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The first cardigan was invented in 1854, and they have since peaked in popularity throughout recent decades.

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Which oversized cardigan is best?

Oversized cardigans are associated with winter because they feature more fabric and often provide warmth. Contrary to assumptions, an oversized cardigan can be worn all year depending on the fabric of the garment. Oversized cardigans can range in length from the top of the thigh to the ankles. These items will likely feature puffy sleeves and gathered fabric. In pursuit of the best oversized cardigan, consider where you will be wearing it, the fabric and the color.  

If you are searching for a comfortable, midweight oversized cardigan with buttons, the WeWoreWhat Oversized Sweater Cardigan is tough to beat.

What to know before you buy an oversized cardigan


When purchasing an oversized cardigan, consider where you will be wearing that cardigan. If the fabric of the cardigan is thick, it will be best worn outdoors in the fall and winter while an oversized cardigan made with poly-blend will be more versatile. Where you plan to wear the cardigan will determine the style and fabric. If the event that you are attending is outdoors, consider the season when choosing an oversized cardigan. A heavier cardigan made of plushier fabric is better in this case. If the occasion is indoors, a light oversized cardigan will work better for you.


The color of your oversized cardigan can follow the standard of the season that you are in or can simply be a color that you enjoy. Darker colors such as reds, greens and burnt oranges are often worn in the fall and winter while light pink, blue and yellow oversized cardigans are often worn in the spring months. To make your cardigan stand out, consider wearing a light shirt underneath a dark cardigan and a dark-colored shirt underneath a light cardigan. If you are going for a tonal look, choose a layering garment of the same color in a different shade. 


The fabric used to design an oversized cardigan will be substantially more than any other style of cardigan due to its size. This specific style of cardigan can be lightweight so that it doesn’t weigh you down when you’re on the move, or feature-heavy fabric such as knit, for a chunky look that provides warmth. A lightweight cardigan will be made of polyester or nylon and will not be constricting. Users can wear these cardigans all year round depending on the location and the amount of coverage that they desire. Oversized cardigans made with knit or thick organic cotton fabric will typically be worn outdoors in the fall and winter season and can be heavy to wear. If a cardigan is made of wool, it poses the risk of the garment being itchy. Check the product reviews and consider purchasing eco-friendly products that do not involve animals before purchasing this style of oversized cardigan. 

What to look for in a quality oversized cardigan


A quality oversized cardigan will feature multiple pockets for on-the-go storage and comfort. The more storage that an oversized cardigan features, the more versatile it is when heading out of the house. A good oversized cardigan will feature pockets that do not make the garment look boxy or feel weighed down. If they are stitched in place, they will blend in with the cardigan’s overall flow and keep your items safe.

The cardigan’s method of closure

  • Buttons: Oversized cardigans that feature buttons allow for an adjustable neckline depending on the number of buttons. The higher up the buttons go, the more adjustable the neckline becomes. This method is the most time-consuming method of closure for an oversized cardigan. A lot of knit cardigans will feature buttons rather than ties. 
  • Tie: Oversized cardigans that feature ties will allow the sweater to fit either loosely or form to the body. The tie is almost always located in the middle of the cardigan. When tied tightly, the waist is taken in for an hourglass figure. If the tie is left untied, it will fit loosely and look more relaxed. Though the neckline is not adjustable, this is a quicker method of fasting the cardigan. 

How much you can expect to spend on an oversized cardigan

Oversized cardigans will cost more than regular cardigans due to the additional fabric. An oversized cardigan typically will cost $40-$180, depending on the brand and the material. 

Oversized cardigan FAQ

What kind of shirts can I wear under an oversized cardigan? 

A. Oversized cardigans can be worn with any style of undershirt when layered, but the most flattering style will be a short-sleeved shirt that is tucked in. This can be weather-dependent, but for the most part, those planning to wear a large cardigan should tuck their shirt in for a great look.

If I’m buying a cardigan online, how do I know which size will fit best? 

A. When buying an oversized cardigan online, check the product reviews first. This section will detail if the item fits everyone else who bought it or if it was too small or large. The photo and website description may not do a good job of detailing this, but the reviews should include the wearer’s height, weight and build to help you make your decision on which size will be best to purchase for you.

What’s the best oversized cardigan to buy?

Top oversized cardigan

WeWoreWhat Oversized Sweater Cardigan

WeWoreWhat Oversized Sweater Cardigan

What you need to know: This item is able to be machine washed for convenience and features a front button closure for warmth and neckline adjustability. 

What you’ll love: The item is ribbed for design and durability and the product features a drop shoulder for comfort and a relaxed fit. The fabric is midweight, making it great for both indoor and outdoor events. 

What you should consider: Though the item is depicted as a set online, each item is sold for a separate price.  

Where to buy: Revolve

Top oversized cardigan for the money

Heartloom Isme Cardigan

Heartloom Isme Cardigan 

What you need to know: This oversized cardigan is made of lightweight and breathable material. It features a front button closure for neckline versatility. 

What you’ll love: Though the material is lightweight, it features knit to keep the user warm with semi-sheer panels. This product features side seam slits and breathable fabric for added comfort. 

What you should consider: This product runs small and requires a cold hand-wash when cleaning. 

Where to buy: Revolve

Worth checking out

Free People Benji Cardi 

Free People Benji Cardi 

What you need to know: This polyester blend cardigan is lightweight and features longline fleece sleeves for added warmth and comfort. 

What you’ll love: It features side slip pockets for extra on-the-go storage and does not make the cardigan look bulky. The exposed thick seams provide added warmth and fashion. 

What you should consider: This product requires extra care when washing and needs to be hand-washed in cold water. 

Where to buy: Revolve


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