Best jean jacket with fur


Originally worn as workwear, jean jackets with fur are still a practical wardrobe choice for the fall and winter seasons.

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Which jean jacket with fur is best?

A good jean jacket with fur is a stylish and comfortable fall or winter staple for any wardrobe. Generally, jean jackets stop at the hip and have several pockets, so they’re very utilitarian. They used to be associated with workwear, which is why they’re so practical and well-made. Now they’re the type of garment that can add some cozy practical flair to your outfit. 

The top choice is the Wrangler Men’s Western Style Lined Denim Jacket.

What to know before you buy a jean jacket with fur


The kind of jacket you get will depend on where you live and how cold it gets. You should also consider if you only need this jacket for fall and spring or if you would want this to be your primary jacket through the winter as well. It might not be the best jacket for places that see heavy snow, but if you layer it right it could be just fine for light snow. 

Check out the Best Reviews buying guide for jean jackets without fur if you just need something lightweight.

Fur ethics

It’s good to consider how you feel about fur before investing in a jean jacket made with it. Many companies now use only faux fur, but vintage jackets are mostly likely going to have real fur. If you decide to shop vintage or secondhand and would prefer to avoid real fur, you might have some trouble. On the other hand, buying secondhand can be better for the environment. It’s good to weigh the options.

Fur or shearling?

Most jean jackets use shearling rather than regular fur. Shearling is traditionally shorn sheep’s skin and has a soft, fleece-like feel. When used to line a jacket, it adds insulation and makes the jacket extra warm. Synthetic shearling is called sherpa. Both are considered fur products, but knowing the difference in terms will make it easier to understand what you’re buying.

What to look for in a quality jean jacket with fur

Real or faux

As mentioned above, it’s a good idea to consider the ethics of buying a jean jacket made with real or faux fur. However, you can find good quality options with both. New faux fur is very luxe these days and can provide as much insulation and comfort as real fur. Faux fur is also easier to care for. You probably won’t need to wash your jacket that often, but if it’s made with faux fur, you can throw it in the washing machine on occasion without worrying about ruining it.


Nicer quality clothes tend to have much sturdier stitching. A good jean jacket will have strong seams that have been double stitched, with no fraying ends. 


For the absolute best quality, workwear brands are the way to go. Many companies that started out making workwear have since adapted their clothes for modern fashions. This means their clothes have become more affordable while still being of great quality. If you like workwear style, you’ll have an easy time finding a good jean jacket.

How much you can expect to spend on a jean jacket with fur

This kind of jacket will cost you anywhere from $40-$120. Expect to pay more for premium workwear brands.

Jean jacket with fur FAQ

Should I buy used or new?

A. This will really depend on what you want. Vintage jackets like what you can find on Etsy will cost about the same as newer jackets from the same brands. They’re also more likely to be made with real fur. Buying secondhand is good for the environment, but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing real fur, you’ll probably want to reconsider.

How do I clean my jacket?

A. If it’s made with faux fur, you can do a smell check and throw it in a washing machine on cold when it gets too funky, then hang it to dry. With real fur, you’ll mostly only be able to do basic spot cleaning and get it dry-cleaned once a year or less.

What’s the best jean jacket with fur to buy?

Top jean jacket with fur

Wrangler Men’s Western Style Lined Denim Jacket

Wrangler Men’s Western Style Lined Denim Jacket

What you need to know: Well made and durable, this classic jacket will keep you warm from season to season and year to year.

What you’ll love: Wrangler is a solid, affordable workwear brand. You can trust that this jacket will stand the test of time no matter how much you wear it. It’s also made from 100% cotton, so is incredibly breathable and machine-washable.

What you should consider: Unfortunately this jacket only goes up to size XXL, and some find the arms a tad narrow.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top jean jacket with fur for the money

Levi’s Women’s Washed Cotton Sherpa Trucker Jacket

Levi’s Women’s Washed Cotton Sherpa Trucker Jacket

What you need to know: Covering the hips, this slightly longer jacket is warm and sturdy, while staying quite affordable.

What you’ll love: Made with faux polyester fur and 100% cotton denim, this jacket keeps you warm and is easy to maintain. It features both buttons and a zipper to prevent icy breezes from sneaking in. It also comes in several different colors.

What you should consider: This jacket only goes up to size XXL and some may not like the polyester.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

1980s Levi’s Sherpa Lined Denim Trucker Jacket | 42R Medium - Large

1980s Levi’s Sherpa Lined Denim Trucker Jacket | 42R Medium – Large

What you need to know: If you know how to look, you can find a unique vintage jean jacket with fur on Etsy.

What you’ll love: Classic Levi’s jackets are especially good quality and have stood the test of time. They often have real shearling and heavier weight denims, plus extra sturdy stitching. You’ll stand out easily because the older styles are no longer mass-produced.

What you should consider: It can take longer to find what you’re looking for, and you might not always find your size because vintage items are one of a kind.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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