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Refrigerators are one of the longest-lasting appliances you can have in your house. If well taken care of, the average fridge can last 13 years, so make sure that you’re choosing the model that best fits the needs of you and your family.

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Which bottom freezer refrigerators are best?

Nearly everyone has a refrigerator. It can be a big investment, but since you need one and it works around the clock, you want to choose wisely. 

Designs have changed significantly over the years, and even though they tend to cost more than the average refrigerator, bottom freezer refrigerators have become a popular option because they are more convenient, save space in your kitchen, can efficiently regulate temperature and are better for the environment. 

You have a lot of choices, but a top pick is the SMETA 36 Inch 22.5 Cu.Ft Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Bottom Freezer.

What to know before you buy a bottom freezer refrigerator

Width and capacity

A selling point of bottom freezer refrigerators is that they take up less space in your kitchen, but that means they are narrower and have less capacity than the typical fridge. However, they are also more efficient, and many offer space-saving options to make up for the difference. 

Freezer drawer vs. door

Some bottom refrigerator models have a freezer door, similar to traditional refrigerators, but it can be more difficult to access than the common pull-out drawer.  

Single vs. French door

You have two options: one traditional pull-out door or the French door model with two doors that open in the center. The French door model tends to be ideal for smaller kitchens with less room. 

Not sure that a bottom freezer refrigerator is right for you? Take a look at the buying guide for the best top refrigerators on Best Reviews to see which style best fits your needs.

What to look for in a quality bottom freezer refrigerator


Depending on what you plan to store and how much space you need, some models offer adjustments, so you can make room for oversized items or provide extra and alternative shelving to efficiently fit items of all different sizes. 


  • Temperature: Some models allow you to regulate temperature for each shelf, while others allow you to set your crisper drawers to a different temperature. 
  • Humidity: Much like temperature, some models allow you to adjust humidity levels in each drawer, which can be helpful since different fruits and veggies require different levels of humidity to remain ripe. 

Water and ice dispenser

One of the most highly sought-after features of any refrigerator by both kids and adults is a water and ice dispenser. Some models have both on the exterior of the door, while others have only the water on the outside and the ice dispenser on the inside. 

How much you can expect to spend on a bottom freezer refrigerator

There is a wide variety of pricing for bottom freezer refrigerators, ranging from $400 all the way up to $8,900, depending on the features and size. Affordable models range from $400-$1,000, mid-range models from $1,000-$4,000 and expensive top-of-the-line models are $4,000- $8,900.

Bottom freezer refrigerator FAQ 

Does a bottom freezer refrigerator have more freezer space than a top freezer?

A. Yes! A bottom freezer refrigerator offers more freezer space than most standard top freezer refrigerators. This makes it a good option for larger families.

Is a bottom freezer refrigerator better for certain kinds of food? 

A. If you tend to purchase more fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables, a bottom freezer refrigerator is ideal and more efficient given its ability to regulate temperature. 

What is the best way to maximize freezer space? 

A. Try removing frozen foods from their original packaging. Freezer bins are also a great way to organize items.

What’s the best bottom freezer refrigerator to buy?

Top bottom freezer refrigerator

SMETA 36 Inch 22.5 Cu.Ft Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Bottom Freezer

SMETA 36 Inch 22.5 Cu.Ft Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Bottom Freezer

What you need to know: This premium French door freezer with massive capacity comes with automatic defrost, multi-air flow and a high-temperature alarm.

What you’ll love: It comes with two large freezer drawers, six bins and adjustable shelving to fit all of your must-have food items. Boasting a built-in ice maker and interior LED light, it’s perfect for late-night drinks and snacks.

What you should consider: This refrigerator does not come with physical handles for the bottom freezer section, which can make it uncomfortable for some people.

Where to buy: Amazon

Top bottom freezer refrigerator for the money

Galanz GLR16FWED08 3 French Door Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer & Adjustable Thermostat

Galanz GLR16FWED08 3 French Door Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer & Adjustable Thermostat

What you need to know: An affordable and eco-friendly refrigerator, this model can help you save on your energy bills and is also better for the environment. 

What you’ll love: This large capacity fridge offers three glass shelves that are easy to remove for cleaning and two crisper drawers with humidity control. The freezer has vast storage with two full drawers, which can help to keep all of your frozen goods organized.

What you should consider: Be sure to check your new refrigerator after delivery because some customers have discovered it arrives with some minor dents and scratches.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Danby DFF092C1WDB 9.2 Cu.Ft. Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Danby DFF092C1WDB 9.2 Cu.Ft. Bottom Mount Refrigerator

What you need to know: The ideal apartment-sized fridge, it is packed with storage and efficiency in its compact size.

What you’ll love: This fridge offers versatility to fit small spaces with reversible door hinges and customizable shelving. The Frost-Free Operation offers automatic defrosting to prevent ice buildup in the ice maker and two-door fridge and freezer.

What you should consider: Customers have noted that this refrigerator has needed repair sooner than other models. You should refer to the cleaning and maintenance recommendations in the user manual to avoid any unnecessary repairs.

Where to buy: Amazon


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