TikTok has a reputation for being a disruptor. The controversial platform has been involved in everything from dangerous challenges to the 2020 presidential election. However, the latest trend isn’t controversial or dangerous. All it involves is getting a shower while wearing a waterproof jacket.

Like all viral memes, there is a reason these brief clips of individuals buying their first Arc’teryx waterproof jacket and wearing it in the shower resonate so strongly with youth culture. Here are five things to know about this trend to help you understand how this intriguing act became such a phenomenon.

5 things to know about Arc’teryx

A brief history of Arc’teryx

Arc’teryx is located in North Vancouver, a waterfront city situated at the foot of the North Shore mountains. Local climbers founded the company in 1989. These members knew what gear they needed and why they needed it. Consequently, Arc’teryx had its humble beginnings as a niche brand that created purposeful yet innovative products for hardcore adventurers.

What the Arc’teryx logo represents

Arc’teryx has an odd logo that looks like a lizard crawling across the ground while looking skyward. This image represents the fossil of Archaeopteryx Lithographica, a link between reptiles and birds. Metaphorically, the logo represents an evolutionary innovation of design that brings about historic change.

The meme didn’t become popular overnight

Back on May 20, 2021, TikTok user “jcallred” posted a 15-second video that started with him placing the sleeve of an Arc’teryx Alpha AR under a running faucet. The video concluded with him diving into a pool while wearing the jacket. The much-copied shower scene takes place in the middle.

While some individuals showered in their Arc’teryx jacket shortly after jcallred posted his video, the act didn’t trend until the end of 2021. These videos showed individuals purchasing their first Arc’teryx waterproof jacket, apparently with the sole intention of wearing it in the shower.

Arc’teryx has become cult fashion

Arc’teryx is not unique in its claims. Other companies manufacture water-repellent jackets. What seems to have made Arc’teryx rocket to popularity are factors extending beyond the jacket’s primary function.

Currently, Arc’teryx isn’t as well-known as North Face and Patagonia brands, making Arc’teryx more desirable for customers looking for unique pieces. The higher price of the brand only intensifies their elite status. And it doesn’t hurt that celebrities and influencers are wearing Arc’teryx jackets for fashion rather than function.

Arc’teryx jackets are top quality items

After the fad fizzles and TikTokers move on, Arc’teryx will still outfit diehard outdoor enthusiasts. The company is more than a meme. It has a reputation for providing serious climbers with the high-end gear they need to survive nature’s harsh conditions and daunting challenges. While hikers will probably continue to rely on Arc’teryx for their outdoor needs, only time will tell if the brand will remain a player in the metropolitan fashion world.

Top Arc’teryx jackets

Women’s Arc'teryx Sentinel LT Jacket

Women’s Arc’teryx Sentinel LT Jacket

This jacket features a GORE-TEX membrane that provides protection from wind, rain and snow. The C-KNIT backer means the jacket will stay quiet when you move, so you can have a conversation while hiking.

Sold by Backcountry

Men’s Arc'teryx Macai Jacket

Men’s Arc’teryx Macai Jacket

Besides protection from precipitation, the Arc’teryx Macai jacket has insulation that keeps you warm on the coldest days of the year. The removable DropHood gives you maximum visibility on the mountain.

Sold by Backcountry

Women's Arc'teryx Cerium LT Hoody

Women’s Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody

This is a lightweight down hoody for women. The polyester coat has a zipper closure. Unlike most other offerings from the company, this jacket is designed for use in dry conditions.

Sold by Amazon

Men’s Arc'teryx Camosun Parka

Men’s Arc’teryx Camosun Parka

If you are looking for a parka that serves as stylish city outerwear, this Arc’teryx offering will suit your needs. This parka combines comfort, warmth, a waterproof shell and a streamlined urban design.

Sold by Backcountry

Women’s Arc'teryx Atom LT Hooded Insulated Jacket

Women’s Arc’teryx Atom LT Hooded Insulated Jacket

The Atom is one of the most versatile jackets in Arc’teryx’s line. It is lightweight, insulated and suitable for all seasons. The fleece side panels provide full freedom of movement for athletic needs.

Sold by Backcountry


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