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The original mask Michael Myers wore in “Halloween” was actually a William Shatner mask from “Star Trek.”

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Which Michael Myers kids’ costume is best?

Michael Myers is one of the most terrifying movie killers of all time. He’s been scaring teenagers on screen since the original “Halloween” was released in 1978. The film franchise has become so popular over the past couple of decades that it’s turned this character into a favorite Halloween costume. Myers’ trademark white mask and blue jumpsuit have become a hit for kids costumes especially.

Some costumes offer different variations of the mask that include fake hair, blood and scars. Similarly, the jumpsuit can appear with a distressed look, blood stains and is in both tan and dark blue. The best Michael Myers kids’ costume is the Fun World Store Michael Myers costume. This full set is based on the design from the 2007 Rob Zombie “Halloween” movie and comes with a tan jumpsuit and pull-on mask with scars, hair and bloodstains.

What to know before you buy a Michael Myers costume

Halloween movies

Before you purchase a Michael Myers costume, you may want to consider which “Halloween” movie it comes from. The original “Halloween” kickstarted Jamie Lee Curtis’ acting career. This is where the iconic white mask and navy jumpsuit first appear. From there, 10 more movies have been made following the killing sprees of Myers. While some films have been considered box-office flops, others helped resurrect the franchise.

Costume styles

Myers has a fairly simple look. In the 1978 movie, Michael escapes from a mental institution and stumbles across a mechanic’s shop. Unfortunately for the mechanic on duty that day, he lost his life and his navy jumpsuit. Myers continued to wear the jumpsuit along with a mask he found at the mechanic’s shop that day. Today, many costume styles carry on the same legacy by offering full jumpsuits and a similar style mask with brown hair. While some have a clean appearance, just as Myers was when he first wore it, others have added blood stains and scratch marks to show what he looked like later on in the films.


Most Halloween costumes in general are made with polyester. This material is ideal because it’s more durable than cotton. Polyester is very breathable, which makes it great for wearing on top of other clothes. Myers masks are usually made with latex. Again, this is a durable material that won’t tear easily and you can reuse it. However, be aware of potential latex allergies.

What to look for in a quality Michael Myers costume


Myers’ full outfit includes coveralls, mask, work boots and a kitchen knife. The mask and jumpsuit often come together in one set. This is great for those who don’t want to do the extra work and try to match the two pieces. There are so many iterations of Myers that some pieces may not match if bought separately. Certain high-quality costumes come with a fake kitchen knife as an accessory.

Realistic jumpsuit

The highest-quality Michael Myers jumpsuits include certain details that set them apart from cheaper versions; most notably, blood stains and a more distressed look. At the end of each film, the killer is often tattered, bloody and has gained a few scars himself. Some coveralls have added realism by way of rips, tears and bloodstains. It’s hard to find a clean, well-pressed jumpsuit scary enough to compare to one that looks like it came straight out of the “Halloween” movie. While most jumpsuits are navy, certain renditions of the films have shown Myers in a tan jumpsuit.

Realistic mask

Myers’ mask has been a controversial topic for many hardcore fans of the films. When the first movie was released, many viewers mocked how white and clean the mask appeared. But remember, Myers found the mask that way. It only became bloody after he donned it and began his killing spree. More realistic masks have a rougher appearance. This will undoubtedly make the costume scarier and look more like what fans know. Each film has had a slightly different mask. If you have a favorite movie, check to see which film the mask was modeled after.

How much you can expect to spend on a Michael Myers kids’ costume

Myers kids’ costumes cost $40-$55. 

Michael Myers kids’ costume FAQ

What sizes are Michael Myers kids’ costumes?

A. Most kids’ costumes are sized from small to large. Some are one-size-fits-all jumpsuits, which can be difficult to judge. Read the reviews to know if it runs large or small. Masks will always be the same generic size.

What’s the best way to wash a kid’s Halloween costume?

A. Even though most costumes are made with durable polyester, it’s still important to gently wash the items because some have added accessories and coloring that can become damaged in the washer. The best way is to turn them inside out and wash them by hand in a tub of room-temperature water with a splash of detergent.

What are the best Michael Myers kids’ costumes to buy?

Top Michael Myers kids’ costume

Fun World Store Michael Myers costume

Fun World Store Michael Myers costume

What you need to know: This very realistic costume is based on the Rob Zombie film and comes with a tan jumpsuit and a detailed mask with hair.

What you’ll love: This one stands out among other Myers masks because of its realistic look. It includes cracks, scrapes and scars along with distressed coloring for an extra-spooky appearance. The jumpsuit comes in three child’s sizes (small, medium, large).

What you should consider: The hair is delicate and can become loose if not properly taken care of.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Michael Myers kids’ costume for the money

Rubie’s “Halloween 2” Michael Myers child’s costume

Rubie’s “Halloween 2” Michael Myers child’s costume

What you need to know: This child’s costume comes from the sequel, “Halloween 2,” and includes both a navy jumpsuit and a Michael Myers mask.

What you’ll love: As an officially licensed kids’ costume, you can be sure of its authenticity. The jumpsuit is made with 100% polyester for comfort and breathability.

What you should consider: The mask is only a half-mask and does not cover the full head.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Trick or Treat Studios Michael Myers kids’ costume

Trick or Treat Studios Michael Myers kids’ costume

What you need to know: This convincing kids costume is from the 2021 “Halloween Kills” film and comes with a very realistic navy jumpsuit.

What you’ll love: This is without a doubt the most realistic jumpsuit of any other Myers kids’ costume. It includes detailed tears with blood stains and an overall distressed look.

What you should consider: This costume does not come with a mask or any other accessories.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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