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Visual effects makeup can make a whole costume and is very important if you want to wear a scary costume without a mask completely covering your face.

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Which scary Halloween costume is best?

Scary Halloween costumes can be simple or complicated. You can portray an infamous and horrific character or blend in with a scary crowd in a standard outfit. There is no wrong way to be scary, so pick whatever costume feels right.

If you want a scary standalone costume that does not require additional components or accessories, the Big Foot Costume is the top choice. It completely hides the body under a furry, monstrous disguise inspired by the urban legend.

What to know before you buy a scary Halloween costume

Who are you trying to scare?

Some people are easier to scare than others, and a simple costume with scary acting makes for a killer combo. It does not take much to scare kids, but scaring adults can take a little more finesse. A great way to start is by asking yourself what you fear most and trying to create a costume that would be scary for you. If you can scare yourself, other people will be scared too. If you do not want to put in the effort to become truly terrifying this Halloween, there are plenty of other costume ideas from which to choose.

Do you want to be iconic?

There are countless iconic scary characters from fiction that you could portray. Famous villains like Michael Meyers, Ghostface, Jason and Freddy all make for good costume inspiration. Classic supernatural horror concepts like zombies, vampires, and other monsters can make your scary costume an instant classic. There are plenty of scary beings from fantasy and sci fi, so pick your favorite types of scares and get creative.

Should you be blatant or subtle?

Wearing a scary mask or walking around covered in fake blood is a good approach, but a less blatant costume can still be scary. It all depends on the context and how you move around. If people do not know who you are and have no way to identify you in costume, it instantly makes your outfit scarier. If you play the part and act creepy, even a relatively normal costume can become frightening. 

What to look for in a quality scary Halloween costume

Less is more

People fear things that they do not understand. If a costume is too detailed, with lots of intricate components, it could even distract from the purpose of being scary. Remember that a costume does not need to be completely flawless to impress and scare everyone. In the darkness of Halloween night or a crowded event, little details will easily go overlooked and you can use that to your advantage. 


Scary costumes do not have to be uncomfortable to wear for long periods. If you are being distracted by a cumbersome suit or accessories, it will be harder to focus on the goals of being scary and having fun. Find high-quality costumes with soft materials that are well-suited to the climate and location in which you will wear them. In warm weather, choose an outfit that is not too heavy or bulky. In cold weather, a costume with multiple layers is better.


Many people are scared of the dark and for a good reason. Darkness and shadows can conceal things from people’s line of sight. The best scary costumes have portions that blend in with shadows and dark areas, which help the wearer to appear scarier than they usually would. Costumes do not need to be completely dark and devoid of color, though. Sometimes a very colorful outfit combined with horror elements can make for a creepy and unsettling costume, like a zombified clown.

How much you can expect to spend on a scary Halloween costume

You can achieve simple scares with cheap masks and makeup materials for less than $20. If you want a high-quality outfit and accessories to go with it, be prepared to spend up to $100 or more.

Scary Halloween costume FAQ

What costume scares the most people?

A. Fear is too subjective and personal for any individual costume to frighten everyone. If your goal is being as scary as possible, consider your audience and where you will be wearing the costume. Tricks and pranks are part of the spirit of Halloween, but remember that all scary outfits have a time and place that is appropriate. Trying to scare people who do not want to be scared is not only a bit rude, it is also more difficult to get the reaction that you want or expect.

How do I know what scary costume is right for me?

A. If you do not already have an idea for the kind of costume you want to wear, consider the sorts of costumes that your friends, family and others would be wearing. Joining in on a theme and wearing a scary costume as part of a group can be extra fun. If you and your friends dress as a horde of shuffling undead, it is instantly more scary than if you wore a costume alone.

What’s the best scary Halloween costume to buy?

Top scary Halloween costume

California Costumes Store Big Foot Costume

California Costumes Store Big Foot Costume

What you need to know: This simple and effective standalone costume creates a high-quality scary look without the need for additional makeup or accessories.

What you’ll love: The mask is attached to a fake fur hood that completely covers the entire head. The face and ears use molded vinyl. The whole luxury faux-fur suit fastens to the body with ties at the back of the neck. The gloves have vinyl molded fingers that completely cover the entire hand.

What you should consider: The suit is one size fits most, so there is not much variation. Some customers have reported receiving their orders with missing parts. It can also be challenging to walk around while wearing. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top scary Halloween costume for the money

Fun World Zombie Makeup Kit

Fun World Zombie Makeup Kit

What you need to know: This very affordable little makeup kit is a great starting point for making a DIY zombie costume.

What you’ll love: The kit includes zombie blood, thicker gel blood, horror flesh gel and liquid latex to achieve various effects. The makeup pallet has a couple of different colors, and the kit comes with tools for applying all the included supplies. You can wear the makeup with normal clothing or another costume for limitless possible scary zombie costumes.

What you should consider: Buyers should be aware of any potential allergies before purchasing and applying the makeup to their skin. Some customers reported receiving dried-out copies of the makeup kit.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Spooktacular Creations Fake Stage Blood 32 oz

Spooktacular Creations Fake Stage Blood 32 oz

What you need to know: This fake blood is good for adding to other makeup or costumes and could be used to decorate cheap clothing for an easy scary costume.

What you’ll love: The fake blood is theatrical quality and looks real. It can be safely applied to any surface, even the skin. It will not cause any staining on the skin and will wash away easily with soap and water. It has been tested for complete child safety and it is non-toxic. You can use it to supplement other costumes or used standalone for a scary look or creating a scary environment for a haunted house.

What you should consider: When freshly used, it looks like real blood, but it does not dry like real blood. To attain realistic old bloodstain effects on clothing, other products or paints could help.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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