Best coloring books for kids


While coloring is a wonderful solitary activity, parents may benefit from joining their child. Kids can receive positive reinforcement, and parents enjoy a calming, soothing activity.

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Which coloring book for kids is best?

Coloring is a beloved pastime that starts when you’re a toddler, develops through adolescence, and may even be maintained in adulthood. It’s an outlet for creativity, offering a chance to develop important skills in youngsters and keep older kids entertained without the use of screens.

The right coloring book for a child fosters exploration into art and expression, but the wrong one can discourage such a venture. Our buying guide takes a look at all the options when it comes to coloring books for kids — including our top pick, the Little Bee Books My First Big Book of Coloring — and narrows down how to find one for the child in your life.

What to know before you buy coloring books for kids

Paper quality

Quality matters when it comes to paper: a lesser material may be flimsy and tear easily or allow colors to bleed through or smudge. Look for thick, durable paper that allows not just crayons, but colored pencils, markers, and even watercolors to be used effectively. Quality paper also helps maintain the book’s durability over frequent usage.

Coloring areas

Note the size of the coloring area and what kind of precision or detail is required. Younger children may require larger areas, while older, more careful kids may prefer something detailed and challenging. Match up the skill and interest level of your child to the coloring areas.

Similarly, the level of detail and intricacy in a drawing may entice some kids and turn off others.  Designs with thicker, broader strokes are likely better suited for the youngest of kids.


The theme of the coloring book — whether it comes from a favorite piece of pop culture like a movie, or features beloved depictions of science and nature — is essential to attracting kids to the coloring book. There are a wide range of options available, so take time to find one that matches their interests. Disney princesses and dinosaurs are certainly among the more popular choices.

What to look for in quality coloring books for kids

Page size

Most coloring book pages are the standard 8.5 x 11 inches. Others may be more compact to make for easy storage or travel, while oversized books are also made for those who want to spread out and create big, bold pictures.

Number of pages

For enthusiastic youngsters, there are options available with plenty of pages, though larger books aren’t necessarily a better bet. Look at the binding and determine how easy it is to hold open pages when coloring. What’s more, avoid those options that sacrifice page quality in the name of page quantity. Some larger books may feature perforated pages to allow you to remove them and color on a flat surface. These can also be hung or framed upon completion.

Educational elements

While coloring books allow kids a creative endeavor, some offer educational tools as well. Some books may tie in basic elements such as counting or identifying shapes and animals. For older kids, some books may tell stories with text involved. Similarly, games and puzzles may be incorporated into coloring books.

How much you can expect to spend on coloring books for kids

Coloring books are relatively inexpensive, ranging between $5 for smaller options geared for younger kids up to around $15 for more detailed, lengthy books.

Coloring books for kids FAQ

Q. What are some ways coloring is beneficial to children?

A. Coloring can help teach a range of skills including focus, hand-eye coordination, and completing tasks from beginning to end. Coloring can develop fine motor skills that aid in writing and typing as well. Other positive benefits include creative expression and relaxation.

Q. When can a child start coloring?

A. For toddlers under 18 months, most coloring really just involves scribbling, but it’s a good start. Around three years old, children may begin effectively grasping and coloring, though it may take a year or two for color recognition.

What are the best coloring books for kids to buy?

Top coloring book for kids

Little Bee Books My First Big Book of Coloring

Little Bee Books My First Big Book of Coloring

Our take: Comprehensive coloring book with fun themes, big images, and lots of coloring possibilities.

What we like: Almost 200 pages; artwork is silly and exaggerated to capture youngsters’ attention. Lines are thick and easy to color within. Variety of content.

What we dislike: No perforation; may be hard to hold open pages.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top coloring book for kids for the money

Crayola Epic Book of Awesome Coloring Book

Crayola Epic Book of Awesome Coloring Book

Our take: This large coloring book from a trusted brand contains elaborate, exciting scenes allowing for lots of creativity.

What we like: Great value for almost 300 pages of coloring. Includes glitter and stickers. Perforated pages can be removed and displayed.

What we dislike: Only intended for use with crayons.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Pusheen Coloring Book

Pusheen Coloring Book

Our take: Creative coloring book starring the popular tabby Pusheen in a variety of settings and activities.

What we like: Features 94 pages of content ranging from the simple to the more complex. Contains seasonal and holiday themes. Good value.

What we dislike: Some bleed-through may occur.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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