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Which Christmas stocking hanger is best?

As you prepare to decorate for Christmas, it is important to have a secure way to hold and display your Christmas stockings. No matter your family size, the right Christmas stocking hangers for the mantel, fireplace and other surfaces can add a special touch to your seasonal decor.

The Northlight Set of Two Santa and Reindeer Glittered Christmas Stocking Holders is a great choice for any family’s mantel. Created to be an ornate decoration for your home, this set of two holders can be treasured heirlooms for years to come.

What to know before you buy a Christmas stocking hanger

Matches your Christmas decor

Incorporating your Christmas stockings into your holiday decor is largely contingent on finding the right Christmas stocking hangers. If you’ve chosen a specific theme for your interior holiday decor, it is important to ensure that your chosen hangers match your existing style.

To do this, decide whether you want hangers that are subtle and barely noticeable or ones that further enhance your current decorative scheme. Both hanger types are durable enough to hold stockings in place, yet create a different feel.

Matches your Christmas stockings

Similar to coordinating with your interior holiday decor, decide whether you want to match your stocking holders with your actual stockings. Some individuals will forgo this step, as they already have mismatching stockings. This consideration is completely up to personal preference and is not required to achieve a beautiful look.

However, some people have the desire to coordinate all aspects of their holiday decor. In cases like these, you can either search for stocking holders that work with the stockings you already have. Alternatively, you can purchase brand-new stockings based on your favorite hanger designs. 

Fits your space

A consideration that some people forget to assess is whether your chosen mantel hangers for Christmas stockings fit your space. Instead of guessing — and later realizing that your new holders do not fit — measure your mantel or designated space in advance. Compare this measurement to the measurements of the stocking hangers you are planning to purchase.

What to look for in a quality Christmas stocking hanger


From predesigned to personalized Christmas stocking hangers, this piece of decor can be as elaborate as you want. Companies have enlisted talented designers to create works of art that serve as decorations on their own. From festive and fun to elegant and regal, a tremendous amount of care is put into their creation.

Secure hold

Whether you’ve chosen metal or plastic Christmas stocking hangers, using ones with a secure hold is essential. Most of today’s top brands can accommodate stockings that are filled with goodies and presents of all sizes.

Made to last

Typically, individuals do not wish to replace their Christmas stocking holders regularly. Instead, many individuals hold onto their cherished hangers for years. Well-built stocking holders are made to last for a long time. Some of the best can even be passed down for several generations. If you’re considering making your stocking holders a family heirloom, opt for high-quality brands and designs that won’t break easily. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Christmas stocking hanger

Quality Christmas stocking hangers cost $10-$100.

Christmas stocking hanger FAQ

What Christmas stocking hanger style should you purchase?

A. Individuals who are purchasing new stocking hangers can be as subtle or as extravagant as they desire. After browsing available designs, decide how much you’d like the hangers to stand out. Whether you want them to blend in completely, or serve as their own decoration, your options are open.

How much weight can Christmas stocking hangers support?

A. Although specific numbers vary, the majority of hangers support 10 pounds of weight or more. Always check product specifications for confirmation of this figure.

What’s the best Christmas stocking hanger to buy?

Top Christmas stocking hanger

Northlight Set of Two Santa and Reindeer Glittered Christmas Stocking Holders

Northlight Set of Two Santa and Reindeer Glittered Christmas Stocking Holders

What you need to know: Brimming with holiday magic, Santa and one of his reindeers are portrayed in beautiful detail.

What you’ll love: Made using polyresin and glitter, this set of two stocking holders paints a whimsical scene of Santa and a reindeer. Measuring 9.5 inches tall, these Christmas stocking hangers are weighted at the bottom for extra stability. Added details such as snow around Santa’s sleigh, presents and Santa’s ornamented robe further enhance the appeal of these lovely hangers.

What you should consider: This stocking holder set is one of the more expensive options available.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top Christmas stocking hanger for the money

Tanlee Christmas Stocking Holders

Tanlee Christmas Stocking Holders

What you need to know: Festive and budget-friendly, this six-pack of simple hangers provides a spot for everyone’s stocking.

What you’ll love: Anchored by green, red and silver gems, this fun yet understated set of hangers is the perfect fit for most decor styles. Even though each hanger features a slim design, they can hold up to 10 pounds per hook. They also rotate and are nonslip.

What you should consider: This set requires placement on a larger space than some buyers expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

St. Nicholas Square® Best Friend Paw Print Christmas Stocking Holder

St. Nicholas Square Best Friend Paw Print Christmas Stocking Holder

What you need to know: Hang stockings for every member of the family — including the fur babies — with this paw print holder.

What you’ll love: Dog and cat owners can securely hang their pet’s Christmas stocking on this metal red plaid paw print holder. In the center of the paw print, a metal tag reads “Best Friend.” This stocking hanger is heavy (over one pound), and can hold large stockings.

What you should consider: Pet owners with more than one dog or cat will have to buy multiple holders since these are not sold as part of a set.

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s


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