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Batman first appeared in comic book form in 1939 and then on our TV screens in 1966. He was named the second-greatest superhero of all time on IGN’s 2011 list and continues to attract moviegoers with the latest Justice League franchise.

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Which Batman costume for kids is best?

Kids have loved Batman ever since the first DC comics were published in the 1930s. Since then, the character has gone from strength to strength, with a multitude of diverse actors taking up the role. As such, the choice of costumes is considerable and there is one that will suit every kid’s tastes and parent’s budget. 

If your child likes to keep up with the times, the DC Comics Batman Medium Deluxe faithfully replicates one of the most recent incarnations of the Dark Knight, as portrayed by Ben Affleck.

What to know before you buy a Batman costume for kids

Fire safety

Your child’s costume must meet current safety standards and bear the words “flame resistant” on the label. Flame-resistant costumes are usually made from synthetic fibers, like polyester or nylon. These materials, while still flammable, are less likely to catch on fire and are easier to extinguish if they do. Children should always be supervised, especially around Halloween, when naked flames are likely to be seen on porches and in jack-o’-lanterns.

Different types of Batman costume

Batman has been around since the mid-twentieth century and has been through many changes over the years. There are far too many types of Batman suits to go into great detail, but they can generally be classified as belonging to three styles. There is classic Batman, as made famous by Adam West in the first TV shows. Next up is the muscly DC Comics’ Batman, as seen in films including Batman Vs. Superman. Finally, there is The Dark Knight, as seen in the movies by Christopher Nolan, which is a more streamlined look. 

Some niche styles are also becoming popular, including costumes inspired by the popular Lego Batman toys and their animated franchise.

Batman’s friends and enemies

If you have more than one child to buy for, you may be called upon to diversify your choice of costume. Luckily, Batman has a whole host of nemeses with their own outfits to choose from, so that one or more children can play the role of “baddie.” These include Two-Face, the Penguin, Cat Woman, and, of course, the Joker. If you want to keep things positive, you can always opt for Batman’s trusty colleagues, Robin and Batgirl, who each have a range of costumes available.

What to look for in a quality Batman costume for kids

The best Batman costumes for kids are realistically presented within their particular style, whether that be a classic or contemporary iteration of the Caped Crusader. Features such as boots, a fully-fitting cowl, arm guards, a utility belt, and a cape are included on most good-quality sets. Some high-end options have additional padding to represent muscles for added realism.  

Build quality

While Batman costumes are not intended for everyday use, they should be rugged enough to withstand the usual wear and tear associated with playtime. Look for even stitching with no loose threads and a well-tailored fit that doesn’t sag or pinch. The peripherals, such as the utility belt and cowl should be adjustable or expandable, and the cape should be attached well enough that it doesn’t pull apart easily if snagged.


The overall fabric of the costume should consist of tough material that is not too thin and unlikely to rip. Ensure that your choice of costume complies with your country’s safety standards, is non-toxic and flame resistant and is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction when worn. The best costumes are comfortable and are not scratchy, itchy, or overly stuffy to wear.

How much you can expect to spend on a Batman costume for kids

While you can buy smaller toddler Batman costumes and basic cowl, cape, and utility belt combinations, medium-sized full costumes start at around $25. A basic but good-quality costume costs around $35 and a detailed costume with padded muscles and high-quality features costs between $35-$50.

Batman costume for kids FAQ

What should be worn under the costume?

A. Kids should wear regular clothing underneath their Batman Halloween costume. It can be chilly outside when trick-or-treating, so opt for several thinner layers instead of thick layers as this insulates well without becoming uncomfortable. Extra layers also offer another protective element in the event of a fire.

What Batman accessories are available?

A. Batman usually travels light, but a Batman Utility Belt can accommodate a pouch for candies when trick-or-treating as well as a flashlight to help while walking in the dark. With that said, all that most kids need is the costume and their imagination.

What are the best Batman costumes for kids to buy?

Top Batman costume for kids

DC Comics Batman Medium Deluxe

DC Comics Batman Medium Deluxe

What you need to know: This suit is highly realistic, thanks to its padded lining that adds a muscular build just like that of Batman himself.

What you’ll love: Fans of the DC franchise will love this replica costume, with its realistic molded cowl. The boots and gauntlets are well-padded and the finish is high-quality throughout, while the detail on the legs and torso adds to its aesthetics.

What you should consider: The arms may run a little tight for some children’s physiques.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot and Amazon

Top Batman costume for kids for money

Rubie’s Batman vs Superman Value Costume

Rubie’s Batman vs Superman Value Costume

What you need to know: This Rubie costume is licensed by DC to celebrate the release of the Dawn of Justice movie.

What you’ll love: Kids can bring Batman to life in this 100% polyester, flame-resistant costume. It is available in a range of sizes and features a cowl, cape, utility belt and attached boot-tops that give it a jumpsuit-style all-in-one appearance.  

What you should consider: This costume lacks padding and is less convincing than chunkier options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Lego Batman Movie Prestige Costume

Lego Batman Movie Prestige Costume

What you need to know: This fun costume is designed to look just like the Lego mini-figure, complete with his comical scowl and ghostly eyes. 

What you’ll love: This officially licensed suit has sculpted Lego-style legs and the same print as on Lego Batman’s tunic, including the muscles and utility belt. The concave gauntlets look like Lego hands and the cape is detachable. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver inside the costume.

What you should consider: The mouth is not exposed, and it is not as easy to wear for long periods as some models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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