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When heading to the pumpkin patch with you little one, try to capture your photos right at the beginning of your visit and consider bringing an extra fall outfit in case the first one gets dirty.

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Which pumpkin patch outfits for babies are best?

Time for the best family outing of the year — the pumpkin patch! Even though babies may be too young to understand, they will soon realize that there is no other season like autumn. 

While they are still the size of a pumpkin and too young to object to endless amounts of photos, dress them up in this cute baby pumpkin patch outfit and head to your town’s best pumpkin patch for a fall-themed photo shoot. 

What to know before you buy a pumpkin patch outfit for babies


Visiting a pumpkin patch is one of the most popular fall activities. To abide by the fall theme, you will want to dress your little one up in fall colors. Fall colors are inspired by the changing leaves and can go from neutral colors to oranges, yellows, reds, browns and even dark purples. 

Fall is also the season for Halloween, so if you want more of a Halloween-themed pumpkin patch outfit, you can skip the fall colored outfit and go with a baby Halloween costume.


The pumpkin patch involves more than picking out your favorite pumpkin. It means hayrides, corn mazes and countless other outdoor activities — and outdoor activities mean dirt and a lot of space to run. You’ll want your child to be comfortable, so ideally, the pumpkin patch outfit will be durable and easy to move around in.. 

Tips for visiting the pumpkin patch with a toddler 

When visiting a pumpkin patch, you want to have comfortable clothes, but you’ll also want a pair of comfortable, closed toed shoes. Closed toed shoes will protect your child’s feet while running around the pumpkin patch and make it easier for them to get around. 

To make the trip go as smoothly as possible, pack snacks and an extra pair of clothes before heading out to the pumpkin patch. The last thing you want is for your child to mess up their clothes before you can get a cute fall picture.

Pumpkin patch outfit features


Babies and toddlers have sensitive skin so when buying clothing for your child, make sure that the fabric will not cause skin irritation. Cotton is one of the best fabrics for children because it is soft, absorbent and easy to clean. Buying cotton clothing, especially organic cotton clothing, will ensure that your child will be comfortable and that their skin will not experience any irritation due to rough fabrics or harsh materials.


The right size outfit for your child will depend on your child’s age, weight and height. In general, baby clothes are sized by age, but every baby grows at a different rate. You should always do your research when shopping online for baby clothes. Check size charts and reviews to find the best fit for your child. A good tip is always to reference the maximum size, so if the size is 3-6 months, always go by the max size of 6 months.


Babies tend to grow out of their clothes quickly, which might make buying larger clothes they can grow into tempting. Most of the time, buying clothes that they can grow into is a good idea, but not for the pumpkin patch. You want their outfit to be photo-ready, and since there is no way they will fit in their pumpkin patch outfit come next year, you shouldn’t worry about them growing out of it. Consider their pumpkin patch outfit a special one-time outfit for your family photo shoot at the pumpkin patch.

How much you can expect to spend on a pumpkin patch outfit

A quality pumpkin patch outfit can cost between $15-$30, depending on the brand and whether or not you are buying a set or separate pieces.

What are the best pumpkin patch outfits for babies to buy?

Top pumpkin patch outfit for babies

Carhartt Baby Bib Overall

Carhartt Baby Bib Overall

What you need to know: Nothing says autumn like these brown Carhartt overalls. 

What you’ll love: These versatile overalls are ideal for fall weather, activities and photoshoots. They have a durable and convenient design that will make it easy for you to capture fall photos and for your child to play at the pumpkin patch. They are 100% cotton with adjustable shoulder straps to help you achieve the best fit for your little one.

What you should consider: While the pant length tends to be on the long side, reviews say that these overalls are perfect for little ones who end up rolling around in the dirt.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top baby pumpkin patch outfit for the money

Newborn Baby Girl Boy Fall Long Sleeve Knitted Cotton Romper & Pants

Newborn Baby Girl Boy Fall Long Sleeve Knitted Cotton Romper & Pants

What you need to know: This newborn set has a knitted material that is perfect for fall weather. 

What you’ll love: The knitted onesie and sweatpants have a cotton blend that is breathable and gentle on the baby’s skin. It comes in a wide variety of colors, including a rich green that will create a beautiful contrast with the endless supply of orange pumpkins.

What you should consider: The top has a V-neck design enclosed with two wooden buttons that may make it difficult to take on and off quickly. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby 2-Pack Knit Cardigan Sweaters

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby 2-Pack Knit Cardigan Sweaters

What you need to know: Before heading to the pumpkin patch, cozy your little one up in one of these adorable knit cardigan sweaters.

What you’ll love: The grey tones will coordinate perfectly with a pumpkin patch background, and the animal ears on the hooded sweater will make an adorable addition to your pumpkin patch photo op. Both cardigans are well-made, and customers love how the buttons give them a little extra detail.    

What you should consider: This set does not come with matching pants, so unfortunately, you will have to search for a pair that matches.  

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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