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When Stephen King began writing “It,” he took inspiration from a legendary Norwegian fairy tale about a bridge troll.

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Which kid’s Pennywise costume is best?

Pennywise is a demonic clown that lives in the sewers below the once-quiet town of Derry, Maine. This is just the surface of horror master Stephen King’s novel “It,” which gets much deeper and scarier. And with recent movies portraying Pennywise, a whole new generation of fans have become obsessed with this creepy clown. Pennywise has even found his way into Halloween costumes for kids.

The best Pennywise costume for kids is Nezababy’s Creepy Clown Costume, which comes with a complete clown outfit from the movie including a detailed, scary clown mask. 

What to know before you buy a kid’s Pennywise costume


Technically, Pennywise isn’t a clown at all. It’s actually a shapeshifting being from another dimension. This is why people call the creature It, because it’s not known to be anything, or anyone, in particular. Pennywise is a local circus clown from Derry whose form It is partial to taking. It does this because children like clowns, which makes it easier for It to gain their trust. The scariest part is that It can shapeshift into any human, animal or object. 

Pennywise’s outfit

Because It likes Pennywise so much, the clown has become the face of the film franchise. This clown is dressed in an antique circus suit from an unknown past era. It has an antique feel, like what a doll might have worn in the 1800s — mostly white or silver, with red accent pieces. Red pompom buttons line the front of the shirt with frilly white ruffles around the neck and wrists. 

Pennywise’s head

Pennywise’s face is by far the scariest part of the costume. In the film, the head is huge and painted almost completely white. The forehead stretches far back and almost appears bigger than the lower half of the face. Pennywise wears bright red lipstick with a trail of red that goes up the face and over the yellow eyes. The hair is a bright orangish-red and recedes to the back of his head, like a scarier version of Krusty the Clown from “The Simpsons.” 

What to look for in a quality kid’s Pennywise costume

Detailed mask

The best quality Pennywise costumes come with a mask. Not just any mask, but a highly detailed mask that mimics the clown from the “It” film franchise. The mask should include yellow eyes, white makeup and creepy red lipstick and lines. The teeth should be jutting out from his mouth — and there should be a lot of them. 

A good mask also will have orange hair that can be combed and styled to look exactly like the film. Some costumes have half masks that only cover the front of the face; higher-quality masks cover the entire head. 

Full suit

Having a full Pennywise suit will let everyone know exactly who you are. Sure, the mask might be the most recognizable, but without the full suit your costume won’t be nearly as convincing. The best Pennywise costumes feature long pants and a long-sleeve shirt complete with frilly ruffles on the neck and wrist. They also include the red pompom buttons and belt. The most common colors for these costumes is silver, but you can also find versions in white. 

Pennywise costumes for girls

Remember, Pennywise isn’t a man, but an interdimensional being known as It. So there are numerous versions of the suit you’ve seen in the movies that are meant for girls. These take the standard Pennywise pants and turn them into a skirt with the long-sleeve top attached. This makes for a one-piece dress-like costume. Some high-quality girls Pennywise costumes even include a set of boot cuffs to round out the outfit. 

How much you can expect to spend on a kid’s Pennywise costume

Kids Pennywise costumes cost between $30 and $75.

Kid’s Pennywise costume FAQ

Do all Pennywise costumes come with a mask?

A. No. If your child prefers to go without the mask, you can save yourself a few bucks and paint their face. Painting a face to look like Pennywise is easy — all you need is stark white makeup, red lipstick and red eyeliner for the lines.

Can you buy a Pennywise wig?

A. Yes, if you decide to go without a mask, you can not only paint your face but you can purchase a Pennywise wig to go with it. The wig is bright orange and recedes back to the top of the head. These wigs sometimes use a bald cap at the front and poufy orange hair on the back and sides. 

What’s the best kid’s Pennywise costume to buy?

Top kid’s Pennywise costume

Nezababy Creepy Clown Costume

Nezababy Creepy Clown Costume

What you need to know: This full costume will have you looking closer to the movie version of Pennywise than any other. 

What you’ll love: A full outfit including pants, long-sleeve top, bracelets, belt and bib, this is nearly a replica of the film version. It also includes a detailed full mask with attached red hair.

What you should consider: Shoes are not included.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top kid’s Pennywise costume for the money

Funworld Carnnevil Clown Costume For Girls

Funworld Carnnevil Clown Costume For Girls

What you need to know: This girls’ version of the Pennywise costume turns the suit into a dress with socks.

What you’ll love: This unique take on Pennywise’s silver clown outfit includes a small dress in the same color as the film’s costume and features similar design details. Boot cuffs are included that can be placed on top of your own shoes and matching gloves.

What you should consider: This set does not come with a mask. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Palamon Evil Dancing Clown Costume

Palamon Evil Dancing Clown Costume

What you need to know: This costume skimps many of the other versions’ details and relies more on comfortability and simplicity. 

What you’ll love: It comes with a top and an attached bib with blood spatters. The bottoms are similar, made with polyester and looking more like pajama pants. It also includes a mask with Pennywise’s face and bright red hair. 

What you should consider: The lack of detail is most noticeable on the mask, which doesn’t exactly match other Pennywise masks. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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