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Which puff-sleeve denim jacket is best?

The history of the denim jacket goes back to the Wild West days when ranchers would wear them to combat sunburn, dry wind and heat. This tried-and-true staple is perfect to wear in temperamental weather and can be a part of every kind of style.

Recently, the classic garment had a refresh with the introduction of the puff-sleeve style, which is bound to be the next addition to your denim collection. If you’re looking for versatility and a new casual layering option that’s vintage-washed, our top pick is Floerns Ripped Puff-Sleeve Button-Front Jacket.

What to know before you buy a puff-sleeve denim jacket


The classic denim jacket style is also known as the trucker jacket and is worn by those of all genders. This type features sturdier fabric construction and is firm to the touch. You can distress denim with at-home dye techniques, but it looks best if the manufacturer does it.

The chore jacket gets its name because it is both stylish and purposeful. It was worn by workers who needed protection from either the cold, heat and other extreme working conditions in factories.

A denim jacket with a fringe attached functions more as a statement piece that helps amp up your style. You also can couple it with other casual garments in your closet. Most fringe jackets also feature other embellishments, such as differently colored denim, metal chains and glittery beads.

The balloon cut of a denim jacket can be a bit more complex than others because it features a less-fashionable silhouette. Its loose and balloon-like fabric typically is firm and sturdy in construction and varies from mid-length to full length. Patchwork denim jackets have other fabrics and shades sewn throughout the jacket.


Most manufacturers create jean washes by using pumice stones as a way to produce a washed-down look. By the end of the 1970s, most companies started using this method as a way to accelerate the aging process of indigo dye.

When denim jackets are stoned washed, which is also known as moon washing, they are usually tumbled in with dry garments and pumice stones before being dumped in a presoaked acid solution that localizes the bleaching effect overall.

Rinse washing helps the fabric appear as dark as possible and keeps the jacket’s width from desizing, helping the dye not wash out in the washing machine. Cotton-blended denim also is made with cellulose, which can then be used to create a frayed look.

In bleach washes, manufacturers add a harsh oxidative bleaching agent during the denim’s washing process and sometimes have pumice stones added. Bleaching helps decolorize darker-blue shades without damaging the dye’s molecules like traditional bleaching chemicals do.


Raw denim, also known as unwashed denim, is the state of the fabric before it’s been sent off to be washed or treated during the manufacturing process. Usually dark blue in color, the material slowly gets lighter and fades with time. Since raw denim isn’t treated yet, it’s typically stiff to wear but lasts longer than other types.

Sanforized treated denim is similar to raw denim’s properties but has been treated to prevent additional shrinkage rather than dye loss. Always check the jacket’s labels to ensure its denim isn’t preshrunk or you may need to go up a size to allow for shrinkage once you wash your denim jacket.

However, indigo dyed denim typically has a thread dyed while the weft threading is left white for color comparison. This process usually gives denim its unique blue hue and causes the jacket’s interior to be lighter. Selvage denim features color along the edges to help prevent fraying.

What to look for in a quality puff-sleeve denim jacket


When selvage is included in the stitching of a denim jacket’s seams, they generally are of better quality than other denim pieces. Although most garment makers use red or orange selvage, the threading can be any color depending on the manufacturer’s preference.


With denim being such a sturdy and heavy material, it needs to go through a softening process to ensure it is softer to the touch. However, products of manufacturers that cut costs with their denim jackets show signs of yellowing, which is when the fabric changes in shade or has a loss of whiteness.

Although it’s difficult to figure out what causes yellowing in indigo-dyed fabrics, exposure to light, impurities, incorrect process temperatures or a combination of different defects in the garment’s processing can all cause this issue.

How much does a puff-sleeve denim jacket cost?

Denim jackets can cost from $30-$80 depending on which dye process, softening and desizing has occurred throughout the manufacturing process. Other more-affordable fashion brands sell denim jackets for less but usually are available at thrift stores and consignment shops instead of traditional marketplaces.

Denim jacket FAQ

Should you wash your denim jacket often?

A. Wash your denim jacket when it gets dirty so you can protect the indigo dye from fading. Although if you want a well-worn look, wash your jacket more often than not in the washer, so the indigo can wash off more uniformly.

Can you repair parts of a denim jacket?

A. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear worn-out and repaired jeans, even for semi-formal occasions. Jeans are universally appreciated for their toughness and faded look. Fading and repairs are part of the language of jeans.

Is ripped denim considered to be damaged?

A. Thanks to recent trends, partially destroyed denim is a popular clothing choice among people, especially young teens. The ripped look can be achieved by using a strong chlorine bleach or by the manufacturer manually ripping the garment.

What’s the best puff-sleeve denim jacket to buy?

Top puff-sleeve denim jacket

Floerns Casual Ripped Puff-Sleeve Button-Front Jacket

Floerns Casual Ripped Puff-Sleeve Button-Front Jacket

What you need to know:  The jacket has a tight fit, is cropped at the hemline and the fabric does not give any stretch.

What you’ll love: Suitable for daily wear and special occasion outfits, this jacket is available in five solid washes that have a single breast lapel with small zippered front pockets. The garment is easy to wash and you can add it to the washer with similar dye colors.

What you should consider: The actual jacket is smaller in person.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top puff-sleeve denim jacket for the money

KENDALL + KYLIE Puff-Sleeve Denim Jacket

KENDALL + KYLIE Puff-Sleeve Denim Jacket

What you need to know: The brand offers its jacket in tie-dye, light-wash and black as well in several sizes.

What you’ll love: The puffed sleeves give this retro jacket a nice touch. You can button it up or down over any of your favorite seasonal outfits. Made from 100% cotton, you can hand-wash it or throw it in a washing machine’s heavy cycle.

What you should consider: The jacket’s outer material is fairly lightweight and has a thinner interior lining.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Allegra K Cropped Button-Down Basic Jean Denim Jacket

Allegra K Cropped Button-Down Basic Jean Denim Jacket

What you need to know:  Casual, cool and cute, this jacket is light enough to be dressed up or down when out and about, especially in colder climates.

What you’ll love: Made from a combination of 85% cotton and 15% polyester, you don’t have to worry about overheating when layering up. Featuring a regular fit, simply machine wash this item on cold to prevent shrinking.

What you should consider: Due to the jacket’s cropped length and relaxed fit, it can ride up at times, so you may want to size up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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