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Turn on the Christmas music, get some hot cocoa ready and decorate the best snowy Christmas tree to get yourself in the holiday spirit.

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Which snowy Christmas trees are best?

The Christmas tree you choose for your home can make or break your holiday season. While the tree may be in the background for most of the time, it’s often front and center on Christmas Day during present openings and family gatherings. While everyone enjoys decorating their trees differently, you have to have a great foundation for a proper, dreamy Christmas. 

If you’re on the hunt for the best snowy Christmas tree, one that will survive season after season, then consider Feel Real Snowy Hamilton Spruce Hinged Tree. It will bring the perfect charm to your living room and make Christmas Day magical.

What to know before you buy a snowy Christmas tree

Consider the size

There is the perfect snowy Christmas tree for practically any room or space. If you want a tiny tabletop tree with snow-capped branches, you can find it. If you need a massive snowy tree to add character to your 9-foot ceiling living room, you have that option. Before you begin your hunt for the best snowy Christmas tree, measure the space you intend to place the tree, so you find something that fits. Make sure the tree has enough room to fully stand, leaving enough extra space for the tree topper of your choice.

Different types and materials

Retailers have specific designs and materials they use when manufacturing snowy Christmas trees. Expect to see a lot of variety when you go shopping. Here are some of the most common designs you’ll see:

  • Fir: The lowest branches of the tree are widest and typically turned down with soft, flat needles.
  • Pine: The branches have an upward slant with clustered needles coming from a single point.
  • Spruce: The branches grow slightly upwards with short, stiff needles that are slightly squared. 

When it comes to material, you either have polyethylene trees or polyvinyl chloride trees. Both material types have a realistic look, though PE trees tend to be thicker, fuller and more realistic. PVC trees are usually more affordable. 

Time of purchase

Snowy Christmas trees can be incredibly expensive. The highest quality models can make a big dent in your holiday spending budget. However, there are many times of the year where snowy Christmas trees go on sale, making them more affordable by 40% or more. Consider using Black Friday sales and other special purchase sales when shopping for your snowy Christmas tree. 

What to look for in a quality snowy Christmas tree


While the scraggly Charlie Brown Christmas tree does offer a certain amount of charm, a Christmas tree that’s luscious and full has more of a presence. Some users prefer a tree that appears more scarce while others love the thick, packed look. If you want a tree that will last a long time, then search for a Christmas tree with snow and lights that has tightly packed branches and plenty of density. The number of branches in a tree and the shape of its needles largely determine the density, so pay attention to the numbers to ensure you get the appearance you want.

Branch tip count 

The branch tip count helps you know exactly how dense a tree is, giving you a hint to the overall quality since it directly relates to the fullness of your tree. The higher the branch tip count, the higher quality your tree will appear since it will look more realistic. Some trees are designed to expose the trunk so they may have a lower tip count and still appear realistic.

Tree stand

When purchasing a snowy Christmas tree that’s artificial, expect it to come with its own stand. These are self-incorporated to make the tree set-up and take-down easier. Some tree stands are better than others. A metal stand will be far sturdier than a plastic one, keeping your tree up with more reliability. Some tree stands come with rubber feet to keep from slipping or scratching the floor. Lastly, some tree stands have a scratch-resistant top coat to keep them looking fresh longer.

How much you can expect to spend on a snowy Christmas tree

Some snowy Christmas trees are in the $90-$150 range but these are on the low end in terms of quality. While you can get a lot of high-quality snowy Christmas trees for under $500 during sale times, many are over $1000.

Snowy Christmas tree FAQ

Are snowy Christmas trees messy?

A. Yes, snowy Christmas trees tend to be messy. Plumping up the branches, making it look full and decorating it can cause a lot of shedding and snow sprinkling. 

Can I use spray snow on my Christmas tree?

A. Yes. If you already have an artificial Christmas tree you love, you can gently spray the branches with a snow spray before you place any lights or decorations. Spray until the tree is coated how you prefer, then decorate your tree as desired.

What are the best snowy Christmas trees to buy?

Top snowy Christmas tree

Feel Real Snowy Hamilton Spruce Hinged Tree

Feel Real Snowy Hamilton Spruce Hinged Tree

What you need to know: This snowy spruce tree has a feel-real and crush-resistant branch tip technology to offer charming realism.

What you’ll love: Pre-strung with 750 white LED lights, this tree gives off a dreamy reflection on its snow sprinkled branches. With a hinged construction and an easy metal tree stand, assembling this tree is convenient and simple. You’ll easily be in the Christmas spirit in under an hour.

What you should consider: Pre-lit Christmas trees bring a lot to the table in terms of convenience, but some users don’t love how quickly the lights burn out or how difficult they are to replace.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Top snowy Christmas tree for the money

HOMAKER Pre-Lit 7FT Snow Flocked Christmas Tree

HOMAKER Pre-Lit 7FT Snow Flocked Christmas Tree

What you need to know: With feel-real PVC branch tips, this fully flocked tree has a warm, pre-lit design to add glamour to any room. 

What you’ll love: With three sections that are easily placed into one sturdy tree and a foldable metal stand, this pre-lit snowy Christmas tree is easy to set up. It stands straight and steady with a free bag to make tear down and storage simple.

What you should consider: This tree sheds a lot during assembly, so prepare for a bit of a clean-up job post decorating.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

7' Flocked Angel Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

7′ Flocked Angel Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

What you need to know: This flocked pine has adorable pinecones and a charming shape to bring a touch of nature and plenty of holiday spirit into your living room.

What you’ll love: Enjoy this timeless tree with its hinged branch construction and a free green metal tree stand. With a medium profile and 873 branch tips, it will add personality to a space without being overwhelming. Distance from the floor to the first row of branches is a generous 10 inches, allowing plenty of room for presents.

What you should consider: This tree does not come pre-lit, so you will need to invest in your own string lights for decoration.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s


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