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Yellow flannel shirts can be bright or muted and come in a range of check types, so it’s easy to find one that matches your preferences.

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Which yellow flannels are best?

Yellow flannels stand out in a sea of red, green and brown plaid shirts without looking obnoxiously bright. Whether you’re buying a shirt for work or simply for fashion, it’s important to spend some time finding the right yellow flannel for you. 

Once you’ve decided what features are important to you, it’ll be easier to pick out a shirt you love. If you’re looking for a comfortable shirt that’s durable enough for work, but stylish enough for play, the Dickies Regular Fit Flex Flannel Shirt is a great option.

What to know before you buy a yellow flannel 

Check type

If you’re looking for a checkered yellow flannel, consider check type before buying. Classic plaid is the most common choice, featuring an irregular check pattern with two or more colors in addition to yellow, such as black, gray, brown, white and even a hint of red. No two classic plaid designs are exactly the same, so you might find you love some and aren’t too keen on others. The other most common check type is buffalo check, which is a more regular check combining the main color with squares of black. If you’re looking for a black-and-yellow flannel, buffalo check might be the style you’re looking for. 


Flannels are usually given named sizes — small, medium, large and so on — rather than dress sizes or chest-measurement sizes. The trouble with this type of sizing is that it’s ambiguous — a large from one manufacturer can be several inches smaller across the chest than a large from another manufacturer. When buying online, it’s best to check the sizing chart before buying to make sure your chosen shirt will fit.


Decide whether you want your yellow flannel shirt to have a slim fit, regular fit or loose fit. Most men’s flannel shirts have a regular fit, unless otherwise stated, while women’s flannel shirts are more likely to have a slimmer fit that nips in a little at the waist. However, people of any gender can wear whatever shirt they like and shouldn’t be constrained by whether it’s listed as “men’s” or “women’s.” As long as you feel comfortable with the fit, wear any flannel you want to.

What to look for in a quality yellow flannel 


Traditionally, flannels were designed as work shirts and made from thick flannel material both for warmth when working outside in cold weather and for overall durability. Today, the heaviest flannel shirts can feel too thick if you aren’t wearing them for outdoor work, so choose accordingly.

Chest pockets

Flannel shirts can have a single chest pocket, two chest pockets or forgo chest pockets altogether. Some people have a preference simply in terms of style, while others require chest pockets for practical reasons — for instance, a carpenter will likely want a pocket to carry a pencil to mark lumber with. 

Ease of care

Consider how easy your chosen yellow flannel is to care for. Nobody wants to hand wash their shirts if they have the option not to, so make sure your flannel is machine-washable. It will also make your life easier if it can be tumble dried and is made from a low-wrinkle material. 

How much you can expect to spend on a yellow flannel 

Most yellow flannels cost somewhere between $20-$50, though you can pay over $100 if you buy from a high-end clothing brand.

Yellow flannel FAQ

What are flannels?

A. Flannels — or flannel shirts — are button-down shirts made from a soft woven fabric known as flannel. Originally, flannel was made from carded wool, but today quality flannel shirts are made from cotton (though you can find cheaper options made from synthetics). The cotton is processed and woven differently from cotton dress shirts, which have a thin, smooth finish to give flannels their distinctive thickness and soft texture. Some people mistakenly believe that the term “flannel” refers to a plaid pattern, but it simply refers to the material. While most contemporary flannels have a plaid or check pattern, you can find solid-colored flannel shirts.

Do flannel shirts need ironing? 

A. Like any shirt, flannel shirts look their best when freshly pressed, so ironing is recommended. Check the care instructions to see what temperature you should iron them at — most flannels you should iron on low.

What’s the best yellow flannel to buy?

Top yellow flannel

Dickies Regular Fit Flex Flannel Shirt

Dickies Regular Fit Flex Flannel Shirt

What you need to know: The “autumn gold” plaid is ideal for anyone who wants a warm or muted yellow flannel.

What you’ll love: This shirt is made from a flex flannel material that contains 1% Spandex to give it a little stretch that’s great when wearing your shirt to do active work. Bias sleeve patches increase durability. Available in sizes up to 4XL. 

What you should consider: Some individuals will prefer a more vivid yellow. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top yellow flannel for the money

Alimens & Gentle Men's Button Down Flannel Shirt

Alimens & Gentle Men’s Button Down Flannel Shirt

What you need to know: A warm, heavy flannel that offers excellent value for the money. 

What you’ll love: You can choose from two yellow designs — a classic plaid and a buffalo check. It’s made with a heavy 10-ounce flannel and available in a wide range of sizes up to 8XL.

What you should consider: Sizes run slightly small so you will need to size up. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Rothco Extra Heavyweight Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt

Rothco Extra Heavyweight Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt

What you need to know: This heavy-duty flannel is perfect for people who work outdoors or for wearing on cold days.

What you’ll love: Featuring a yellow-and-black buffalo check, this flannel is bold and bright, but not overwhelmingly so. It’s durably made from a soft, heavyweight 8-ounce flannel. It features double check pockets with button closures. 

What you should consider: There are some reports of this shirt shrinking in the wash, so size up or make sure to wash on cool and line dry.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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