Which New Year’s outfit is best?

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, so it’s time to start party planning. As one of the biggest nights of the year, it’s a great opportunity to get dressed up and ring in the new year in style. It’s a great time to start looking for that perfect New Year’s Eve outfit.

When it comes to cute New Year’s outfits, there’s a lot of great choices to pick from. For a look that’s both classy and sassy, check out the Verdusa Jumpsuit.

What to know before you buy a New Year’s outfit


When thinking about New Year’s outfit ideas, you’ll want to consider the material that you will be wearing. The holiday lends itself to flashy fabric with sequins and sparkles. Sheer selections and velvet varieties are also common options when it comes to picking out the perfect ensemble. 

No matter what design you decide on, you’ll want to find a fabric that will keep you warm if your event is outdoors. You’ll also want to ensure that any extra adornments won’t cause any scratching or chafing when wearing it. 


A New Year’s outfit can be any length, ranging from a short cocktail dress to a long pantsuit. However, before you decide on the right length for your look, you’ll want to consider a few things.

If the venue is outdoors, you’ll likely want something on the longer side to keep your legs warm in case it’s a chilly evening. If there are going to be an ample amount of heaters, you can always go with something shorter and bring a coordinating cape or jacket to compliment your outfit. If you’re not sure, it’s always best to err on the side of caution to make sure that you’re comfortable.

On the other hand, if you’re attending an indoor event, you have more options. Since staying warm is probably not as much of a concern, you could go for a mini skirt or short dress to spice things up.


New Year’s Eve is a great time to express your own personal style. If you like to go all out, there are plenty of gorgeous outfits designed to turn heads. There’s no better time to get glammed up with glitter and shine bright like a diamond.

If you typically like to shy away from the spotlight, this is a great time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Subtle sparkly accents or attention-grabbing accessories can take an average outfit to the next level.

What to look for in a quality New Year’s outfit


Even if your outfit is anything but simple, you’ll want to make sure that it is easy to get in and out of. When you are trying on your potential party picks, look to see if there are any hidden hook-and-eye closures, as well as hidden buttons. Make sure that you can reach all of the zippers and can pull them up and down by yourself. You want to select an outfit that you can manage when you need to use the restroom. 


Pick something that will set you apart from the crowd. Although you can never go wrong with black, New Year’s Eve is a great time to shake things up. An outfit that has a slight sheen to it or possesses iridescent qualities can bring that little bit of extra pop. Find a look that you haven’t seen before or that offers something just slightly different from the typical top-selling trends.

Easy to move in

Usually, there is a lot of dancing and mingling involved during New Year’s Eve gatherings. Therefore, your outfit should allow you to walk around freely and not feel restricted. Something breathable that has some stretch will be your best bet to keep you moving and grooving all night long.

How much you can expect to spend on a New Year’s outfit

The price can vary depending on the fabric and detailing, but on average, expect to spend $38-$47.

New Year’s outfit FAQ

Is it acceptable to wear pants to a New Year’s Eve party?

A. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. If you decide on a dress just because other people are wearing one, you might feel awkward all night long. There are a lot of sexy pantsuits to choose from, as well as two-piece sets that can look just as festive as a party dress.

What color is best for a New Year’s Eve outfit?

A. It really comes down to personal preference when it comes to the color of your outfit. While black is always a great go-to, you can always mix it up and stand out with a bright red or even a funky pattern. If you’re looking to match a partner, you might base your color choice on a collaborative effort rather than an individual choice. Pick the shade that suits you best, and you can’t go wrong.

What’s the best New Year’s outfit to buy?

Top New Year’s outfit

Verdusa Jumpsuit

Verdusa Jumpsuit

What you need to know: This elegant off-the-shoulder jumpsuit is a showstopper with its flattering fit and flouncy top.

What you’ll love: It has a convenient side zipper and is the perfect length to pair with heels.

What you should consider: This outfit was designed to fit snugly, so make sure you measure carefully before you buy. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top New Year’s outfit for the money

Ophestin Party Dress

Ophestin Party Dress

What you need to know: This glittery, metallic dress has a deep V-neck and an asymmetrical hemline, making it a sexy stand-out.

What you’ll love: It has long sleeves to keep your arms warm and is constructed out of stretchy material, making it a breeze to work the room.

What you should consider: It is on the short side, so make sure the length doesn’t expose more leg than what you’re comfortable showing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Salimdy Party Pencil Dress

Salimdy Party Pencil Dress

What you need to know: This velvet off-the-shoulder midi dress is available in a variety of colors and is very soft to the touch.

What you’ll love: The fabric is breathable, and you can hand-wash it after wearing it.

What you should consider: It is designed to hug the body, so consider sizing up if you don’t want a skintight fit.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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