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Which Highlights hidden pictures books are best?

Activities for kids keep them occupied and teach them important skills. Highlights hidden pictures puzzles help children learn to pay attention to details. They also teach them that concentration and persistence can be rewarding.

The best Highlights hidden pictures puzzles engage your child with a theme that interests them. They can also be in color or have stickers that your child uses to mark the hidden objects. Highlights Hidden Pictures Pet Sticker Puzzles is a top choice among parents because it features all the above.

What to know before you buy a Highlights hidden pictures book

Highlights magazine has been entertaining and educating kids for over 75 years

Highlights for Children published its first magazine in 1946. The company’s goal is to offer “fun with a purpose.” Each issue helps kids learn to be their best selves. Highlights encourages readers to be “curious, creative, caring and confident.” The company accomplishes this through a broad scope of stories, games, riddles, projects, activities and puzzles.

The Highlights hidden pictures puzzle is a favorite for many children

Some children enjoy reading. Others like to try the craft projects included in Highlights magazine. However, almost everyone loves the company’s trademark hidden pictures puzzles.

A Highlights hidden pictures puzzle features a fun, illustrated scene with many objects cleverly slipped into the artwork. These items are not noticeable at first glance. As the child studies the picture, the hidden items emerge. To help them find the secret drawings, the border of the artwork has a list of labeled drawings that the child needs to find.

The puzzles are so popular that Highlights began publishing entire books dedicated to these puzzles. Now, it is possible to purchase a Highlights hidden pictures book that includes over 100 puzzles.

The benefits of solving Highlights hidden pictures puzzles

Like coloring books, Highlights hidden pictures puzzles can be relaxing. They also help a child build their vocabulary and become visually familiar with the names of objects. To solve a puzzle, a child must focus, which instills good work habits early. Applying stickers to found objects or circling them helps a child develop fine motor skills and strengthens hand-to-eye coordination. Lastly, completing a puzzle boosts a child’s self-confidence.

What to look for in a quality Highlights hidden pictures book

A fun theme

Most hidden puzzle books have an overarching theme. This could be anything from a location or an activity to a topic, such as pets. Your child will get the most enjoyment from a book that features a theme that interests them.

Number of puzzles

While all Highlights magazines feature 44 pages, the company’s puzzle books can range from 24 pages to over 172 pages. Smaller books have more features, while the largest options contain mostly black and white drawings.

Colored images

If your child likes colored pictures, look for a hidden pictures book that has this feature. Not all do.


Instead of circling the hidden image when it is found, a child can mark the picture with a special sticker in some books. This added element can make these puzzles even more fun.

Other activities

If your child likes jokes, stories and other puzzles, you can buy a book with a variety of activities.

Multiple books

Sometimes Highlights bundles four books together and sells them for one price. The benefit to purchasing puzzle collections is a lower cost per book.

How much you can expect to spend on a Highlights hidden pictures book

Highlights hidden pictures books can cost anywhere from $6-$12, with most falling in the $8-$10 range. If you are looking for a four-pack of books, that will cost $20-$28.

Highlights hidden pictures FAQ

What is the recommended age range for Highlights hidden pictures?

A. According to Highlights, the hidden pictures puzzles are best for kids ages 6 and up. The company also makes beginner books for children as young as 3-years-old. However, there is no upper age limit to the fun, so adults can play too.

Is a hidden pictures puzzle book good for a child with ADHD?

A. A child with ADHD has trouble with attention and focus. They can also struggle with working memory and recall skills. Completing a Highlights hidden pictures puzzle requires focus, recognition and recall skills. This makes hidden pictures puzzles a suitable tool to help children (and adults) with ADHD. However, if your child frustrates quickly with these puzzles, you must decide if they are doing more harm than good.

Are there digital Highlights hidden pictures puzzles?

A. If you prefer a digital format, Highlights has an app for hidden pictures puzzles. To solve more than one puzzle, you will need to pay a subscription fee.

What’s the best Highlights hidden pictures book to buy?

Top Highlights hidden pictures book

Highlights Hidden Pictures Pet Sticker Puzzles

Highlights Hidden Pictures Pet Sticker Puzzles

What you need to know: This book has a variety of hidden pictures puzzles that all feature some sort of animal theme.

What you’ll love: Some puzzles in this book are in color, while others are in black and white. For the black and white puzzles, you use a sticker to mark the hidden object. The book has 96 pages and is recommended for children ages 3 to 6.

What you should consider: Not every puzzle is completed using stickers. Some require circling the found object.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Highlights hidden pictures book for the money

Highlights Hidden Pictures Jumbo Book of Hidden Pictures

Highlights Hidden Pictures Jumbo Book of Hidden Pictures

What you need to know: This enormous book has 256 pages but is available at a lower price than options with fewer pages.

What you’ll love: There are 175 hidden pictures puzzles with over 1,500 things to find in this book. It has an expansive variety of themes, from Bowling Armadillos to a Haunted House. This means everyone will have a favorite puzzle.

What you should consider: The entire book is in black and white.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Highlights Hidden Pictures Best Hidden Pictures Puzzles Ever

Highlights Hidden Pictures Best Hidden Pictures Puzzles Ever

What you need to know: This “best of” collection features over 20 types of hidden pictures puzzles.

What you’ll love: This book is for ages 6-years-old and up. It contains wholesome humor and classic puzzles. There are two-player puzzles included in this 144-page collection, so friends can solve them together.

What you should consider: While this is an excellent activity book, not all the puzzles are hidden pictures puzzles.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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