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You used to only be able to experience ball pits at theme parks, but ball pits can now be purchased for your own home.

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Which ball pits are best?

Eric McMillan invented the ball pit as an imaginative and engaging space for kids to explore. You used to only be able to experience ball pits at theme parks, but ball pits can now be purchased for your own home. There are many things to consider when purchasing a ball pit for your home, including the number of children using it and whether or not it will be used outdoors. 

If you are looking for a top ball pit on the market, the Eocusun Indoor/Outdoor Ball Pit and Pop-Up Tent is a fun and versatile option.

What to know before you buy a ball pit

Age range 

If your kids are fairly young, make sure that the ball pit you’re thinking of buying is appropriate for their age range, since a big ball pit can be scary or overwhelming for small kids. On the flip side, a ball pit that’s meant for a toddler probably won’t be very entertaining or fun for an older child.


It can be dangerous to squeeze extra kids into a ball pit that’s meant to hold one or two kids. That’s why it’s super important to think about the capacity you need when purchasing your ball pit. If you have three young kids in your family and anticipate them bringing their friends into the ball pit with them, you should buy a fairly large ball pit to safely accommodate everyone.


If you plan on using the ball pit outside, you’ll need to buy an outdoor ball pit with features like ground stakes to secure the ball pit and keep it from blowing over. Your ball pit also needs to be easily cleanable or washable. You don’t want to try using an indoor-only ball pit outside.

What to look for in a quality ball pit

Portability and storage

If you want to take the ball pit with you to a playdate or simply move it to a different location, you should purchase a lightweight and portable ball pit that is super simple to set up and take down. It also shouldn’t take up too much storage space, unless you plan on leaving it up all of the time.

Add ons

Young kids love just playing in a ball pit by itself, but older kids like having add ons, like castles, tunnels and other structures to crawl through to make the ball pit experience more fun and engaging.

Color and design

Make sure that the ball pit comes in a color or design that your child loves, especially if it’s something that they are using on a daily basis. Many ball pits come in multiple color and design options, so you can select the ball pit in your child’s favorite color.

How much you can expect to spend on a ball pit

The most budget-friendly ball pits go for as low as $10, while basic ball pit tents cost $15-$25. Mid-range ball pits with connecting tunnels and multiple pits go for $25-$50, and the most durable and high-end ball pits cost $50 to more than $100.

Ball pit FAQ

How many balls do you need for a ball pit?

A. Keep in mind when you are purchasing balls that they come in various sizes, whether you’ve bought a ball pit that doesn’t come with balls or you just want a few more balls for your ball pit. The number of balls you need for your ball pit is based on the depth you want in the pit, but 500 balls will usually fill a ball pit that is about 1 foot deep and 6 feet on each side.

How much do ball pit balls typically cost?

A. Most ball pit balls are crush-proof, BPA-free and non-toxic and come in a mesh container. They typically cost about $10-$20 per 100 ball pit balls, but they might be more expensive if they are jumbo size or feature unusual colors.

Is there an age limit for ball pits?

A. Some ball pits are targeted towards toddlers, while other ball pits are deeper and meant for older kids. You should read the age recommendations from the manufacturer before buying the ball pit to make sure your kid will be happy and safe using the ball pit you’re thinking of getting.

What’s the best ball pit to buy?

Top ball pit

Eocusun Indoor/Outdoor Ball Pit and Pop-Up Tent

Eocusun Indoor/Outdoor Ball Pit and Pop-Up Tent

What you need to know: Considered the best of the best, this fun and versatile ball pit from Eocusun also doubles as a tent.

What you’ll love: This amazing Eocusun indoor/outdoor ball pit provides a pop-up tent design that is simple to assemble and disassemble, as well as breathable mesh sides that promote visibility and air circulation.

What you should consider: These ball pit balls might need to be purchased separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top ball pit for the money

Zhcheng Folding Princess Ball Pit Tent

Zhcheng Folding Princess Ball Pit Tent

What you need to know: This folding princess ball pit tent is the perfect ball pit option for little girls and kids who like playing princess.

What you’ll love: This beautiful Zhcheng princess ball pit tent features a cute design and transparent mesh sides that keep little kids from feeling isolated. It’s also big enough to fit a couple of siblings or friends.

What you should consider: The gender specific design of this ball pit tent can be limiting.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Hide N Side Toddler Jungle Gym Play Tent and Ball Pit

Hide N Side Toddler Jungle Gym Play Tent and Ball Pit

What you need to know: This vibrant ball pit and play tent from Hide N Side will keep your kids engaged for hours on end.

What you’ll love: This fun Hide N Side play tent and ball pit is the ideal present for both babies and toddlers and can be used either outdoors or indoors for play groups, preschools, nurseries, daycares, playgrounds and more. 

What you should consider: A handful of customers say that the fabric on the crawl tubes starts to come apart very quickly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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