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The name Santa Claus originated in the Netherlands.

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Which vintage Santa Clauses are best?

Santa Claus has been around for generations and is just as much a symbol of holiday cheer and tradition as he is a reminder to children to be on their best behavior. There is Santa Claus decor that is made in the modern day to reflect a vintage look. When purchasing a vintage Santa Claus, consider the size, where you plan to put the figurine and other features that may be included such as music, lights or motion. 

If you are looking for a durable, handmade vintage Santa Claus decor item, the Enesco Store Heartwood Creek Woodland Santa Claus is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a vintage Santa Claus


Before purchasing a vintage-looking Santa Claus, consider the size of the item in relation to the space that you plan to put it in your house. Smaller vintage Santas can be placed on tabletops, fireplace mantles and even hung as ornaments on Christmas trees. Larger Santas will likely feature a solid base and can be placed in a wide-open space on the floor of a room or outdoors. 

Those planning to purchase a large vintage Santa Claus should check the dimensions and measure their doorways and the space that the Santa Claus will sit in to ensure that it will fit. If the Santa Claus is going to sit outside, these dimensions may be less important. 


Before purchasing a vintage Santa Claus, consider where you will be placing it. This will determine how much room will need to be made, the size of the Santa Claus and the material. If you are buying a larger Santa Claus or one that is to be placed outdoors, consider an item that features waterproof fabric and is made durably enough to withstand mother nature without quickly wearing. If you plan to hang the vintage Santa Claus on your tree, consider one that comes prewired and is simple to use. 

Some Santa Claus decor is motion censored and will move to music and lights. If you are purchasing items like this, you will need to make sure that it is in a location where it cannot fall, get wet or be damaged. 


The best vintage Santa Claus will be made with added features for entertainment purposes. The more traditional features that are added to the Santa Claus, the more vintage it will look. Vintage features include rosy cheeks and small golden glasses. An item could also look vintage but be designed in a modern way to provide entertainment. Items that feature music, light and motion elements provide a modern twist on a vintage idea. 

What to look for in a quality vintage Santa Claus


A quality vintage Santa Claus will feature a sturdy design. Many items will come with a weighted bottom to ensure that the Santa Claus does not fall and get damaged. A sturdy item will feature a secure base and will be made with material tough enough to sustain damage that could be caused by accidentally dropping the item or wear and tear from storage throughout the years. 

Storage box

Santa Claus decor requires a secure place for storage, regardless of what the item is made from. A quality vintage Santa Claus will come in a durable box that can serve as a place of storage for multiple years. Users should not throw the box away after purchasing one of these items as it will be best preserved in the original box that it came in. 

Durable fabric

Whether a Santa is made from ceramics or plastics, a quality design will feature durably designed fabric. The fabric featured on the Santa Claus has to last for years and is most commonly made out of a polyester blend or cotton. Any material that is featured on the outside of the Santa Claus is what will receive the most attention. If the base is sturdy and the fabric is durable enough to last for years without tarnishing, then the Santa Claus will be able to be passed down for generations. Some items are made solely from one material and the clothes are painted on while others feature real clothing for a more classic look. 

How much you can expect to spend on a vintage Santa Claus

The best vintage Santa Claus will cost anywhere from $25-$75 depending on the brand, the design, features and the size of the item. A large vintage Santa Claus that comes with music and is made by a popular brand is more expensive. 

Vintage Santa Claus FAQ

What does a traditional Santa look like? 

A. A traditional Santa Claus figurine depicts a happy-looking man with a big belly and long white beard. He has round, golden glasses propped up on rosy cheeks, and his oversized coat and pants are red with white fur cuffs. The boots that he wears are black, and the hat features a similar white cuff and a white ball at the tip. 

What popular vintage movies are Santa Claus decor figures modeled from? 

A. A few movies that have been models for vintage Santa Claus decor include “Miracle on 34th Street,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” “Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town” and more. These characters inspired the design of various Santa Claus figurines in their time. 

What’s the best vintage Santa Claus to buy?

Top vintage Santa Claus

Enesco Store Heartwood Creek Woodland Santa Claus

Enesco Store Heartwood Creek Woodland Santa Claus 

What you need to know: This Santa Claus is handcrafted and is made with high-quality durable material. It is small and fits in most spaces. 

What you’ll love: This item is intricate crafted and is a part of a series of other figurines. It features a nature-themed Santa Claus in all-white that is surrounded by animals. It depicts a popular vintage theme and is made with stone. This material will be sturdy enough to be placed indoors or outdoors. 

What you should consider: The colors of Santa Claus are more muted in real life than the picture depicts. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top vintage Santa Claus for the money

2CFUN Christmas Santa Claus Figurine

2CFUN Christmas Santa Claus Figurine 

What you need to know: This Santa Claus figuring can serve as an ornament or be set up anywhere around the house. It is made with high-quality material. 

What you’ll love: This vintage-designed figurine features Santa Claus rocking on a rocking horse and is small enough to fit in most places. It is an ornament that can be passed down from generation to generation. The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee and will ship you another item for free if the previous item arrives damaged. 

What you should consider: Some users have noted that the package was not shipped securely and the item was not as sturdy as listed. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Windy Hill Collection Standing Naughty or Nice Name List Santa Claus Christmas Figurine

Windy Hill Collection Standing Naughty or Nice Name List Santa Claus Christmas Figurine

What you need to know: This item was designed to depict the look of a traditional Santa Claus and features many intricate details. It is made with plastic and is typically kept inside the house for decoration during the holidays. 

What you’ll love: Santa’s boots are made from resin making the bottom very sturdy. It can stand on its own, and the colors are very vibrant. 

What you should consider: This item is not durable enough to keep outside. The material will wear quicker than stone, resin or ceramic designs. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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