Which square-neck puff-sleeve top is best?

Puff-sleeve blouses, dresses and tops first hit the fashion scene in 2018, and they continue to grow in popularity each season with new variations on the theme. As the fall gives way to winter, one of the hottest trends in women’s tops is the square-neck puff sleeve; both in long- and short-sleeve options to best suit your local climate. The elegant look of the puff sleeve instantly elevates a standard shirt into a dressier option that works both as business casual and as a flattering date night option.

Available in 13 colors, the Romwe Women’s Long Puff-Sleeve Square-Neck Top is a gorgeous going-out top, which ranges in size from XS to XXL. It is made of a polyester and spandex blend, giving it a slight stretch for your comfort.

What to know before you buy a square-neck puff-sleeve top

Puff-sleeve variations

The puff sleeve is available in a number of different romantic, airy styles to suit any occasion and flatter any body type. A basic puff sleeve has, as the name suggests, a puff at the shoulder, which may or may not keep its shape all the way to the cuff. On the other hand, a balloon puff sleeve is tightly fitted from wrist to elbow, with a puff from elbow to shoulder. Finally, a Juliet sleeve is almost a combination of balloon and puff sleeves with a tight-fitting sleeve that extends to just below the shoulder where it puffs. 


The fabric of a puff sleeve top needs to be a softer blended material that won’t be too heavy for the puff to function correctly but not so light as to be unable to keep its shape. The ideal fabric for puff sleeve shirts is a blend of polyester and spandex, with some options consisting of a blend of the two, including cotton. Puff sleeves are also available in satin and silk for higher-end tops. However, these fabrics tend to be considerably more expensive and are a splurge purchase.


Square-neck puff-sleeve tops are very trendy right now, as they tend to show just the right amount of your neckline to be less casual and are therefore perfect to wear in a business setting. For puff-sleeve tops with different necklines, think off-the-shoulder and deep V-neck for the hottest, boldest styles.

What to look for in a quality square-neck puff-sleeve top


The length of your square-neck puff-sleeve top will change the way the entire ensemble looks completely. Particularly, a longer puff-sleeve shirt will work well with leggings and form-fitting pants. In contrast, a crop-top puff sleeve will work best with either high-waisted pants or a skirt. Finally, a standard-length square-neck puff sleeve works well with dressy jeans and paper-bag trousers.


A square-neck puff-sleeve shirt is meant to be a more form-fitting, dressier top that still allows you some breathing room. As such, review the sizing recommendations and customer anecdotal feedback for your best fit. While many manufacturers will indicate that their clothing fits true to size, that isn’t necessarily true for everyone. For example, fabric with some stretch will be more forgiving and may be suited to ordering your usual size. Conversely, slim fit tops with little to no stretch may need to be ordered a size up for a more comfortable fit.


A square neck is ideally designed to be paired with jewelry like layering necklaces, as so much of the neck is left exposed. While some puff-sleeve shirts also feature a tie neck, many square neck options have a basic cut to showcase the neck and parts of the shoulders to their fullest advantage. The right chunky chain necklace, layering coordinated pieces, long fringes and collar necklaces can draw even more attention to the gorgeous and stylish top style.

How much you can expect to spend on a square-neck puff-sleeve top

A square-neck puff-sleeve shirt can start as low as $13 and shouldn’t cost much more than $25. The average price for a soft puff-sleeve top in a good-quality fabric is around $20.

Square-neck puff-sleeve top FAQ

Can square-neck puff-sleeve tops be dressed up and dressed down?

A. Absolutely. Style a puff-sleeve top with heels, dressy pants, chic jewelry and dramatic makeup for a more elegant look. Dress it down for a casual vibe with jeans, flats, chunkier costume jewelry and a natural makeup aesthetic.

Are puff-sleeve tops still fashionable?

A. Definitely. Puff-sleeve tops have been reinvented in so many gorgeous styles that they remain among the top-selling popular women’s clothing items. Vogue predicts they will continue to be seen on the streets and runways for a long time.

What’s the best square-neck puff-sleeve top to buy?

Top square-neck puff-sleeve top

Romwe Women’s Long Puff Sleeve Square Neck top

Romwe Women’s Long Puff-Sleeve Square-Neck Top

What you need to know: This gorgeous and well-made square-neck puff-sleeve top from Romwe feels like designer quality with an economical price you’ll love.

What you’ll love: The long sleeves of this soft, thick top make it a great choice for the winter months and cooler climates. It’s soft, elegant and on-trend.

What you should consider: Some customers may find this material too heavy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top square-neck puff-sleeve top for the money

WDIRARA Women’s Puff Sleeve Square Neck Short Sleeve Top

WDIRARA Women’s Puff-Sleeve Square-Neck Short-Sleeve Top

What you need to know: The amazing price of this beautiful square-neck puff-sleeve top makes it an excellent choice for your pocketbook and your wardrobe. 

What you’ll love: This soft top has a lot of stretch, making it a more comfortable fit than competing puff-sleeve options.

What you should consider: This top is shorter in length than standard shirts; it’s very nearly a crop top. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Sheln Women’s Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Ruffle Trim Top

Sheln Women’s Long-Sleeve Scoop-Neck Ruffle-Trim Top

What you need to know: This ruffl-trim puff-sleeve top is a very feminine and flirty option for your next date night or brunch with friends.

What you’ll love: Reviewers love the fit of this top and how the neckline is unique.

What you should consider: Some customers didn’t like that their bra straps were visible on the open shoulder.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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