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Which kids balance ball chairs are best?

Balance balls, also known as Swiss balls or exercise balls, are big inflatable balls that people use for imaginative or creative exercises. Companies began building bases for balance balls so that people could sit on them at work and get multiple benefits, including improved focus and concentration. The Gaiam Kids’ Balance Ball Chair provides alternative flexible desk seating for active students at home or in the classroom.

What to know before you buy a kids balance ball chair

How to use the chair

Your child needs to use their new balance ball chair for short periods of time when they first get it, since their body must get gradually used to the new style of sitting. If they don’t work up to sitting on the chair for long periods of time, they can stress themselves and hurt their back.

Your child should first sit on their new chair for approximately 15 minutes before going back to the old desk chair for about an hour, then repeat. They can gradually boost the amount of time they spend on the chair until it’s the only one they’re using.

Inflating the balance ball

The balance ball won’t inflate to its full size the first time you inflate it. Pump up the balance ball, then wait for about 24 hours. Let out approximately half of the air and reinflate it. The balance ball will be stretched out enough by that time to inflate to the full size.


Balance balls are usually composed of plastic or elastic vinyl. The base of the chair is typically composed of ABS plastic, with rolling casters, and the backrest and legs might be composed of steel, depending on the manufacturer. Foam often covers part of the backrest on a balance ball chair.

What to look for in a quality kids balance ball chair


Most balance ball chairs include low backrests, so they can be used like standard desk chairs. Having a backrest can make sitting on the chair more comfortable for your child, but you can leave it off when assembling the chair if you don’t want it.


Black is the most popular color for the chair itself, but kids balance balls typically come in bright colors, including lime green, pink, orange and yellow. Choose a balance ball in your kid’s favorite color.


Kids balance ball chairs sometimes come with accessories, including replacement balance balls, air pumps and leg extenders. Even if the chair doesn’t come with accessories, you can buy these accessories separately if needed.

  • Leg extenders typically add about 2 inches to any balance ball chair by attaching to the bottom of the chair’s legs. The casters on the chair then attach to the extenders. These leg extenders can come in handy for tall kids who need more height on their chairs.
  • Air pumps can help you inflate your child’s balance ball chair. These air pumps often include pressure-relief valves and pressure gauges, so you can get just the correct pressure for your child’s chair.
  • Replacement balance balls come in handy if anything happens to the balance ball on your child’s chair, since accidents can happen.

How much you can expect to spend on a kids balance ball chair

Kids balance ball chairs range in price from less than $35-$100 or more. The most inexpensive chairs go for less than $35, while midrange chairs vary in price from about $35-$100 and high-end chairs cost more than $100.

Kids balance ball chair FAQ

Do the chairs improve children’s posture?

A. Yes, if they sit correctly. However, it’s just as easy for kids to slump on balance ball chairs as on other office chairs, so they should be mindful of their posture while sitting.

Does sitting on a kids balance ball chair burn more calories than sitting on a standard chair?

A. Yes. Their bodies are constantly making tiny adjustments to stay balanced on the balance ball, and those small movements burn calories, typically about four to five calories per hour.

Do kids balance ball chairs last as long as regular desk chairs?

A. The material in the chairs is very durable and rugged. The new balance ball chair might last longer than a regular desk chair with proper care, but you can replace it if necessary.

What’s the best kids balance ball chair to buy?

Top kids balance ball chair

Gaiam Kids’ Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Kids’ Balance Ball Chair

What you need to know: This chair provides alternative flexible desk seating for active students at home or in the classroom.

What you’ll love: This product comes in six different bright and vibrant colors, including blue/green, blue/orange, gray/orange, purple, purple/pink and green. This chair works well for improving focus and concentration in the classroom or at home and reducing boredom, fidgeting and restlessness.

What you should consider: The ball sometimes doesn’t fit in the base of the chair.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top kids balance ball chair for the money

Gaiam Kids’ Stay-N-Play Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Kids’ Stay-N-Play Balance Ball Chair

What you need to know: This product comes with an air pump and stay-put stability legs for active desk seating.

What you’ll love: This ball chair encourages children to learn and practice a healthy posture while building their core strength from active play and sitting while reading or studying. The ball movements also increase blood flow to your child’s brain, which helps increase focus and concentration.

What you should consider: The air sometimes leaks out of the ball around the plug.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out



What you need to know: This product offers flexible seating for students in the classroom and at home.

What you’ll love: This chair helps kids, especially those with sensory needs, learn balance and stability and remain active while learning or reading at home or in the classroom. The product comes in four fun colors, including turquoise, pink, blue and gray.

What you should consider: Some parents say that this product doesn’t work for kids that can’t sit still, since it’s not stable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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