchor furniture such as this to a wall with furniture straps for safety.

The best furniture straps are durable and fasten securely to your furniture and the wall. Booda Brand Furniture Anchors, for example, are manufactured using metal brackets and steel wire for increased durability.

What to know before you buy furniture straps

Furniture straps prevent accidents

Like furniture edge guards, furniture straps prevent accidents. The people who are at the highest risk for sustaining an injury from toppling furniture are young children. This is because kids who are just learning to walk pull themselves up using whatever is close.

A pair of furniture straps fastened near the top of a piece of furniture can secure it to a wall. When properly installed, these inexpensive items will prevent a dresser, a crib, a bookshelf or a TV from toppling forward and injuring your child.

Furniture straps are removable

While it might seem that furniture straps should be a permanent installation, that is not the case. At some point, you will need to clean. To do this, you will have to move the furniture away from the wall. If your furniture straps feature a permanent installation, this will be impossible.

Fortunately, the best furniture straps have some sort of release mechanism, so you can remove and reinstall them without issue. Sometimes, this may be a buckle that you loosen like shoulder straps on a backpack. In other instances, it may be a tab you press that allows you to detach the strap. Whatever method, the mechanism needs to be secure enough to be accidentally engaged.

What to look for in quality furniture straps

Weight capacity

Not all furniture straps can hold the same amount of weight. A model that secures a TV, for instance, might not work on a bookcase. Make sure the furniture straps you are considering are appropriate for your needs.

Quality material

The best furniture straps use nylon webbing or steel cable in their construction. This ensures they won’t easily wear and create an unsafe condition over time.

Fastening method

The recommended way to install furniture straps is to screw them through drywall and into a stud. If you are installing furniture straps in a basement or some other location with a different type of wall, you need to make sure you are considering straps designed for this type of application.


You can configure most furniture straps in two or three different ways. This is important because securing a TV is different than securing a dresser. And securing a wooden cabinet is different than securing a metal set of shelves. When shopping for the best furniture straps, you need to make sure they can adapt to your needs.

How much you can expect to spend on furniture straps

Furniture straps can cost anywhere from $10-$20. The two primary factors that determine the price are how many you get in a pack and the quality of the materials.

Furniture straps FAQ

How many children are injured each year from furniture that tips over?

A. According to a study, furniture or TV tip-over accidents are responsible for injuring 18,673 kids each year. Children under 6-years-old account for 69.9% of these injuries.

Are furniture straps hard to install?

A. If you can hang a heavy mirror on a wall, you can install furniture straps. The process involves fastening hardware to the wall (using a stud, not just the drywall) and to the piece of furniture you’d like secured. Each piece of furniture requires at least two straps. As long as you are comfortable with essential hand tools, such as a drill or driver and follow simple directions, you can install furniture straps.

Are furniture straps good for earthquakes?

A. Most furniture straps are suitable for holding furniture in place for weak to moderate earthquakes. However, it is crucial to realize that furniture straps will not keep items from falling off your furniture during a seismic event.

What are the best furniture straps to buy?

Top furniture straps

Booda Brand Furniture Anchors

What you need to know: These metal furniture anchors are designed for rugged use. You can double up the straps for added strength.

What you’ll love: The heavy-duty steel wires that come with this set can secure furniture that weighs up to 400 pounds. You can use the hardware and wires in different configurations, making these anchors versatile enough to attach to a wide variety of furniture.

What you should consider: Although most homeowners found these anchors easy to use, some thought the installation was challenging.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top furniture straps for the money

4our Kiddies Furniture Straps

4our Kiddies Furniture Straps

What you need to know: This budget-friendly option comes with 10 furniture straps and all the required hardware.

What you’ll love: These furniture straps are made of impact-resistant nylon for durability. They are easy to install, adjustable and feature a quick-release mechanism so you can move your furniture when it is time to clean.

What you should consider: While these straps are durable, some dislike that they are made out of nylon.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Safety 1st Furniture Safety Straps

Safety 1st Furniture Safety Straps

What you need to know: This popular set of extra-long furniture straps can be adapted to secure a wide variety of items.

What you’ll love: These nylon straps are triple-stitched for added durability. The hardware includes TV mounts, furniture mounts and wall mounts and you can install the straps in three different configurations for versatility. 

What you should consider: Compared to other options, these straps are pricier because you only get two in a pack.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot


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