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A V-shaped wedding vest tends to be more common, especially in the United States, while a U-shaped opening is a style more common in England.

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Which wedding vests are best?

The vest is the fundamental element of the three-piece suit, and it can help you appear classically elegant. The vest has become a more generic term, while the vest portion of a three-piece suit is also often referred to as a waistcoat. 

Style always evolves, and there are multiple factors to consider before purchasing a wedding vest, such as the style and color of your suit, the formality of the venue and even the time of year. Our top pick is Coofandy Slim fit casual Suit Vest.

What to know before you buy a wedding vest 


Sizing is important and it may vary between styles, but you want the vest to be comfortable, yet snug enough to fit over the shirt and under the jacket. You don’t want a bulky vest or a vest that is too short or long. When selecting a size for your wedding vest, make sure to consider length. You want the vest to fall an inch past your belt loops. 


Grey and black are the most traditional colors for a vest and a three-piece suit. Dark blue is also a good option, but brown tends to be more casual and better suited for fall or winter weddings.  If unsure what color you want, darker options tend to be the safest bet.  


There are typically two choices when it comes to wedding vests. 

  • Single-breasted: This is the most popular style. Single-breasted vests often don’t have any labels. The overlap is much smaller, which makes it looser and easier to close. 
  • Double-breasted: These vests tend to have lapels and are more formal. The overlap is more significant, so there are two rows of buttons, which makes for a tighter fit that requires more time to get on and off. 

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What to look for in a quality wedding vest


The buttons on a wedding vest can vary, but you can choose between three and even eight buttons. The more buttons you have, the more formal the look. The three-button vests have a more sporty look and will help you appear slimmer. If you plan to wear a vest with a jacket, you want a vest with at least four buttons. 

It’s common practice not to ever button the last button on the bottom of the vest to free you up and allow for movement. 


Most wedding vests will have two front pockets. These tend to be more stylish than they are functional. Sometimes these pockets are even sewn closed to help the vest maintain its shape. 


If you do find yourself with a vest that is a little too loose or tight for your taste, you can adjust the fit using the backstrap. The tighter the vest, the fitter and more formal the look, but the less comfortable it might become over the course of an evening, so it’s a good option to have. 

How much you can expect to spend on a wedding vest

The most inexpensive wedding vests can be found for under $20 and the most expensive can cost $100 or more. Good quality wedding vests cost between $25-$30. 

Wedding vest FAQ

Should I wear a belt or suspenders with a wedding vest?

A. You can wear both, but one of the functions of the vest is to hide the suspenders, so it makes for an ideal companion. Suspenders can also make for a slimmer look as a belt might appear bulky around the waist. 

What goes better with a wedding vest: a tie or bow tie?

A. If you’re wearing a three-piece suit, you want to stick with a traditional tie. Bow ties don’t go as well with a three-piece suit unless you’re purposefully trying to make a statement. 

Do I need to match my wedding vest with my suit?

A. For most traditional three-piece suits, the vest is made from the same style, material and is of the same color as the jacket. It’s simple, yet still elegant and versatile. You may choose a vest with a color that contrasts with your jacket, but it’s often not as formal and the color combination is extremely important to make the look work. 

What are the best wedding vests to buy?

Top wedding vest 

Coofandy Slim fit casual Suit Vest

Coofandy Slim fit casual Suit Vest

What you need to know: Modern, stylish and well-made, this vest is available in 13 colors and pairs well with a variety of suits and formal wear. 

What you’ll love: This wedding vest is comfortable and easy to get on and off without stretching or the risk of tearing the seams. It’s wrinkle-resistant, so it’s easy to travel with and maintain in between formal occasions. 

What you should consider: Some customers have felt the sizing isn’t accurate. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Top wedding vest for the money

Gioberti Formal Suit Vest

Gioberti Formal Suit Vest

What you need to know: Inexpensive and stylish, this vest is available in both five-button and six-button fronts, many different sizes and 12 colors. 

What you’ll love: This comfortable vest is good for both formal and informal occasions. This is an excellent option for those who have trouble finding big and tall sizes that fit, because there are a lot of different options. 

What you should consider: Some customers have felt that the material was not high quality. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

 Men's Steve Harvey Fitted Stretch Suit Vest

Men’s Steve Harvey Fitted Stretch Suit Vest

What you need to know: A comfortable and breathable wedding vest that appears tailored.

What you’ll love: With a five-button front, this vest has a modern look that is suitable for both casual and formal events. The fabric is stretchy for added comfort, and there are two pockets sewn into the waist.

What you should consider: Some customers don’t like the higher-cut style. 

Where to buy: Kohl’s


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