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Always cut your wrapping paper on a flat, hard surface, such as the floor or a table. It’s tempting to use a bed or sofa, but there’s a good chance that your scissors will unknowingly slice into linens and materials.

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Want to make your gift look its very best? Wrapping paper does more than conceal your present — it helps build excitement leading up to the big reveal. Whether you’re going for a bold, eye-catching print or prefer something subdued to keep the focus on the gift, you’ll find countless choices for wrapping paper.

To make sure your gifts always stand out, take a look at this buying guide to find a wrapping paper that suits your style and taste. Our top choice, the Ruspepa Gift Wrap Five-Pack, is a party-ready set with black-and-gold designs that work for most occasions.


Types of wrapping paper

  • Classic wrapping paper: Classic wrapping paper is available in different thicknesses, or GSMs, which affects their overall quality. Generally speaking, the thicker it is, the less likely it is to rip. This type of wrapping paper is pretty versatile, though it can take some skill wrapping oddly shaped objects.
  • Kraft paper: Kraft paper is significantly thicker than regular wrapping paper, as its chemical production process involves more cellulose retention. It’s common to find kraft paper in plain brown colors without prints or designs, so they’re well-suited for custom designs and lend themselves to paper crafting projects.
  • Tissue paper: Tissue paper is ultra-thin, so it’s more often used as stuffing or lining in gift bags or boxes. Some individuals use several layers of tissue paper to wrap gifts, whereas others wrap gifts in tissue paper prior to adding a layer of classic or kraft paper wrap.
  • Cellophane: Cellophane is transparent, so concealing your gift isn’t an option. However, it’s ideal for wrapping gift baskets. It can also come in different colors, even iridescent ones, and can feature stamped prints or designs.


Patterned vs. plain

If you’re considering plain wrapping paper, it’s a smart investment in versatility. Not only can you dress it up with ribbon or bows for an occasion, but also you don’t need to worry about lining up prints or patterns.

Patterned wrapping paper, on the other hand, is ideal if you’d like to give a fancy, eye-catching gift. They’re also a good choice if you’re not a great wrapper, as the busy pattern takes away from any imperfections with folds or creases.


If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, invest in reversible wrapping paper. You’ll either have paper featuring two prints, or a print-solid combo. They tend to have the same colors or themes, so you can use them to wrap a series of coordinating gifts for the same recipient.


For even cuts every time, it’s worth considering wrapping paper with gridlines. These help to minimize waste by letting you line up gifts and pre-measure paper. The gridlines also aid in cutting straight lines, which set you up for gift wrapping success with professional-grade precision.


You’ll find plenty of wrapping paper for $3-$5 per roll, however, paper and design quality are hit or miss. If you spend $10-$15 per roll, you’ll find attractive, high-quality paper on par with department store wrapping paper. To get the most value, you can buy wrapping paper in bulk, starting at $20 and above.


Q. Should I wrap gifts that I’m going to place into gift bags anyway?

A. It’s entirely up to you, but also depends on the gift. You could loosely wrap gifts in a couple sheets of tissue paper and place them in the bag for an upscale look. On the other hand, wrapping with classic or kraft paper and then placing them into a gift bag, can be a bit redundant.

Q. What kind of tape is best to use with wrapping paper?

A. Using quality tape makes a big difference in how well the paper stays together. Some people choose to use double-sided tape for a seamless appearance, however, you need exceptional precision and planning to pull this off.


Top wrapping paper

Ruspepas Gift Wrap Five-Pack

Ruspepa’s Gift Wrap Five-Pack

Our take: Super thick and durable paper with shiny embellishments.

What we like: Bold, modern designs. Paper won’t tear or shred during cutting. Pack includes five different patterns.

What we dislike: Given the metallic detailing, creases can be noticeable.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Top wrapping paper for the money

Creative Paper Co.s Jumbo Roll

Creative Paper Co.’s Jumbo Roll

Our take: Large roll of non-waxed paper ideal for personalized gifting or for use with other paper crafts.

What we like: Industrial-grade quality and thickness. Eco-friendly and made in the U.S.A.

What we dislike: Better suited for markers and crayons and only select paints.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Worth checking out

Note Card Cafe’s Gift Wrap Six-Pack

Note Card Cafe’s Gift Wrap Six-Pack

Our take: Elegant, high-end look of professional gift wrap. Attractive and unique.

What we like: 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Versatile enough for all ages and occasions. Easy to fold and cut.

What we dislike: Colors could be too pale for some tastes.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon


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