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Opt for kids’ snow boots with a rubberized toe guard for superior protection from rain and snow. Rubberized toe guards also add another layer of protection to minimize stubbed toes.

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Which kids’ snow boots are best?

Do your kids love to play in the snow? Of course, they do — who doesn’t love having snowball fights and making snow angels? But before they head out, make sure your kids are warm and dry for their outdoor activities with a pair of quality snow boots.

Kids’ snow boots are warm and water resistant, allowing youngsters to focus on enjoying the great outdoors. There’s a wide variety of styles and features to make sure even the pickiest wearers are comfortable in them. Best of all, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your little one is all bundled up — right down to their toes.

To find the best snow boots for your kids, take a look at our buying guide. Our favorite pair, Kamik’s Waterbug 5 Cold Weather Boot, comes with adjustability features that ensure the boots are comfortable and stay put on little feet.

What to know before you buy kids’ snow boots

Winter boots vs. snow boots

While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, snow boots and winter boots are actually different. Winter boots are often fashionable, but they lack the weather-resistant details of snow boots.

Snow boots, on the other hand, are chock-full of features to keep little feet dry, warm, and comfortable. Don’t worry — there are plenty of stylish snow boots for fashion-forward kids.

Waterproof vs. water-resistant

When it comes to understanding the level of protection offered, make sure you’re buying waterproof boots. Water-resistant styles will simply repel water but will eventually become saturated and soak feet with prolonged exposure.

Besides a clear description on the packaging, look for signs of top-quality waterproof snow boots. Those with rubber uppers, waterproof materials like nylon, and layered linings will offer superior protection — though they’ll cost a little more.

What to look for in quality kids’ snow boots

Easy-to-fasten closures

Perhaps one of the most attractive features in kids’ snow boots are easy-to-fasten closures. They’re usually in the form of zippers, clip systems, or Velcro, and they make it infinitely easier for fussy kids to get boots off and on.

Adjustable details

Adjustability details improve overall fit and help keep boots secure on feet. Look for drawstring cords at the top of the boot shaft as well as Velcro or adjustable snaps to tighten areas around the calves and feet.


Warm is a bit of a blanket term when it comes to boots, so you’ll need to dive into specs deeper when it comes to insulation. When comparing styles, be on the lookout for the insulation rating. Boots with this information are lab tested for performance, so you’ll find the lowest temperature for which they’re recommended. 

Tall shaft

If your little one is an outdoor warrior in the snow, your best bet is to choose boots with a tall shaft. Regular snow boots will extend only a couple inches above the ankle. Taller ones that reach closer to the mid-calf area are better, especially for walking in deeper snow.

How much you can expect to spend on kids’ snow boots

You’ll find a basic pair of kids’ snow boots for around $25, but warmth and dryness are modest at best. Warmer styles with adjustable-fit features usually cost between $25-$40. If you’d like a pair made from premium materials, especially insulation, expect to spend $50-$100.

Kids’ snow boots FAQ

Q. Is it worth spending top dollar on kids’ snow boots if they’ll just outgrow them in a year or two?

A. If your kids only go out in the snow occasionally, you might get the best bang for your buck with mid-priced boots. On the other hand, if they frequently play outside in the snow, it’s worth spending more on snow boots with a reputation for warmth and protection — especially if they play outside for extended periods of time.

Q. Are kids’ snow boots unisex, or are there different ones for boys and girls?

A. In terms of sizing, most kids’ snow boots are available in little-kid and big-kid sizing, which is unisex. As far as designs go, they’re available in a wide variety of patterns, prints, and colors that appeal to all kids.

What are the best kids’ snow boots to buy?

Top kids’ snow boots

Kamik Waterbug 5 Cold Weather Boot

Kamik Waterbug 5 Cold Weather Boot

Our take: Top choice for plunging temperatures.

What we like: Customized-fit features including drawstring shaft and Velcro ankle cuff.

What we dislike: Might run small, so you’ll probably need to size up.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Top kids’ snow boots for the money

Columbia Unisex-Child Powderbug Plus II Snow Boot

Columbia Unisex-Child Powderbug Plus II Snow Boot

Our take: Warm option to keep little feet comfy and dry.

What we like: Snug, shift-free fit. Easy to put on and pull off, even for little ones.

What we dislike: Sizing runs small, so consider sizing up.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Worth checking out

Kamik’s Rocket Cold Weather Boot

Kamik’s Rocket Cold Weather Boot

Our take: Budget-friendly option for winter boots in a pull-on design.

What we like: Well-designed traction detail, and waterproof toe guard. Available in several colors.

What we dislike: With its narrow shaft, can be challenging to tuck in some snow pants.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon


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