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Originally worn by working men, chambray’s distinctive blue color gave rise to the term “blue collar” for working class folks in the early 1900s.

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Which chambray shirts for women are best?

Chambray shirts are one of those closet staples that go with everything. Once they became trendy, they never really went out of style. The little details may change from year to year, but the overall look of a chambray shirt can easily be blended into any wardrobe and any style.

For an option that can be worn to the office or out to dinner, Port Authority’s Slub Chambray Shirt is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a chambray shirt


Obviously you’re going to buy a chambray shirt to wear it, but consider how often and on what occasions you’ll wear it. Although it’s the type of garment that can be worn on just about every occasion, there are still plenty of options based on when you’ll need it most.


Think about your budget. There are a lot of options in the $100-$200 range from both small and luxury brands, but you probably don’t want to spend triple digits on a single shirt. Thanks to their enduring popularity, chambray shirts can be found in every price range to suit every budget. 


Your budget can affect the quality of shirt you can get, but not always. Plenty of companies make good quality chambray shirts at affordable prices, especially if you know where to look. Basic workwear made by companies known for this style of clothing is often more affordable and better quality than high-end luxury brands, for instance.

What to look for in a quality chambray shirt for women


Depending on current trends, it can be harder to find a shirt in the fit you prefer. Some are designed more boxy and can accommodate a greater variety of body types, while some are more fitted. It’s also really important to check how the shoulders fit. The rest of the shirt can easily be tailored however you like, but make sure the shoulders fit right out of the box.


Many clothes nowadays are a blend of organic and synthetic materials, like cotton and polyester. Check out the tags on shirts you already own and consider which are most comfortable. Some people are sensitive to synthetics and would be more comfortable in a chambray shirt that’s 100% cotton. Cotton tends to be more breathable, but it can also be less durable and will fade faster than a synthetic fabric. You might not mind, as faded cotton can also be very stylish, but it’s good to check.


Most chambray shirts are buttonups, but they can really come in any style. Buttonups are often best for professional environments, while pullovers are a bit more casual. You also might feel more comfortable in one or the other depending on your body type and what you normally wear. Fit can come into play here too, as different types of fits are often used for different types of styles. A boxy fit can be very comfortable and look great over fitted pants. A more tailored look can be very professional for the office. Style can incorporate things like overall length, sleeve type, collar type and many other details. 

How much you can expect to spend on a chambray shirt

A chambray shirt could be anywhere from $12-$60 on the low end, and many times more for name brand or sustainably made options.

Chambray shirt FAQ

What is chambray?

A. Chambray is similar to denim, but much lighter and softer. It comes in a distinctive weave of both dyed and white threads. It was originally used for workwear but was adopted into fashion and is now a basic wardrobe staple for people of every background thanks to its versatility.

How often should I clean a chambray shirt?

A. Not as often as you’d think! Clothes, especially higher quality clothes, will last longer the less frequently you wash them. Try a smell check. If it stinks, throw it in the wash on warm or cold and hang-dry it. If it smells okay, you can wear it again.

What’s the best chambray shirt for women to buy?

Top chambray shirt

Port Authority’s Slub Chambray Shirt

Port Authority’s Slub Chambray Shirt

What you need to know: Made from 100% cotton, this shirt can transition easily from season to season and keep you both comfortable and stylish.

What you’ll love: Port Authority’s shirt comes in a decent and affordable range, from XS to 4XL. Being cotton, it’s lightweight and breathable. It also comes in three different colors if classic blue isn’t your thing.

What you should consider: The small chest pockets aren’t big enough to hold much and may not suit your style. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top chambray shirt for the money

Chef Works Women’s Chambray Shirt

Chef Works Women’s Chambray Shirt

What you need to know: Designed with the restaurant industry in mind, the Chef Works Chambray shirt is both stylish and durable.

What you’ll love: This shirt can take a lot of wear if you work in a physically demanding job. It’s machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it nice. It also comes in four different colors to match any wardrobe.

What you should consider: It’s a cotton/polyester blend, so it’s less breathable and only goes up to size XXL.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Gloria Vanderbilt Womens Giselle Chambray Top

Gloria Vanderbilt Womens Giselle Chambray Top

What you need to know: With some funky detailing and name brand recognition, this chambray top could be a great statement piece.

What you’ll love: The Giselle top is 100% cotton and comes in a loose fit, offset by creative pleating. Gloria Vanderbilt is a good brand for affordable, quality denim. This top also comes in some fun patterns that make it stand out against solid-colored options. 

What you should consider: The sizing only goes up to Large.

Where to buy: Amazon


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