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The word “blouse” comes from the French name for a work smock, but was first used for shirts in England.

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Which floral blouse is best? 

Floral patterns are popular in the summer, but you can wear them in different shades and styles throughout the year. It’s time to smell the roses and search for a floral blouse that compliments your figure and exists as a staple item that you can wear for years. Blouses are a versatile garment, making for a classic look in every style while diversifying patterns in your wardrobe. You can wear them to a business occasion or a night out, depending on their design. When purchasing a floral blouse, consider the occasion, your body type and the blouse’s fabric. 

If you are looking for a lightweight blouse made from quality sustainable fabric, the Revolve Remi Floral Blouse is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a floral blouse 


The occasion where you will be wearing your floral blouse will determine the length, fit and style. If you are wearing the blouse outdoors, consider purchasing a blouse with long sleeves and thick fabric. You can wear a floral shirt throughout the fall and winter. They often come in a darker shade and feature smaller patterned flowers. The style of blouse determines the event where you should wear the blouse. A button-up blouse is typically reserved for formal occasions, while a babydoll or wrap blouse is worn to dinner or a night out. A few styles will feature ties for adjustability. This can be beneficial if you plan to be active in your blouse or prefer a crop top in warmer weather. 

Body Type

The best blouses will flatter every figure. People with apple-shaped body types should look for blouses wide at the waist and narrow at the hips and shoulders. V necks and shoulder pads will best flatter this body type. If you have a pear-shaped body, look for a similar style for waist, hips and shoulders, but look for blouses that are ruched or gathered at the waist. Those with an hourglass body type should consider purchasing a blouse made with a wide bust and hips and a narrow waistline. Look for blouses with adjustable strings in the center or belts to highlight the curve of the hips. 


The tag located on the inside of the blouse will tell you the size and material used. With this description also found on the website, users will know how to wash their garment, what other fabrics to pair it with and how it will wear over time. 

Cotton: Blouses made with cotton will be easier to maintain over time and will be the most comfortable. This fabric is machine washable unless instructed otherwise. 

Satin: Unlike cotton, satin blouses require more maintenance and must be taken to a dry cleaner or washed gently by hand. 

Polyester: Polyester blouses are easy to wash and are durable. This material will hold its shape after many washes. The only drawback of this fabric is that it is synthetic and can cause irritation for people with ultra-sensitive skin. 

What to look for in a quality floral blouse


Floral blouses are available in multiple styles and designs. Choosing the style that best fits the event or occasion is essential when purchasing a blouse. Certain styles are best for certain seasons and will have different necklines, sleeve styles and lengths. A button-down blouse features a multiple button closure and is a classic look. This type of floral blouse is popular among workplaces and can be paired with any style of pants and accessories to look professional or casual. Wrap and babydoll blouses are less professional-looking but you can wear them to work events with a jacket. Wrap blouses feature a fold across the stomach and usually have an adjustable tie. These blouses are flattering and highlight narrow waists to create the look of an hourglass figure. A babydoll blouse is made with puff sleeves and accentuates the chest. From the chest, the rest of the blouse uses light, flowy fabric. 

How much you can expect to spend on a floral blouse 

Floral blouses are available in a variety of price ranges. Buyers will find cheaply made, light fabric floral blouses between $20-$50. Midrange blouses in the $60-$80 price range provide customers with comfortable fabric, unique detail and desirable style. Premium blouses that include all of the best features and sustainability are between $90-$150. 

Floral blouse FAQ

What is the most popular material for a blouse? 

A. The most common material for blouses is cotton. This style provides comfort and is machine washable. Silk, a close second, is not as sustainably sourced and has to be hand-washed with care.  

When buying online, how do you know what size will fit best? 

A. When buying your floral blouse from online retailers, make sure to check the customer reviews and photos for the item. This will let you know if the garment is true to size or if you need to order a different size. The reviews and photos will also help buyers consider if the dress flatters their specific body type. It’s also essential to check exchange policies before you checkout, just in case you need a different size. 

What’s the best floral blouse to buy?

Top floral blouse

Revolve Remi Floral Blouse

Revolve Remi Floral Blouse

What you need to know: This blouse is made with sustainable, quality material and lasts a long time. The back tie provides added support and comfort to the design. 

What you’ll love: The lightweight semi-sheer fabric keeps it light enough for summer and the high neck and long sleeves make it able to be worn in colder months. 

What you should consider: Some users experienced the neck of the blouse being too tight and the shirt running small. 

Where to buy: Sold by Revolve

Top floral blouse for the money 

Floerns Women's Short Sleeve Contrast Print Colorblock Button Down Shirt Blouse

Floerns Women’s Short Sleeve Contrast Print Colorblock Button Down Shirt Blouse

What you need to know: This blouse features soft fabric and a button collar for an adjustable neckline. 

What you’ll love: This item comes in many colors, can be worn during various seasons and is machine-washable.   

What you should consider: The fabric has no stretch, and the material can smell when wet. You cannot use bleach on this product. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Floral blouse worth checking out



What you need to know: This blouse fits true to size and highlights the curves while providing comfort. 

What you’ll love: The ruched feature is slimming, and you can wear the top all year. The fabric is light and durable. 

What you should consider: The elastic in the top is not secure and can snap if the user is not careful when active or washing. 

Where to buy: Sold by Revolve

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