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Early cardigans were hand-knitted and were worn for bicycling, golf, tennis and other athletics.

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Which red cardigans are best?

If you are looking to spice up your wardrobe with a color most commonly associated with love and passion, consider adding a red cardigan to your closet. Red is a vibrant color that can be worn to compliment any outfit and allow those who wear it to stand out. It is a versatile item that when paired with the right outfit, can be a staple garment. Depending on its length and added features, a red cardigan can serve as a stylish piece or simply be used for warmth. 

When searching for the perfect red cardigan, determine where you’ll be wearing it, its fabric and the specific shade of red. The MinkPink Skyler Rib Cardigan is a cozy ribbed cardigan that is warm and can be used for both formal and casual wear. 

What to know before you buy a red cardigan


The place that you wear your red cardigan can be the deciding factor for the fabric and design that you choose to purchase. If you plan to be outdoors, choose a knitted longline red cardigan. This style is less breathable so it will keep you warmer outdoors in the colder seasons. If the event is held in the summer, opt for a light red cardigan for the occasion. If the event is held in the winter, choose a darker red cardigan.

If you plan to wear your red cardigan indoors, purchase a garment made from polyester or nylon. This will be lightweight and breathable enough so that you do not overheat. These cardigans do not require layering but should be paired with a layering item if the indoor event you are attending is formal. Cropped cardigans are popular at indoor events, depending on the length. 


There are various shades of red to consider when purchasing a red cardigan. Light or washed reds can almost look pink and should be worn with darker clothing to stand out. Lighter clothing is typically worn in the summer months. A medium shade of red may be good for the fall season and can be worn with other autumn colors such as greens and light browns. A deeper red is most popularly worn in the winter time and is best layered with a lighter color so that it stands out. As a general rule of thumb, pair a darker cardigan with a lighter colored layering item and a lighter cardigan with a dark-colored layering item. If you are going for a tonal look, you can pair a dark red layering item with a light red cardigan or vice versa. 


A quality red cardigan will allow you to feel comfortable in any environment. If your red cardigan is made of knit, it will keep you warm outdoors in the winter months. If the cardigan is made with  wool blend it could make you itchy. Consider sustainable options that do not involve the use of animals when picking out a red cardigan. Cardigans that are made from poly-blend or nylon are more lightweight and breathable. These items can be worn indoors or outdoors depending on the length. Regardless of the season and fabric, choose a red cardigan that provides you comfort and fits your needs. 

What to look for in a quality red cardigan


A red cardigan can be designed in various lengths and thicknesses. The most popular styles of cardigans exist in length from cropped to maxi. If you plan to wear a maxi cardigan that goes down to your ankles, consider wearing it to an outdoor venue that is not crowded. Wearing a longline cardigan to a packed venue may be uncomfortable and get in the way. If you choose to wear a long cardigan, consider tucking your shirt in. 

If you plan to wear a cropped cardigan outdoors, consider the weather. Some cropped cardigans can rise above the bust and provide minimal warmth while others will fall just above the waist and provide more support. If you plan to wear a cropped cardigan, consider wearing a cropped or tucked-in shirt for the most flattering look.  

A normal-length cardigan falls just below the hips and provides maximum comfort. This length can be worn indoors and outdoors to any event, depending on fabric and warmth and looks flattering regardless of the layering item you choose. 


A quality red cardigan may feature pockets for optimal storage. Some pockets are very small and make the cardigan look bulky. If you are looking for a slimming cardigan with pockets, consider one that features side stitched pockets that are deep. This will allow for a more flattering fit and provide safe storage for your fragile items on the go. 


Red cardigans that feature buttons are the most popular style due to adjustability. The buttons allow for the neckline to be adjusted to various lengths and provide closure for additional warmth. Though these items are fashionable, the buttons will not be comfortable if you plan to lounge in the item, due to their hard material. 

Cardigans that are centrally tied do not feature an adjustable neckline, but do allow for adjusting at the waist. The tighter the tie in the center, the more drawn in the waist will be. This can help provide an hourglass figure and is more comfortable for lounging purposes. Few cardigans feature zipper closure. The red cardigans that feature zippers are the quickest means of closure for a cardigan. Zippers are most popular in mens styles. 

How much you can expect to spend on a red cardigan

A red cardigan costs $25-$70, depending on the brand and the material used. A thinner cardigan costs $25-$40, while a heavy-knit cardigan, made by a popular brand is priced around $50-$70.

Red cardigan FAQ

What colors can you wear with a red cardigan? 

A. Depending on your style, almost every color will go with red, except for a similar orange. Layering a red cardigan with an orange of a similar brightness, will take away from both colors. If you wear a white shirt with a deep red cardigan it has more of a chance to stand out. You can go for a tonal look by choosing a lighter shade of red to go under a dark red cardigan, though tonal looks are not extremely common for reds.  

When buying a red cardigan online, how do I know which size will fit best?

A. When purchasing your red cardigan consider other user reviews to ensure that the article of clothing will fit you properly. If the reviews detail that the item runs large, size down. If the reviews detail that the item runs small, order a size larger than you normally would for the best fit. 

What’s the best red cardigan to buy?

Top red cardigan 

MinkPink Skyler Rib Cardigan

MinkPink Skyler Rib Cardigan

What you need to know: This red cardigan features a front button closure for added neckline adjustability and warmth. It comes in a dark red shade. 

What you’ll love: This cardigan is made with thick fabric for extra comfort. It is soft and fuzzy for design and outdoor wear. 

What you should consider: This item requires extra care when cleaning. To clean the garment, wash it in cold water and hang dry to prevent fraying. 

Where to buy: Sold by Revolve

Top red cardigan for the money

Charter Club Long-Sleeve Button-Front Cardigan

Charter Club Long-Sleeve Button-Front Cardigan

What you need to know: This item is machine-washable for convenience when cleaning. It features full-length sleeves for added warmth.  

What you’ll love: This garment is designed with rayon and nylon for a lightweight feel. It features buttons for an adjustable neckline. 

What you should consider: Some buyers have noted that the garment can look more orange than red, depending on the lighting. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macys

Worth checking out

Nine West Women’s Essential Cardigan

Nine West Women’s Essential Cardigan

What you need to know: This red cardigan features a ribbed sleeve design for added warmth and durability. It is made from lightweight and breathable material. 

What you’ll love: This item features a two-pocket design for added storage. The pockets are durable and deep enough to safely store fragile items. 

What you should consider: This item does not feature buttons and is not able to be closed. 

Where to buy: Sold by Kohls


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