Which baby gloves are best?

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Baby gloves are a must-have for the colder months in addition to outerwear that comes with fold-over mitts and snowsuits.

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Best baby gloves

In cold-weather climates, gloves are an essential part of a baby’s winter wardrobe. Baby gloves that fall off and expose little hands to wind and frigid temperatures make for equally unhappy parents and kiddos. If you are looking for a secure and warm baby glove, then N’Ice Caps Little Kids and Baby Easy-On Sherpa Lined Fleece Mittens are a top choice. However, there are other baby winter gloves to consider depending upon your geographic location and specific needs. 

What to know before you buy baby gloves

Breathable material 

Look for baby gloves with breathable fabrics. When fabrics are not breathable, the baby’s hands become sweaty and skin irritation can occur. Cotton and fleece lining are soft and highly breathable, so they won’t irritate those little fingers. Also, consider washing baby glove material with a soap that doesn’t irritate. Check out BestReviews’ guide for the best baby laundry detergent to learn more. The glove material should hold up to frequent washing since babies routinely place their hands in their mouths.  

Easy to put on 

Baby snow gloves are one of the last steps in the long process of getting a child ready to brave cold weather safely. A convenient baby glove can expedite the amount of time it takes to get a baby safely outside. Baby gloves that do not have a thumb slot slide into place easily. An elastic or Velcro closure is a convenient option to ensure the gloves stay on a child’s hands. Since children become fussier, the longer it takes to bundle up, convenience is critical. 


When purchasing a baby glove, decide how much warmth is needed. Baby winter gloves can handle various weather conditions. Baby gloves rated for subzero temperature can be purchased if needed. However, most baby winter gloves on the market are for cold conditions but not extremely cold conditions. 


When it’s windy outside, hands can get cold quickly if gloves are not wind resistant. Similar to a windbreaker, some gloves have a layer of wind-resistant fabric. Depending upon the material used, a glove can be either wind-resistant or windproof. Wind-resistant fabric will provide a barrier against cold air that penetrates the skin. Windproof fabric will prevent any cold air from reaching the skin but often causes hands to sweat because it is not breathable. 

What to look for in a quality baby glove 


Various baby winter gloves come with matching hats, scarfs and booties. The function is essential when considering which baby glove to purchase. In some cases, not all of the pieces in a set offer equal protection from the cold. Depending upon the climate and the amount of time a baby will spend outside, a functional baby winter glove set is more critical than a fashionable set. 


Quality attachments are of the utmost importance because It is easy to lose baby gloves. There are a variety of attachments designed to keep baby gloves in place. Some brands utilize clips to fasten gloves onto the arms of jackets. Other gloves connect with a long string that threads through sleepers or sleeves. 


Quality baby snow gloves will be waterproof and durable enough to wick away moisture. Babies may not handle snow in the same way a toddler would, but there are situations when waterproof baby gloves are a benefit. For instance, babies who will be spending time outdoors when it is raining or snowing. Additionally, babies often chew on their gloves, especially when they are teething, making waterproof fabrics ideal. 

How much you can expect to spend on baby gloves

Baby gloves typically cost $12-$18 and increase in cost when sold in sets with matching hats or booties. 

Baby glove FAQ

How do you avoid losing a baby glove?

A. Keep baby gloves secured to hands by attaching them to a jacket with clips, buttons or elastic attachments. Whenever baby winter gloves are not in use, shove them up the jacket sleeves for safekeeping. If all else fails, buy multiple pairs of the same baby gloves and keep an extra stash on hand.

What is the difference between baby winter gloves and baby gloves for sleeping?

A. When searching for a baby glove online, the results will often yield a mix of baby winter gloves and sleep gloves. Newborns wear protective gloves at night to avoid nails scratching the face. A newborn sleep glove is not thick enough to be effectively used as a winter glove and keep hands warm in cold weather. 

What’s the best baby glove to buy?

Top baby glove

N’Ice Caps little kids and baby easy-on sherpa lined fleece mittens

N’Ice Caps Little Kids and Baby Easy-On Sherpa Lined Fleece Mittens 

What you need to know: This lightweight yet warm baby winter glove quickly slips onto hands because they do not have a thumb. 

What you’ll love: The Velcro strap helps keep gloves firmly in place. 

What you should consider: This option runs large. 

Where to buy: Amazon 

Top baby glove for the money

Zutano cozie fleece mitten

Zutano Cozie Fleece Mitten 

What you need to know: These baby gloves layer well under a snowsuit or blanket and go nicely with the matching hat. 

What you’ll love: The string attachment can be threaded through coat sleeves or sleepers to prevent loss. 

What you should consider: This option is excellent for infants rather than toddlers due to size. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Hudson Baby 2-piece fleece trapper hat and mitten set

Hudson Baby 2-Piece Fleece Trapper Hat and Mitten Set 

What you need to know: The designated left and right-hand make getting thumbs into slots easy with this glove set. 

What you’ll love: The fleece design is fashionable and matches a variety of clothing. 

What you should consider: This option is not recommended for subzero weather due to one layer of fabric with no lining.

Where to buy: Amazon, Buy Buy Baby and Macy’s 

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