Best baby Halloween costume


Babies who wiggle and move around a lot may need a costume with hook-and-loop closures to keep their outfit secure. Just do not make it too tight.

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Which baby Halloween costume is best?

Costumes are a fun part of celebrating your baby’s earliest Halloween experiences. A comfortable costume will make family photos and videos a festive and enjoyable holiday experience.

If you want a cute and high-quality baby costume, Fun World’s Unisex Baby Monkey Costume is the top choice. It is good for infants and babies up to 24 months old, so it could last for more than one Halloween.

What to know before you buy a baby Halloween costume

What does your baby like?

Young babies celebrating Halloween for the first or second time may not have very refined or specific interests yet, but some outfits are more suitable depending on the personality of your baby. If your baby has a favorite story, animal or food, that could be a good place to start when looking for inspiration. For more baby Halloween costume ideas, check out the BestReviews buying guide.

Do you have a costume planned?


Parents may want to match a baby’s costume with their own. The costumes don’t need to be identical, but they could be related to a central theme or idea. You could pick a theme such as animals or monsters, but there are also baby costumes that can match very specific characters from films, games and TV. If you’ve already planned your costume, it might be easier to find a complementary baby costume.

Does your baby have sensitive skin or eyes?

If your baby’s skin is irritated easily or they don’t like the feeling of certain fabrics, that is a top consideration when choosing a Halloween costume. Many costumes are manufactured using low-quality fabrics that can be irritating for some babies’ skin. Even with high quality material, it will help to thoroughly wash a costume before letting your baby wear it. If your baby’s eyes are sensitive to light, consider a costume that would allow them to comfortably wear sunglasses or even a hat to protect their eyes.

What to look for in a quality baby Halloween costume


It is important that a baby costume is comfortable and fitted to your baby. Most costumes are made with soft, stretchy material or a loose fabric that can suit babies of different sizes. Some costumes also come in different sizes, depending on the age of a baby in months, so be sure to always check the size options.

Soft Fabric

The best Halloween costumes for babies do not have any hard parts, small components or sharp edges that could hurt the little one. Very soft or fuzzy fabrics might be more comfortable for babies to wear, especially for long periods of time. 


If a baby will be wearing a costume outdoors, it’s important to check the weather before choosing a costume. For colder weather, a costume that goes over normal clothing or an outfit with multiple insulating layers will be best. For warm weather, a baby costume should not have too many layers of fabric, which could overheat a child. 

How much you can expect to spend on a baby Halloween costume

Simple baby costumes can be found for less than $20. High-quality costumes and onesies, especially those that are very comfortable, can cost up to $50 or higher depending on the materials.

Baby Halloween costume FAQ

Should baby costumes have accessories?

A. If you find suitable accessories or toys for your baby’s outfit, they can be fun to bring along on their first trick-or-treat. It’s important to make sure that accessories are not too big or heavy for your baby. Keep in mind that baby costumes should not include any small pieces that a baby could accidentally eat or choke on.

What if a baby does not like wearing costumes?

A. If your baby does not like wearing a costume, there are still options for fun Halloween outfits. Some costumes are essentially normal baby clothes with prints and designs. You could also dress up the stroller and make your baby’s Halloween ride into the costume, so that your little one can wear comfortable clothes.

What’s the best baby Halloween costume to buy?

Top baby Halloween costume

Unisex Baby Monkey Costume

Unisex Baby Monkey Costume

What you need to know: This high-quality animal costume is best for babies who like soft, plush clothing that covers their feet.

What you’ll love: The bodysuit has a zipper closure, but snaps along the legs to make diaper changes easier. The slip-on boots have slide-resistant grip bottoms to prevent babies from slipping and falling. The costume is made from a very soft and fuzzy material. The inside lining helps to keep the wearer warm on a cold Halloween.

What you should consider: The booties are not very durable and can easily get dirty.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top baby Halloween costume for the money

Pumpkin Bodysuit

Pumpkin Bodysuit

What you need to know: A Halloween classic, this costume is ideal for babies who would feel comfortable in a costume worn over normal clothes.

What you’ll love: The pumpkin face design comes in a few different styles. It is made of soft velvet and large enough to slide over a baby’s regular clothing that they wear. It can be easily removed while trick or treating if the little one gets uncomfortable.

What you should consider: The fabric is rather thin and the sizes for this costume run on the small side.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Doctor Costume Bodysuit

Doctor Costume Bodysuit

What you need to know: An affordable costume, it’s great for babies who prefer wearing normal clothes.

What you’ll love: This costume comes in multiple varieties and sizes for different climates and ages. The material is designed to be soft and breathable for a baby’s skin. The bodysuit is similar to regular baby clothing but with printed designs. The costume is unisex and great for any baby, even though it is labeled as a boys’ costume.

What you should consider: Some customers had issues with the quality of the snap closures. The sizes may run a little large.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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