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Which luxury loungewear is best?

Just because you plan on spending the day relaxing around the house doesn’t mean you have to settle on worn-out sweatpants or that ratty old T-shirt you have at the bottom of your sock draw. You can still look and feel your best in some luxury loungewear.

Luxury loungewear is usually made from luxury materials like silk, cashmere or premium fleeces and cotton. Lauren Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit Jogger Pants are one such option. Though super comfortable, they are more than suitable for meeting up with friends for a quick drink.

What to know before you buy luxury loungewear

Loungewear vs. pajamas

Many people often make the mistake of confusing loungewear with sleepwear or pajamas, but they are two different articles of clothing. That said, there is some overlap between their uses. As the name implies, loungewear is intended for use while relaxing around the house or even making a quick trip to the grocery store or to pick up takeout food. This means it should be presentable enough to be seen in public, but it should also be comfortable enough to sleep in if you choose.

Conversely, pajamas or sleepwear are much more informal and intended mostly for sleeping. Of course, many people also choose to relax on the couch or read a book in bed in their pajamas, generally as long as there aren’t any guests over. 


Unlike jeans, many shorts and formal pants, loungewear pants don’t follow standardized numbered sizing. Instead, they come in small, medium and large options, as well as sometimes petite, XS, XL, and so forth. This means the fit can vary drastically from one piece to another, even if they are both sized medium. You may have to try multiple sizes from each manufacturer to find the one that fits you best. Since loungewear should be comfortable and loosefitting, some people may prefer to go up one size from their normal daytime clothing.


Standard loungewear is generally designed to be easy to launder. However, certain luxury materials like silk, satin and wool require special care to ensure they stay in good shape. This may mean hang drying them and sometimes even hand-washing. Even with cotton and jersey materials, it is often a good idea to dry them on low heat so they don’t shrink. The best way to learn how to care for your luxury loungewear is to simply read the tag, which will have all the instructions you need.

Features to look for in quality luxury loungewear


Since there is a higher chance of friends or the general public seeing you in your luxury loungewear than pajamas, you’ll want to consider style when making your purchase. Loungewear comes in a huge variety of looks and types. For example, those who prefer something a bit more modest can find loose, flowy loungewear that offers a lot of coverage. Those who prefer something a bit more risque can opt for tightfitting or even skimpy loungewear.


Along with style, the type and quality of the material are important for classifying something as luxury loungewear. Certain materials, such as silk, satin, cashmere and even premium cotton, jersey materials and fleeces convey a sense of luxury that lesser-quality materials don’t. 


Not all loungewear is intended for all-season use. Instead, you’ll find lightweight loungewear made of breathable materials for the summer and thicker loungewear made from warmer, insulative materials intended for winter and early spring or late fall use. Of course, you know your body best, so if you tend to get cold even during summer evenings, you may prefer thick loungewear for all seasons, and vice versa if you tend to run hot. Another option is to buy breathable loungewear and simply layer it when days and nights turn colder.


Loungewear should always be comfortable, and never itchy or irritating. To that end, purchasing tagless luxury loungewear is often a smart idea. On these, the usual tag information is printed on the inside of the collar or the waistband so there is nothing to potentially scratch your skin.

How much you can expect to spend on luxury loungewear

Anytime there is luxury in the name, you should expect to spend a little more than you would on standard articles of clothing. When it comes to luxury loungewear, you should expect to spend between $40-$100 on single items and between $75-$300 on sets.

Luxury loungewear FAQs

Are there any materials I should avoid in luxury loungewear?

A. Most people will want to avoid nylon in loungewear as it isn’t very breathable nor does it have a luxurious feel. Linen, while luxurious, is often best avoided in loungewear due to its tendency to wrinkle easily. 

Is loungewear too informal to wear to a restaurant?

A. There is no cut-and-dry answer to this as it depends on the specific piece of loungewear and the restaurant in question. Generally, if it is a casual dining restaurant and your loungewear offers enough coverage for decency, there is no reason you can’t wear it to go eat. On the other hand, if your loungewear is overly skimpy, thin or you are heading to a fine dining restaurant, it may be best to change into different attire.

What is the best luxury loungewear to buy?

Top luxury loungewear for women

Lauren Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit Jogger Pants

Lauren Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit Jogger Pants

What you need to know: With a miniature cable-knit fabric and engraved cord ends, these joggers elevate themselves above traditional athleisure loungewear. 

What you’ll love: There is a matching top available for those who want a full set, and the relaxed fit isn’t restrictive when lazing away the day on the couch.

What you should consider: Some may find it too pricey even for luxury loungewear.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top luxury loungewear for the money

Cashmeren Men’s Knitted Loungewear

Cashmeren Men’s Knitted Loungewear

What you need to know: Simple and unassuming, this loungewear, which is available individually or as a set, is ideal for the man who isn’t trying to show off but cares about comfort and quality materials.

What you’ll love: The cashmere and wool blend fabric in this loungewear is incredibly soft on the skin and will keep you nice and warm on chilly days, yet is still breathable enough that you won’t sweat if the weather unexpectedly turns a bit warmer.

What you should consider: The name is misleading, as it is mostly wool with just a hint of cashmere for extra softness.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Disney Princess Women’s Lounge Set

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Disney Princess Women’s Lounge Set

What you need to know: Equally suitable for relaxing on the sofa and reading a book, as it is for wearing over a bikini when heading to the beach, women will get plenty of use out of this stylish luxury loungewear set.

What you’ll love: It’s fluffy-knit fabric feels smooth against the skin, and the princess design on the top is cute and stylish without being over-the-top.

What you should consider: Its lightweight material and minimal coverage means it is best reserved for warm weather use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s


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