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Which lighted Christmas wreaths are best?

If you want to make a space feel festive this holiday season, consider hanging a Christmas wreath. These holiday hoops can range from simple and traditional greenery to decked-out options complete with pine cones, bows and baubles. To add a little extra ambiance, many people opt for a holiday wreath with integrated lighting.

Lighted wreaths can be found in a wide variety of different styles. The Floral Home Online 24-Inch LED Christmas Wreath is the top pick because it has a versatile design with a built-in timer. 

What to know before you buy a lighted Christmas wreath

Indoor vs. outdoor

When selecting a lighted Christmas wreath, start by thinking about where you plan to hang it. Some holiday wreaths have a durable design that can withstand the frigid temperatures of winter, while others have delicate accessories that should be kept indoors. Outdoor Christmas wreaths with lights often feature a UV ray-resistant coating so they won’t fade under the harsh sun. Many wreaths are designed to be used both inside and outside the house, but check the product details to confirm. 

Christmas wreath styles

  • Classic: These green holiday wreaths are constructed from artificial materials that resemble spruce, fir or pine branches twisted into a circular shape. Classic Christmas wreaths may contain decorations like bows, pine cones or miniature wrapped gifts, and the whole thing may be dusted with a fine powder that looks like freshly fallen snow. You can also find classic hoops that are completely bare. These can be fun options if you enjoy decorating your own wreaths. 
  • Modern: If you’d like something a little different this holiday season, consider a wreath with a modern design. These stylish decorations can vary from industrial metal hoops to wreaths that are constructed entirely from twisted twigs and branches. You can also find festive wreaths that feature a Hanukkah color scheme. 

What to look for in a quality lighted Christmas wreath

Light sources

Most lighted Christmas wreaths nowadays use LEDs as their light source because they’re longer-lasting and more environmentally friendly than incandescent bulbs. These lights are typically white, but you can also find Christmas wreaths with colored LED lights or lights that change color. 


While you can find lighted Christmas wreaths that are plugged into power outlets, most are battery-powered so there aren’t power cords to distract from the visual. This is particularly true for outdoor Christmas wreaths. If you’re shopping for battery-powered lighted Christmas wreaths, look for one that includes batteries in the packaging.


The majority of Christmas wreaths are around 10-30 inches in diameter. If you plan to hang your wreath on your front door, look for one that’s a bit on the larger side. 


Once the holiday season comes to a close, you’ll want to store your Christmas wreath somewhere safe. Many manufacturers include a decorative storage bag or box with their products. 

Flame resistance

Many people choose to hang their holiday wreath over the fireplace. While this might look great, keep in mind that hundreds of home fires occur every year because of holiday decorations. If you plan to hang your wreath near an open flame, be sure to choose a product that’s constructed from flame-resistant materials. 

How much you can expect to spend on a lighted Christmas wreath

The price of a lighted Christmas wreath usually depends on its size and style. When you’re shopping, plan to spend around $30-$100 for a beautiful wreath that you and your family will love. 

Lighted Christmas wreath FAQ

When is the best time to hang a Christmas wreath? 

A. While the exact date is entirely up to you, many people choose to hang their wreath on the weekend following Thanksgiving. This is also a popular time for putting up the Christmas tree. Of course, if your wreath is commemorating another holiday like Hanukkah, you can hang the wreath much sooner. 

What do Christmas wreaths represent? 

A. Although the tradition of the harvest wreath predates Christianity, many Christians believe that a ring made from evergreen branches represents eternal life. Other cultures consider the circular wreath to symbolize community and togetherness. 

What are the best lighted Christmas wreaths to buy?

Top lighted Christmas wreath

Floral Home Online 24-Inch LED Christmas Wreath

Floral Home Online 24-Inch LED Christmas Wreath

What you need to know: This large lighted Christmas wreath comes with helpful features and a quality construction that looks like the real thing. 

What you’ll love: The wreath comes with pine cone decorations and 50 battery-powered LED lights. The durable construction and generous diameter of 24 inches make it suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and there’s a timer so you’ll never have to manually turn it on or off. 

What you should consider: This wreath may be too simple for people who want an extravagant decoration. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top lighted Christmas wreath for the money

Ochre Bee Gift LED Christmas Wreath

Ochre Bee Gift LED Christmas Wreath

What you need to know: This wreath is a bit on the small side but is loaded with festive decorations and a variety of style options. 

What you’ll love: Available in gold, red and silver color schemes, this affordable wreath features 10 LED lights and lifelike artificial evergreen branches. Pine cones, wrapped presents and a dusting of artificial snow complete the look. 

What you should consider: This holiday wreath may be too small for outdoor use. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out

SuSangJane Vanthylit Lighted Christmas Wreath

SuSangJane Vanthylit Lighted Christmas Wreath

What you need to know: For a unique, modern look, consider this lighted Christmas wreath with a white metal frame. 

What you’ll love: The metal hoop features champagne-colored sequins, a holographic film and 400 white LED lights to produce a dazzling visual effect. The wreath is constructed from water-resistant materials so it can be used indoors or outdoors. 

What you should consider: This modern wreath isn’t battery-powered, so you’ll need to figure out what to do with the dangling wire. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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