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Brown is considered a warm color because it has an orange undertone and base.

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Which brown cardigan is best?

Brown cardigans are a fall staple item that never goes out of style and can spruce up any wardrobe. You can button one up over another layer or wear it alone. There are various styles of cardigans to choose from as well as different shades of brown to coordinate with your wardrobe. In pursuit of the best brown cardigan, consider where you will be wearing the item, the shade of brown and the fabric from which the cardigan is made. 

If you are searching for a classic-looking, comfortable and versatile brown cardigan, the BB Dakota Runway or Another Cardigan is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a brown cardigan


If you plan to purchase a cardigan specifically for an outdoor event in the fall or winter, consider purchasing a knitted cardigan with thick, gathered fabric. If you plan to attend a formal event indoors, opt for a cotton or polyester longline cardigan that goes past your knees. The popularity of cropped cardigans is on the rise. If you plan to go out to an event where there will be crowds of people, consider a shorter cardigan that buttons so that the tie or the back of the cardigan does not get in the way.


There are many shades of brown that can be worn on their own or layered for a tonal look. Light-brown items are best layered under dark-brown items and make their debut in early autumn. Light brown is in fashion, with styles being worn from dresses to athleisure clothing sets. Dark-brown items are most commonly worn as the seasons get colder and you can pair them with any style of jeans or light undergarment. As a general rule, light outfits are most commonly layered with dark outfits to help certain clothing items stand out and create a look.


The type of fabric a brown cardigan is made from determines how warm it is, the best places to wear it and its level of comfort. For example, a brown cardigan made with polyester is lighter and can be layered over any style of shirt without looking bulky. This item is purposed more for fashion than warmth and looks best in longer styles. A brown cardigan made with thicker material such as cotton or knit provides warmth and is best worn to outdoor events in the fall or the winter. These items can be extremely comfortable as well as fashionable.

What to look for in a quality brown cardigan


A quality brown cardigan features multiple pockets for storage and comfort. Whether the cardigan is made with thin fabric such as nylon and polyester or thick fabric such as knitted cotton or wool, deep pockets are necessary to hold items on the go. The more storage available, the more convenient and multipurpose the item is. Purchase a cardigan with deep pockets so you do not lose items.


A quality feature for a cardigan to have is a comfortable method of closure that works for your needs.

  • Buttons: Cardigans that fasten together with buttons feature adjustable necklines and are easily layered with other items. For example, when wearing a warmer undershirt, you can unbutton the cardigan. If you are wearing a thinner shirt and desire more warmth, fasten the buttons shut. This also increases and decreases the plunge of the neckline on the item. Buttons do not get in the way when styling. 
  • Tie: Cardigans that feature a tie closure are worn best in the coldest months and are designed with thicker fabric. This closure is less versatile than buttons since there are less options for adjustability. There is one tie in the middle that is either tied to bring the brown cardigan together in the middle or left undone, hanging down with the rest of the cardigan while it stays open. This look is fashionable and can be comfortable for users who plan to lounge in their cardigan and who do not like the hardness of buttons.

How much you can expect to spend on a brown cardigan

A brown cardigan costs $25-$90 depending on the brand and the material used. A thinner cardigan with less material costs $25–$40, while a heavy knit cardigan is priced around $50–$90.

Brown cardigan FAQ

What color shirts can you wear with a brown cardigan? 

A. Brown is a versatile color you can match or layer with any color. Brown is paired best with tan, creme, black or white with gold- and neutral-colored accessories. Layer with light browns and tans to provide a matching look.

When buying a cardigan online, how do you know which size will fit best?

A. When buying any article of clothing online, check the customer reviews and the photos to find out what size will fit you best. If the product runs large, size down. If the product runs small, size up. You can find this information in either the reviews or description.

What’s the best brown cardigan to buy?

Top brown cardigan

BB Dakota By Steve Madden Runway or Another Cardigan

BB Dakota By Steve Madden Runway or Another Cardigan

What you need to know: The buttons are made with acrylic and are easy to fasten when desired. They allow for layered looks as well as wearing the cardigan by itself.

What you’ll love: This item is made with knit fabric to keep users warm through multiple seasons and features an adjustable three-quarter-length sleeve design.

What you should consider:  The fabric can be itchy and wool is not as sustainable as other fabrics.

Where to buy: Sold by Revolve

Top brown cardigan for the money

VALAV Womens Cable Knit Cardigan

VALAV Women’s Cable Knit Cardigan

What you need to know: This cable-knit cardigan provides warmth while being light and versatile for multi-season wear.

What you’ll love: This item is mid-length, allowing you to pair it with any style pant in the fall or winter. It features pockets on either side for added storage and convenience.

What you should consider: This item requires extra care when washing and can’t be placed in the dryer.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

BB Dakota By Steve Madden Back to Block Cardigan

BB Dakota By Steve Madden Back to Block Cardigan

What you need to know: This product includes front button closure for adjustability and layering options. It features multiple shades of brown to go best with any look and is longline in nature for added warmth and comfort.

What you’ll love: This cardigan features knitted fabric for extra warmth in the fall and winter months as well as front slip pockets for added storage and convenience.

What you should consider: This cardigan is not machine-washable and requires extra care. Those who have worn the cardigan claim it can be itchy when worn for a long period of time.

Where to buy: Sold by Revolve


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